Using Ableton Live w/ Native Instruments' Maschine for Production & Performance

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Description: For more info - http://bit.ly/le4zFQIn this video Native Instruments product specialist Matt Cellitti, explains and demonstrates how to use Maschine to control Ableton Live and simultaneously as a plugin inside the software. Together Maschine and Ableton are a powerful combination for production and performance. Cellitti starts by showing us how to load the Ableton Live template that can be accessed via Maschine's hardware or Native Instruments bundled Controller Editor software. He then goes into detail of how Maschine can be used to trigger clips, scenes and FX as well as control other parameters such as individual track volume. After this, he explains how to switch Maschine to a standard MIDI controller within Ableton to program and perform new drum parts and synth lines, all without stopping the music in Ableton Live.

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bit.ly Dubspot Instructor and Ableton Certified Trainer Mike Hatsis shows you how to route audio from Ableton Live into Native Instruments Maschine in the first part of this two-part video tutorial focusing on the synchronization and creative possibilities of using Live and Maschine. Routing audio from Live provides a great opportunity for editing and fine-tuning audio loops and samples, and you can also warp and sync samples. In part one, Hatsis explains and demonstrates how you send audio from Live into Maschine while Maschine as a plugin inside of Live. Stay tuned for part two, in which Hatsis delves further into the editing and slicing options inside of Maschine.

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Midi Guitar Jam (with Native Instruments FM8 and Ableton Live)

I recently got Native Instruments FM8 software synth and I've been getting some good sounds for Midi Guitar with it. Using Ableton Live 6 I am able to load (and arm for recording) six instances of FM8. That way I can play the synth in a natural guitar-like manner. What I mean is that I can bend one string, sending a pitchbend message for one string (one midi channel) without that message bending the pitch of what's happening on all the other strings. It seems to work rather well. I thought that it might be of interest to other midi guitarists.

11 Feb 2009
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Beatmaking with iMaschine and Ableton Live - Making Music With Apps (pt.3)

www.pointblankonline.net In the next 3 episodes in our 'Making Music with Apps' series Danny J Lewis shows you how you can put together professional sounding tracks on the move. In this tutorial he starts off with the beatmaking using Native Instrument's iMaschine. This approach is all about making the most of the unique qualities of each app and recording the results into Ableton as audio clips. The advantage is that you are committing the sound that you have made to audio so there is no temptation to endlessly fiddle with the synth parameters or the intricacies of the midi patterns and you can get on with the task of arranging the parts to make that banging tune that your 8 bar loop had promised! Go to: www.pointblankonline.net to find out how you can learn more about using Ableton Live as a recording tool. Please get in touch with our course advisors at advice@pointblankonline.net if you want to find out more. Please subscribe to our channel to make sure you don't miss future exclusive tutorials from Point Blank Online school.

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Native Instruments Maschine triggering VSTs in Ableton Live

maschinetutorials.com showing how I use Ableton Live as a rack for Maschine to hold and sequence all of my vsts, then drag the midi from Maschine into Ableton Live to finish arrangement of the track in Live's session view

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More info - bit.ly In the third and final installment of our video tutorial series on Moog's Animoog iPad app, Dubspot Instructor Matt Cellitti offers sound design and production tips and tricks and shows you how to use Animoog in a Digital Audio Workstation. The final installment of the Animoog tutorials will hopefully give you a few more tricks on how to create some really cool sounds in this great app. Once you have created an interesting sound with a unique path, I will show you how to "stretch" the orbit across your path to create thick sounds, triggering multiple timbres at once for radically transforming sounds. Moving the path around the X/Y axis will allow you to essentially create several different presets inside of one saved sound. I might start with a slow pad if I begin in the top left corner, yet morph to a sharp lead sound by pulling the path down to the bottom of the Y axis. Lastly, it is important to realize that the signal coming out of the iPad/iPhone headphone jack comes in at a lower volume level than we would like. Simply use some effects inside of a DAW or other host program to boost the signal and create more interesting effect chains for Animoog. Set up an effect chain just once and save it for instant recall when you need it again. Works great in both Live and Maschine. - Matt Cellitti

02 Apr 2012
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Using NI Massive With Ableton Live

Tutorials For NI Massive - www.massivesynth.com Learning to use Massive is one thing -- but learning to use it properly with your favorite DAW is a whole other challenge! This video covers setting up and using NI Massive with Ableton Live. Each DAW has it's own nuances as well as unique features and tools when it comes to sound design, processing and efficiency. These 30 minute videos are aimed at beginners but I think all users will benefit from recapping how to set up Massive properly within the DAW environment and also the little tips and tricks you can use to get the most from your NI Massive and Ableton, Cubase or FL Studio.

Steven Foulds
17 Jan 2012
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Learn more at bit.ly In this video, Native Instruments product specialist and Dubspot instructor DJ Endo shares a quick tip on how to use Traktor's built-in auto gain feature to make DJ mixes in Ableton Live. By using Traktor to detect volume differences between tracks in a mix, this method allows you to create smooth transitions between tracks in Ableton, eliminating the guesswork and the need to make detailed gain adjustments.

22 Sep 2010
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www.looptv.net ‪bring you ‬this great tutorial from award winning Loopmasters and 5Pin Media producer Dan Larsson, on using Native Instruments FM8 synth in Ableton to create a monster Dubstep Growl Bass patch! Dan Larsson is a very accomplished Dubstep producer who has worked for both Loopmasters and 5Pin Media under various identities, creating award winning sample packs which will literally melt your speakers! His sample packs include: Dubstep Monster Bass, Dubstep Beats, Dubstep Beats 2, and Dubstep Synths. In this tutorial Dan uses an instance of FM8 in Ableton plus an FX chain of Ohmicide distortion, two auto filters, a WOW filter, Overdive unit, EQ and Limiter to create his version of the the classic broken growl bass coined by Dubstep DJ Skrillex. Included in the tutorial is a 10% discount coupon for his pack Dubstep Synths pack which is out on www.5pinmedia.com Enjoy!

18 May 2012
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Minimal experimental track made with Ableton Live and Reaktor

EdmHeaven.blogspot.com Having fun tinkering with Native Instruments Reaktor and Ableton live. Some of the track was laid out prior to recording this, so that it allowed me to focus more on the beat and sound generated from Reaktor 5 Spacedrone and Skrewell. But the majority of the track was made live as I recorded this video.

07 Feb 2011
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Controlling Ableton Live with Maschine - New Controller Editor Template Guide

Maschine MIDI Control Tutorial This movie is a guide to the new Ableton Live Template included in the latest update to the Controller Editor, which transforms Maschine into an advanced, interactive control surface for Live. Learn more about Maschine at Music-Courses.com: www.music-courses.com

21 Dec 2012
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Sandeep Kumar from audioMIDI.com gives and in-depth tutorial on how to sync Ableton Live with Native Instruments Traktor. Check out the audioMIDI.com channel for more tutorials on Traktor.

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TouchAble version 1.3 - Control Ableton Live 8 with iPad - What's new?

TouchAble App for iPad is available worldwide exclusively through the iTunes App Store www.itunes.com touchAble is an unique iPad app is the first application to give Ableton Live users full control over their digital audio workstation, without the tiresome process of manual midi-mapping. touchAble allows live users to walk away from their computer and perform live from anywhere within Wi-Fi range (using ad-hoc connection or router) while keeping latency at a minimum. TouchAble App includes 6 advanced modules, Clip grid, Mixer, Devices, Pads, Keys, XY Pad, and 2 commands menu : clips and transport. TouchAble provides a powerful, intuitive and reliable multitouch control solution for professional use. TouchAble includes templates for lives plugins and is fully compatible with vsts, audiounits and instruments. The new update, touchAble 1.3 contains over 30 new features and changes, such as a loop and beatjump section, enabling anything from CDJ style mixes to creative loop manipulation, a completely rebuilt mixer that allows users to modularly choose the controls they need - complemented by the long awaited crossfader. 3 new native templates have been added: Auto Filter, Ping Pong Delay & the very first Instrument - Impulse - and are waiting to be tweaked. The new Settings Menu not only offers a cascade of new control-options - but also simplifies the connection process by adding Bonjour support. changes / new features: Clips: - added Loop menu to clip module. Do loops on ...

04 Nov 2011
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Mike Huckaby + Dubspot! Pt 2: Ableton Live Tutorial - Creating Automated VST Program Changes

More info: bit.ly In this video tutorial Detroit's Mike Huckaby illustrates how to automate patch changes using Native Instruments' plug-ins within Ableton Live, creating some exciting and dynamic effects using just one MIDI channel and some automation. Mike Huckaby is a very well-known and respected Detroit-based DJ, remixer, producer, and Ableton Live instructor who recently stopped by our Dubspot NYC studios to host a workshop on music production using Ableton Live and Native Instruments' Maschine. Following his recent Maschine tutorial on using scenes to create rhythm variations, our talented guest instructor here turns his attention to Ableton Live (part of what he calls the holy trinity of Maschine, Ableton Live and Reaktor) for some creative automation techniques. In this video Mike shows how to use program changes within Ableton Live to change patches in instrument plug-ins. By assigning this value to a MIDI control knob or automating the parameter in your clips, you can quickly change patches and make one instrument jump between multiple preset sounds. Rapid patch changes like this have become a common feature in contemporary dance music. Mike Huckaby is a living legend and has long been an influential player in Detroit's techno and house scenes. Over two decades of recordings have established his reputation as a creator, remixer and DJ, and he's become one of the most sought-after producers in the world. His recent remix work for Juan Atkins, Vladislav Delay ...

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Ableton Live + Native Instruments REAKTOR = The Sound from Heaven

Turn NI REAKTOR's Space Drone into a heavenly chorus using this simple tip...

Brent Kallmer
12 May 2011
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Using Ableton Live w/ Native

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