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My last upload of this lovely Mass Effect 3 couple.Like the first Mass Effect romance video I made,took me a while to edit it and about 30 hours to upload because I had many errors,so I would appreciate any views and positive comments.I think so far it's the most complete upload on Youtube of the romance.The quality is much better than my first video,thanks to the advanced graphics and better editing programs.So,following the romance of the two since Mass Effect 1,2 and now 3,without cheating or any other LI while Shepard was with Cerberus,this is the final conclusion to this trilogy.Hope you will enjoy and as I have done before,to make it easier I'll post the times with all the scenes in case you want to skip to any.I put all the conversations between them plus parts from Thessia and both the newly added Extended Cut DLC videos at the end. At first they leave Earth to search for the Prothean Artifact on Mars and find Liara there running from Cerberus. 03:58 - They fight the Cerberus troops and search for clues while Liara and Shepard have their first talk. 05:43 - Shepard's first dream and Liara visiting her and asking if she's ok. 07:06 - Their chat on the Normandy in Liara's room when she wishes to validate their relationship (and a very weird,neck - twisting error thanks to Bioware's amazing glitch problems in this game). 09:29 - Shepard finds Liara on the Citadel and they talk about the war and assets in general. 10:23 - While having a drink,Shepard is served by Matriarch Aethya who's Liara's dad and they have a heated conversation with the nice Paragon and Renegade interruptions. 12:58 - Shepard convinces Liara to talk to her father (or mother I guess,Asari are weird). 13:38 - Their second chat on the Normandy where Shepard and Liara talk about her escape from the Illusive Man's troops and how she's dealing with being the Shadow Broker,also bringing up the topic of Feron and the drone from Mass Effect 2. 15:55 - Their third chat on the Normandy in Liara's room,talking about the Crucible,Shepard leading and a cute teasing moment. 17:23 - Shepard's second dream after curing the Genophage and Liara visiting her as they talk about Kaidan's death (don't understand why Bioware wouldn't let us bring up other dead members in this chat,especially after Mordin died and I never really liked Kaidan anyways). 18:43 - One of the most beautiful moments of the game,as Liara decides to make a time capsule containing the Crucible plans,the events of the war and Shepard's memory. 21:30 - Their date on the Citadel (where Bioware pissed me off again as they kept referring to the two as friends when their relationship was clear a long time ago). 23:03 - Thessia debriefing on the Normandy. 23:32 - Their chat in the shuttle on the way to the Asari homeworld with Javik being his usual self. 25:02 - I skipped them finding the beacon and talking to the Illusive Man because it took quite a while and I jumped towards their fight with Kai Leng.Liara manages to save Shepard but Thessia falls to the Reapers and the Catalyst gets stolen. 27:53 - Liara and Javik having an argument after the mission as Shepard tries to calm them down. 29:40 - In Liara's room where she's greatly upset about her homeworld,finding the truth about the Asari and Shepard managing to comfort her. 30:54 - The love scene before their attack on the Cerberus base and Shepard's third dream (at least Bioware didn't screw this scene up and made it better than the previous romance ones). 34:38 - In the Cerberus base they find a console containing Shepard's reanimation during the Lazarus Project and Liara trying to dismiss her worries. 37:16 - Another amazing moment in the game during their fight on Earth where Liara offers Shepard a gift and says goodbye. 39:29 - The run to the beam trying to escape from Harbinger's rays when Liara and Garrus get hurt and Shepard calls the Normandy to pick them up.Probably the most heartbreaking moment in their entire relationship as Liara struggles to let Shepard go. 42:06 - The last scene of the game as the squad gathers at the Memorial Wall where the names of the dead lie and Liara holds a plate with Shepard's name.I picked the destroy ending.I know,kind of a jerk thing to do to the Geth and EDI,especially after I made peace with the Quarians.I went for this because it was validated that it's the only ending where Shepard lives and only one where they don't put her name on the wall,so all I hope is that one day her and Liara will meet again.Alive,if all possible... It has been a hell of a ride and one of the most amazing games ever made.I still dislike the ending and it has a lot of plot holes,but I guess it's ok.One good thing Bioware did after this mess was add the beam scene at 39:29.

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