Vishwamitra Serial Part - 2

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Description: Seond part of the epic serial Vishwamitra: Cast Mukesh khanna as vishwamitra

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Final part of the Vishwamitra serial : Cast Mukesh Khanna

Chinmaya Padhi
11 Oct 2011
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First part of the epic serial Vishwamitra: Cast Mukesh khanna as vishwamitra

Chinmaya Padhi
09 Oct 2011
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Chanakya Hindi Serial Volume 1 of 8 VOLUME 1 Episode 1 King Dhanananda, the last heir to the Nanda Dynasty rules the throne. Supriya, a Devi's son Angadh has been missing for a few days. Minister Wakranas blames Shaktar when a gold coin missing from the salary of the workers in the palace. Episode 2 Shishupal informs Shaktar of the new taxes being imposed by King Dhanananda. The order of appointing officials for the collection of taxes on wood, gum, stone, leather, etc. Episode 3 Milind discovers Shaktar scattering gold coins that were robbed by the king. Milind imprisons Shaktar and his sons. Chanak goes out to the streets of Patliputra, urging the people of the town to revolt and fight against Dhanananda. Episode 4 Vishnu learns about his mother's death. Due to his fasting, Chanak passes away in the prison. Wakranas tells the guard to keep his death a secret. Shaktar is released and is offered the post of Prime Minister again. Episode 5 Vishnugupta gains entry into the caravan advancing towards Taxila. he is asked to stay behind and accept the post of a teacher in politics. The king of Kekaya Parwateshwar has spread an elaborate spy system in Taxila. Ambhi orders Sinharan to attack the border of Kekaya. Episode 6 In a secret meeting, Parwateshwar orders his ministers to attack Taxila. Sushen is accused of being a traitor. Sinharan is being overcome by alcohol and we see the army of Kekaya riding towards Taxila.

07 May 2012
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BR Chopra's Mahabharat Click www.rajshri.com towatch the full Mahabharat series. Mahabharat is one of the longest epics in the world and BR Chopra's Mahabharat Television Series is one of India's most successful TV series. It has been repeatedly telecast on TV networks worldwide to phenomenal response. Here is the classic series in concise 3 minute episodes.

10 Feb 2010
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Chanakya was a great historic hero in the history of Bharat . once go through Chanakyaniti . check out all parts . Note : i am not the owner nor the creater of this video , i had sheared this video only in the perpose of nationalism . If you are the owner , and dont want propogation of this video , plz contact me me , i will remove this.

Harshavardhan Shinde
26 Aug 2011
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Hum katha sunate Ram sakal guNdham ki, yeh Ramayan hai puNya katha Shrii Ram ki Hum katha sunate Ram sakal guNdham ki, yeh Ramayan hai puNya katha Shrii Ram ki Jambu dweepE,Bharat KhanDE, AryavartE, Bharat varshE, ek nagari hai vikyat Ayodhya naam ki Yehi janma bhoomi hai param pujya Shrii Ram ki...hum katha sunate Ram sakal guN dham ki Yeh Ramayan hai puNya katha Shrii Ram ki...... yeh Ramayan hai puNya katha Shrii Ram ki Raghukul ke Raja dharmatma ,chakravarti Dashrath punyatma; Santati hetu yagya karvaya, dharm yagya ka shubh phal paya..... nrip ghar janme char kumaraa ,Raghukul deep jagat adhaara...charon bhratonke shubh naama: Bharat Shatryghna Lakshman Rama... Guru Vashishtha ke gurukul jaake alpa kaal vidya sab paake, puran huyi shiksha Raghuvar puran kaam ki.....yeh Ramayan hai puNya katha Shrii Ram ki (Narrator) Mruduswar, komal bhavana, rochak prastuti dhang.....ek ek kar varnan kare Lav-Kush ,Ram prasang; Vishwamitr mahamuni raayi, inke sang chale do bhai; Kaise Ram Tadka ,kaise naath Ahilya taari; Munivar Vishwamitra tab sang le Lakshman, Ram; Siya swayamvar dekhne pahunche Mithila dham........ Lav-Kush singing: Janakpur utsav hai bhaari,Janakpur utsav hai bhaari.... Apne var ka chayan karigi Sita sukumari.....Janakpur utsav hai bhaari, Janak raj ka kathin praN suno suno sab koi.....jo toDe Shiv dhanush ko, so Sita pati hoye Jo toRe Shiv dhanush kathoR ;sab ki drishti Ram ki oar; Ram vinayguN ke avtaar, guruvar ki aagya siroddhar.. Sehej bhaav se Shiv dhanu to ...

Abhay Mathur
18 Feb 2010
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Original edit (as telecast in DD days) from the epic Indian television series: Ramayana (the DVD contains a variation edit.)...

13 Oct 2008
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This is part 10 of Om Namah Shivaya serial.

Chinmaya Padhi
08 Jan 2012
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This is part 22 of the Om Namah Shivaya Serial.

Chinmaya Padhi
29 Jan 2012
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Vishnu Puran is an Indian television series directed by BR Chopra. It is based on the Vishnu Purana. It tells the stories of the 10 avatars of Vishnu, ... Matsya Avatara Kurma Avatara Narasimha Avatara Vamana Avatara Parashurama Avatara Rama Avatara Krishna Avatara Vishnu Puran (TV series)

Basskaran Kumarakulasooriyar
16 Apr 2011
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Mahabharat Ramayan Shree Ram Shree Krishna Arjun Draupadi Ka

30 Mar 2008
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Vishwamitra Serial Part - 2

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