Wait for me// Chapter 12// A Austin Mahone Love story

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Description: Heres Chapter 12 Ive got alot of feed back about that you guys want to happen and here it is.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~//Austin's P.O.V\\It was 12 in the afternoon now. Family members and friends of Fiona's have been in and out all day. I havent yet stepped foot in the room. I was tired. I stayed her all morning. Fiona's mom was so broken up and messed up she didnt know what to do with herself! Alex: Austin no one's in her room, You want to see her?Austin: Is she awake? Alex: No, She probably wont wake up you know that!Austin: Than theres no use! Alex: what?Austin: Im Calling my mom to pick me up! I cant be here right now!Alex: Your being selfish!Austin: Am I? I look at it as doing myself a favor! Alex: Im tired of you! If you want to go goodbye!I walked out of the hospital and waited for my mom to get me. I pulled out my phone to make a quick tweet. "Please pray for my friend Fiona!" I noticed i have 85,000 Followers. It's been a month and a half. I was amazed! my mom came and got me. we drove home-Austin's house-I Looked on twitter again and #PrayingForFiona was the 9th trending tweet! I was happy. It made me realize i should have been at the Hospital with Fiona. I took a quick shower. after 2 hours i was back at the hospital.Austin: How is she?Alex: The same as before!Austin: How did she try to kill herself?Alex: She tried to over dose on pills. She took enough to shut down her some of her systems but not enough to kill her! She got rushed here, she couldnt breath or move. Its like she was a rock.Austin: I wish i could have told her loved her. Just one last time!Alex: Austin There still is time!Austin: I want to see her!Alex: Than go!I ran to her Hospital room and opened the door. The room was really cold, Like a ghost was in here. I sat down next to Fiona, she was pail. She was Frozen in time. //Fiona's P.O.V\\Austin is here to see me! I waited for him all day! Now he is here! Fiona: Austin you came! (I yelled) I ran to give him a hug, But i went threw him. I didnt understand what was Happening. Every time i tried to touch him I would just go right threw him. I turned around, I could see myself Laying there on the bed still. Was I a ghost? I couldnt be! I was still alive! This has to be a dream! Austin grabbed my hand and kissed it. He was crying.Fiona: Austin dont cry! He couldnt hear me either. Austin: Fiona, why? why would you try to hurt yourself! Why I loved you so much! I still do love you! You cant leave me! I know you love me to Fiona. Im sorry for making you chose. Im sorry for being Selfish Im sorry I take it all back just for you to be here with me! Fiona please dont leave me i need you!Fiona: Austin I love you to I do I love you! Austin Was spilling his heart out and he couldnt hear a thing i said! He couldnt hear me at all. He couldnt see me but i could see him! -2 Hours left For Fiona-Austin was Crying. I only had 2 hours left to live. I didnt know what to do, I was a ghost i go threw everything! Austin: Id give everything to be with you!I wanted to cry, But i couldnt. I cried but no tears came out. I loved Austin as much as he loved me. I would leave this world Not letting him know! Austin was snuggled with my arm. -1 Hour Left for Fiona-Everything Got real. Sure i was A ghost but every single Word Austin was saying was Piercing my heart. How could words so sweet feel so deadly. So Hurtfull. There was no hope left for me. -5 Minutes Left for Fiona-It was something like a light coming my way. Was it god? Was it the Angles? What does heaven look like? Or was i going to hell? It was a image to blurry for me to see. Something walking towards me. It got closer... It was MY DAD! Fiona: Daddy!Dad: Fiona, I missed you so much!Fiona: I missed you to dad! Dad: What are you doing? Fiona: I dont know dad i wanted to be with you.Dad: Your to young for death Fiona. Go back in that body. That boy looks like he needs you. When its time ill see you again! //Austin's P.O.V\\ 3:59am. Looks like Fiona wasnt coming back after all!Austin: I told you everything you have to come back to me Fiona! If you can hear me please squeeze my hand.Nothing not a sound! 4:00am. I rested my head on her arm. I cried my eyes out. She was gone. Than all of a sudden I felt a light squeeze of my hand. I threw my face up. Fiona Slowly opened her eyes. Eyes full of life. Fiona: I....Love....You.....Austin.Her voice was very dry. I kissed her Forehead, still crying. These tears where tears of joy.Fiona wasnt dead.....She was alive!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End of Chapter 12. I was going to let Fiona die but, She needed to live, For Austin lol i hope you all liked it!

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Wait for me// Chapter 12//

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