Vincent "Vinny" Castronovo Cute Laugh;)

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Description: *READ*I DO NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR ANY OF THESE CLIPS!Belongs to: Pacificrimvideopress, BloggingABDC, danceplug, and MtvSong: Heard 'Em Say (Instrumental) by Kanye West ft Adam LevineFollow me: http://www.sheryllynedinosaur.tumblr.comLike Vinny's Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vincent-Castronovo/168045723249478ICONic Boyz Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vincent-Castronovo/168045723249478Sorry if its bad editing, I'm not so great at editing:d

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Vinny Castronovo's Cute Laugh

I NO OWN NUT-ING! enjoy :)

20 Jun 2011
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Vinny Castronovo's cute laugh

Vinny Castronovo's cute laugh

01 Jul 2011
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Spikey Mikey & Bianca Prank Vinny! (SO FUNNY)


30 Jul 2011
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A Vincent Castronovo Love Story// Ep 3

hayroh =) haha sorry for not constantly writing the stories, im still busy with the end of the year stuff for school & packing for summer vacations. if anyone is wondering, i do NOT have any open spots in the story right now. haha sorry :P - - - - - - - - - - - - Danielle's POV. Damnit. Brittney really had to call right now. I swear to god I'm going to kill her one day. As I continued talking on the phone, Vinny & I kept staring at eachother. He kept making faces at me that almost made me pee my pants. On the phone: Brittney: "Are you okay Dani?" I was laughing like crazy right now. Danielle: "Hehehe Ye---" I bursted out laughing again. Brittney: "You know what Danielle, I'm just gonna call you back. Haha cuz you seem busy." Danielle: "Kay bye." I hung up and glared at Vincent. Well I tried making it look like a glare, but I was actually staring into his lovely hazel eyes. Oh my god they are soo mmm...gorgeous. Vincent came crawling up to where I was sitting. Vincent: "Staring into my sexy eyes again Mela?" He smiled and got closer. I pushed him away, "Pshh Nooo. In your dreams." I stuck my tongue out. Vincent: "Yes you are." He winked, and I rolled my eyes. He yawned, "Im tired Melaaa!!!!" He grabbed me in his chest and held me. He fell on bed as we laid there. I struggled trying to get out of his grip, but I couldnt. I just laid there for a few minutes.... Danielle: "Can you let me go." Vincent: "You know you dont want me to do that Mela." I love when he calls me Mela ...

10 Jun 2011
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ICONic Boyz Love Story(whos laughing now) Contest

Hey guys im doing a iconic boyz love story....um the contest just started all you have to do is give me your name, age, favorite iconic boy, why you want the iconic boy, and a brief description about yourself and what you look like all of the iconic boyz are in the story from vinny to tristen the iconic boyz that are taken are chris and vinny and i want t give a shot out and a big thank you to GranderICONicGurl13 for making this video cause trust me iwould not have been able to do it myself......so let the game begin and ps my name is Akira but sense no one can prounouce it the call me Arika which is basically just saying Erica i know its weird but yea so my nicknames are Arika, Natalie, and Nikki so yea........i really want entrys cause i cant wait to write this story Vincent "GrandMan" Castronovo (taken) Mikey "Spikey Mikey" Fusco (taken) Louis "Dapitbull" Dipippa (taken) Jason "No bonez" Smith (taken) Thomas "T-money" Miceli Madison "Mad Boyz" Alamia (taken) Nick "Nicholicious" Mara (taken) Joshua "Non-Stop" Price Tristan "Highlight" Rubiano (taken) Nicholas Rubiano Joey "JoJo" Fernandes John "J-Boogz" D'Onofrio Christopher "King Tut" Corradino (taken) Jared "J-hawk" Mad Julian i feel like i missing someone and if i am please tell me

12 Sep 2011
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Brown Eyes (Vinny Castronovo One Shot) -Part One-

(Here's another one shot. This one is for 123JMary. Enjoy) Waking up on a Monday morning never really was my thing. It requires so much effort on my part to actually get up on time for school. Especially when I get there, to be ignored by everyone, taunted by some and liked by none. I'm not the kind of person that cares about what everyone else thinks; But there's one set of eyes that I when I see, I literally want to melt. Vinny Castronovo. I know you think lovey-dovey, oh my god, I can't keep my eyes off of him sort of thing. It's not. His eyes are amazing, the kind of color you wouldn't think was naturally possible. His brown eyes make my knees weak when I see him. But they don't see me. They look straight through me, as if I'm a ghost and in simplest term. It sucks, anyway let's do this. Monday morning; I woke up at 7:15 am. I had an hour and fifteen minutes to get ready and go to school. I jumped in the shower, sliding my fingers through the wet ringlets that were formed, and washing my hair and body, before walking out the bathroom wrapped in a towel, and pulling out my wardrobe to decide what would seem decent to wear. I chose my ripped black skinny jeans, along with my long, grey V-neck shirt and my black and white vans I looked at the clock. It was 8:00. Crap! I quickly grabbed my bag, not bothering to straighten my hair, that I had always normally had to do and hardly putting my eye liner on. Foundation, mascara and a dash of pink blush. I jogged downstairs with ...

25 Nov 2011
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Best Friend's Brother- Vinny Castronovo One-Shot

[sorry it's short, but I do think its cute :) this one is for hotporkdork7, and I just realized the video says 'Kids in Love' Bahaha I changed the title at the last minute :] I ran away from the lunchroom. I found shelter underneath a willow tree and placed my head in my hands. After a few moments, I heard somebody sit down next to me. "it'll be ok," She said softy. "Kids can be mean sometimes, but it'll be ok." Ever since then we've been best friends. Her name was Bianca Castronovo. Even though she was older than me, we went together like peanut butter and jelly. It worked out well; if anyone ever picked on me; she could intimidate them and feud back off. Bianca has always been my role model. We've been friends ever since I was eight, and I'm fourteen now. Bianca has a little brother who's my age. I never really knew him until I slept over at his house one night a long time ago and we played truth or dare with him and his friends. "I dare you to..." I thought as I stared at Vinny; that was his name. Vincent Castronovo JR. "Eat this!" I smiled as I made him a sundae with vanilla ice cream, hot sauce, cheese, and starbursts. "Awe man!" He frowned as he took the sundae from my grasp. "Starbursts are my favorite though!" "Don't act so tough." Bianca teased. Vinny took a huge bite and let it sit in his mouth with a look of horror on his face. We laughed as he swallowed it with great difficulty. "Ugh! That was disgusting! But HA! In your face, Bianca! I still ate it!" Ever ...

10 Aug 2011
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I Wish - A Vincent Castronovo One Shot for imaproudiconiac (Part 2)

"Why are we playing this again?" Madison asked, popping another popcorn into his mouth. "Because your mom won't let us play anything else." Louis complained. "Get over it," Thomas said. "Jason, truth or dare?" He hesitated, then said "Dare." God that was a bad move. T-Money comes up with the worst dares, after all. "Here," He said, pulling a bra from under the pillow he was sitting on. "Put this on, take a picture and post it on twitter." He threw it at Jason who dodged it quickly. "Who's is that?!" He screamed. "Nicolette let me use it." Mikey, who was previously laughing his head off, stopped. "Hey!" He said, grabbing the bra. "No! I disapprove! Jason, you get a free dare pass, now sit down!" Mikey glared at Thomas, then threw the bra on the other side of the room. "Vin," Mikey turned his attention towards me as he calmed down. "Truth or dare?" I didn't even have to think about it. "Truth." Big mistake. "Who do you have a crush on?" He asked, smirking. My eyes went wide and my heart sped up. What the hell Mikey?! Nick's sitting right there! "N-No one." I managed to spit out. Mikey shook his head. "Dont lie now, Vincent. If you don't tell them, I will. There's no getting out of this, might as well get it over with." I'm going to kill him in his sleep tonight. This was the end of my life. I was going to die of humiliation. "Don't get mad!" I pleaded to no one in particular. "It's.." Everyone moved closer. Now or never. "It's Kerri." I shielded myself for the punch that I ...

03 May 2012
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~Dance With Me~ An ICONic Boyz Lovestory Chapter 2 part 1/4

~the next morning~ *Nick, Vinny, Mikey, Jason, Thomas, & Louis looking at Madison sleep* Nick: Louis you wake him up *whisperes* Louis: no! He's gonna hit me for waking him up! Vinny: *rolls his eyes* you guys are a bunch of wusess (sp?) Jason: okay Mr. Toughguy you wake him up Vinny: No! Mikey: why not? I thought you were tougher than that Vincent. Nick: YEAH! ...Vincent. Vinny: well why me? Why not Thomas? Thomas: your older now just wake him up already! Vinny: Fine! Pass me that flower base Jason: *passes it to him* dont tell me your gonna hit him with that. Vinny: nope *takes out the flowers & pours the water on Madison* Madison: *instantly wakes up* WHAT THE HELL?!?!? *sees Vinny holding the base* VINNY!!!!!!!!! Vinny: oops??? Uhhh it was Nick's idea!!! *runs outside* Nick: *looks at his watch* ooohhh look at the time! Come on boys let's go eat breakfast! *the boys leave* *Geo walks in* Geo: woah woah woah! what the hell is that? Did you pee in your bed?! Madison: *about to speak but Geo interrupts him* Geo: you know what? I don't wanna know. Clean up whatever that is, & get ready. *walks out* Madison: *sighs* I'm so gonna get you back Vinny! ~at the Cafeteria~ U: so what did you guys sign up for today? Kelly: I'm taking drumming classes. Astrid: guitar classes. Jasmine: dance classes Lexi: fashion interior design classes. Helen: dance classes. Andrea: dance classes. Mandee: I'm going to the lake. Katrina: looks like I'm the only one that's not having fun today. I ...

26 Jul 2011
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Vincent C. Love Story Ch.10 Part3 (last part)

"Hey Vinny?" I said still holding him tight "Yuhp?" "You smell sooo good" he laughed a little in an awkward tone "uhm...okay? Thank you" I smiled "No your cologne is strong even If I take a shower you can still smell it!" he pulled away and smiled "Well, aren't you suppose to smell like your 'man'?" we laughed I just stared into his eyes he mimicked the action. Soon he was leaning in I closed my eyes and well we kissed ;) I never wanted it to end. We pulled away and just stared at each other "Best kiss ever!" he whispered and I repeated with an assuring tone "BEST kiss ever!!" The Next Day Vinny's POV- Today I didn't have practice so I just decided to go to Outback with the boys and a couple of girls Nick and Madison picked up. I walked to Keana's room and knocked on the door she answered with glasses on and her hair in a, mess? A cute mess! I couldn't help but laugh "uhm I just came to ask do you wanna go to Outback with us?" she rolled her eyes "This is NOT funny my contact split so now I have to wear these...abominations!" I laughed harder "No you look, you look.... Decent do your hair and get dressed meet us at the lobby in 20!" I began to walk away but she yelled after me "You expect me to look good with these in less than 20 min.!?" I yelled back "Now only 18" I heard her groan and slam her door, I just smiled and walked to the lobby. Later on she was walking towards us stumbling everywhere and then she walked up to a...plant? And began to talk "hey Vin you ready to ...

11 Jul 2011
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To Infinity and Beyond. A Vincent Castronovo Love Story. Chap. 5.

Hey guys. So my school ends in three more days. Im not ready to leave middle school. Ive met so many great people there. Thank you to everyone who was apart of my middle school experiance. --------------------------------------- Recap. When I got a call from, Vinny. I was in such a bad mood I ignored it. He kept calling though. I tried my best to ignore all the calls. But, it said 12 missed calls, and he called again. I decided, to pick up. "Hello?" "Ellie?" "Yes?" "I'm sorry. Please dont be mad at me." "I dont get it though. What did I do though?" there was a silence. "Nothing." "Then why didn't you talk to me? Was it something I did or--?" "No. It's kind of uncomfortable for me to talk to a pretty girl." What. What. What. What. What. Did he just say what I think. I must be dreaming. Chapter 5 "Hello?" Vinny said, softly. "Um, I gotta go, See you at school." I replied and then I just hung up. I felt guilty for hanging up so fast, but really? Did Vinny just say I was cute? Awe. Later on that night Ryan barged in my room. "We're hanging with Vinny and Bianca tonight, lets go!" he said. I gave him a "wtf" look. "Why?" I asked. "Because, it's Friday. Do you want to sit here all night?" "No." "Then lets go!" I grabbed my cellphone, and ran downstairs. I shut the door behind me. It was cold. Very cold. I stepped into the car, and we drove off to The Castronovo Residents. Bianca and Vinny were already standing at the door. "Hey guys." Ryan said while Bianca and Vinny were ...

23 Jun 2012
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My Kind of Perfect (ICONic Boyz Story) Ch. 5

Chapter 5 You guys are the best. :) AND KRYSSI AND I CONQUERED THE YOUTUBE ISSUE! YEAH BUDDY! :D _________________________________________ "I'm Madison Alamia," he said and I saw him hold out his hand to me. I shook it, and felt sparks in my stomach. I looked up into his face and he was smiling. It was contagious, and I found myself smiling as well. We had stopped walking and were standing in the parking lot, shaking hands and staring at each other like idiots. I realized what was happening and shook myself awake. I started walking toward the building again. "So...you come here often?" he asked nervously. I couldn't help it; I busted out laughing and had to cover my mouth to shut myself up. He hit himself of the head and chuckled. "Sorry, that was lame." "No," I said, "It was cute." I didn't think before I said that, and my face turned bright red. Before I could say anything else or Madison could reply to my idiocy, Louis yelled, "I found it!" he came bustling over to us and stopped right in front of Madison. "I got it!" he held a small, red Yoshi doll in Madison's face. Madison took off Louis' baseball cap and picked him up. "Awesome! Where?" He tickled his stomach. "In the gutter, it must have fallen out of my pocket." I smiled at the cuteness of the scene and the three of us started back towards the group. Louis ran ahead of me and I found myself alone, once again, with Madison. He laughed. "What?" I said. "Nothing...just nothing." I nodded a few times awkwardly ...

02 Jul 2011
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To Infinity and Beyond. A Vincent Castronovo Love Story. Chap. 10.

Recap: "Ellie, whatever I did wrong. I'm truly sorry." he said, quietly. "Get off of me." I yelled. I pushed him off of me, and I could see he was shocked. He looked really hurt. "Leave my house and don't talk to me ever again. GO." I said. "Ellie." he said, softly. "No, go!" I replied. "I'm sorry!" he said, running down the stairs and leaving. Chapter 10 I've avoided Vinny for about 5 days now. It's gone perfect until... Now. "Everyone, I need you too pair up into groups of 3 for this English report. Ya'll can make up your groups. Presentation day. Friday." my English teacher said. I just sat in my chair waiting for someone to ask me to be in there group. I could see Vinny coming towards me. "Are you in a group yet?" he asked. "No." I replied. "Come into my group with Alena." I started to laugh. "How about NO." I said in a harsh tone. "Please?" he asked. "Fine. Whatever." I said. "Meet me at my house, afterschool and we can all get started!" he said, starring at me. I grabbed all my books and went to the Castronovo Residents. I pressed the door bell. The door swung open. "ELLIE!" Vinny said, in a really happy tone. "Vinny!" I replied, not caring. He grabbed my arm, "Let's get started." He said. I saw Alena sit on his bed. Texting. Can she actually work or? "You're suppose to help." I said, giving her really bad attitude. "Sorry hun. Busy." she replied, giving me the fakest smile ever. "Alena. You really should help us." Vinny said. She just gave him a "WTF" look and said ...

26 Jun 2012
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Just The Way You Are - ICONic Boyz Love Story - Ch. 26

Vinny: *Smiles* I knew you would. *Kisses Sadie's hand* Alessandra&Bianca: Aww! Theo: Anyways, Sadie, you'll be staying with Bianca. Bi, show her-- Vinny: What?! I wanted her to stay with me! Daniela: Vincent, we asked you before you left if you had a problem with Sadie staying with your sister, and you didn't answer back, so we decided to put her with Bianca. Vinny: *Starts stomping his feet* But mommy! Daniela: No buts! Vinny: She's not even gonna have fun! Bianca and Alessandra are probably gonna bore her to death! Alessandra: No, we can keep her entertained. Vinny: How? Bianca: Show her your baby pictures, and watch the videos of your first recital and basketball game. Vinny: NO! Sadie: *Laughs* Sounds like fun to me! Alessandra: *Grabs her hand* Let's go then! *Starts running* Vinny: BIANCA! ALESSANDRA! *Chases after them* Daniela: *Smiles and sighs* She's gonna fit in perfectly. *AFTER VIN&SADIE GET THEIR BAGS, IN THE CAR* Nick: Are you sure it's okay if we take Sadie's limo? Nevaeh: Yeah, it's fine. Driver: So where to? Nick: *Says his address* Katie: *Holds herself* I'm cold.. Thomas: Louis man, give her your jacket. Louis: *On his iPhone* Hold up, playing Plants VS. Zombies! Jason: Dude! Put it away and give your girlfriend your jacket! Louis: I'm about to beat this level! And she has her own jacket, just check her bag. Katie: That game is so stupid! Louis: You're stupid! Katie: *Starts crying* You're so mean! Mikey: *Holds her* Dude! You're being a jerk! Louis ...

23 Aug 2011
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Vincent Vinny Castronovo Cute Laugh;)

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