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Description: My top Bass song that bump!! They must have rap!10- E-40- My Shit Bang9- Dr. Dre & Eminem- Forgot About Dre8- E-40 ft. Tech N9NE- Fried7- Lil Wayne- Playing With fire6- Tech N9NE- Nothin5- Timbaland- Bounce4- Waka Flocka- Grove ST Party3- Wiz Khalifa- Say Yeah2- Soulja Boy- Vampire Gang1- Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and Busta Rhymes- Look at me Now

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My top 10 of the best bass boosted rap songs! If you cant heard anything its beacuse you using a laptop or your speakers/headphones are a real shit Download all complete songs - tinyurl.com 10- 50 Cent - Just a lil bit 9- Yung Joc - It's going down 8- 2XL - Clap Music 7- Soulja Boy - Crank Tha 6- Lil Wayne - A Milli 5- Soulja Boy - Donk 4- Lil Jon - Throw it up 3- Young Jeezy & USDA - White Girl 2- DMV Shod - Lil Moma 1- Essay Potna - You can't do it me Follow me @YoungSharkSwish

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● Edited By Temeteron Vofkas ●●Like on Facebook:www.facebook.com ●●Follow SoundCloud:soundcloud.com ● Songs:10)Busta Rhymes-Arab Money 9)Soulja boy-Rollin 8)Gucci Mane - Burr Burr 7)Lil Wayne-A millie(Datsik and Excision) remix 6)Soulja Boy-Money In A Trash Bag 5)Lil Wayne-6 Foot 7 Foot 4)Big Sean-Dance (ASS)- 3)(New) Lil Jon Feat 2)Swizz Beatz-It's Me Snitches 1)Soulja Boy-MMG(New Music November 2011) This Video is about Top 10 bass songs of 2012 Hip Hop-Rap-Rnb

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Top 10 Best Dubstep Songs ever!!!! Enjoy :) 1. Trolley Snatcha - The Future 2. Doctor P - Sweet Shop 3. Cragga - Mr. Postman (Dubstep Remix) 4. Chrispy - Bass Invaders & Red Alert 5. Mt. Eden - Sierra Leone 6. DJ Fresh - Gold Dust (Flux Pavilion Remix) 7. NiT GriT - 12 Gauge 8. Nero - This Way 9. Bar9 - Shaolin (Elite Force Re-Edit) 10. Skream - Make Me DISCLAIMER: I do not own rights to the music or pictures depicted in this video!! I made it just for fun and the enjoyment of dubstep. All credit for these amazing songs (imo) goes to the skilled artists listed above and their record labels. If any artist/label does not approve of this video, please feel free to message me and I will immediately remove the video.

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Ten Best Dubstep Drops! Watch in 720p for HQ sound, enjoy! :) 10. Rusko - Woo Boost (Subskrpt Edit) 9. Nero - Innocence 8. Feed Me - Cloudburn (ft. Tasha Baxter) 7. NiT GriT - 12 Gauge 6. Emalkay - When I Look At You (SDUK Remix) 5. Chrispy - Bass Invaders & Red Alert 4. Modestep - Exile 3. Skrillex - Kill Everybody 2. Doctor P - Sweetshop 1. Laid Blak - Red (Chasing Shadows Remix) For the unique and bizarre images, special thanks to: abduzeedo.com 3mmi.org DISCLAIMER: I do not take any credit nor do I own any rights to the music or pictures depicted in this video!! It was made simply for fun and the enjoyment of dubstep, for myself and others. All credit for these amazing songs (imo) goes to the skilled artists listed above and their respective record labels. If any artist/label does not approve of this video, please feel free to message me and I will immediately remove the video. Thanks. :)

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Sexy rnb/hiphop songs.ll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|ll Sexy hip hop/r&b Music. [2008-2012 Dirty Bass Playlist] by Dutch Twinz january 2013 ⇩STAY CONNECTED: fb/yt For new playlists and mixes,THANKS!. www.facebook.com TRACKLIST⇩ TRACKLIST BY DUTCH TWINZ: 1] 0:00 Ryan...

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Hello Youtube Electro Music fans. This our fourth episode from our podcast series. Tracklist: 00:00 Skanek - Cosmos 01:30 Bang Bang (Smekie Remix) 02:25 Sam Worsley - Apathy (Original Mix) 03:45 MD Project & Barox Project - The Wait is Over 05:45 Mark Pride - Narnia (SparkOFF Remix)...

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Downloads: Quartus Saul www.beatport.com xKore xkore.newgrounds.com Ry Legit http Dubba Jonny www.beatport.com Chrispy www.beatport.com ______________________________________________________________ These are the best dubstep songs (according to me) as of April 16th, 2011, with multiple factors taken into consideration. Before anyone says anything about the now-mainstream Skrillex not being included in this mix, REST ASSURED that some of his tracks will be included in the next mix, coming this fall. 10. Chrispy - Inspector Gadget (Dubstep Remix) This song is downright dirty. With a sick dubstep spin on a track we all know and love, this piece just had to be on the list. 9. xKore - Beast Mode This amazing track has an original melody with a high level of complexity in automation. The percussive synth sound that performs said melody fits perfectly into the track, and the shuffling high hats make for some slick dubstep. All in all this is one beast of a song. 8. Quartus Saul - Hagakure (Cyberoptix Remix) This song was released not too long ago after the earthquake in Japan. It has a really nice and original tune to it, and its super quick cutoff modulations in the main wobble bass are intense as hell. 7. Ry Legit - Buzz Lightyear ** This is one of the filthiest dubstep tracks out there. The bassline is completely chaotic and insane. I consider Ry Legit to be the 'rising star' of dubstep. 6. Chrispy - Predator - Cyperoptix Remix A 'robostep' spin on Chrispy's hit track, this ...

16 Apr 2011
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Best Dubstep Songs Ever!!! Watch in HD for HQ sound! Sorry for taking so long on making another vid, school and work can be brutal. Anyways, here's the top ten remix list. 10. Blame ft. Camilla Marie - Star (Doctor P Remix) 9. Scars - Basement Jaxx (Engine Earz Remix) 8. Kano - Spaceship (Trolley Snatcha Remix) 7. La Roux - In For The Kill (Skrillex Remix) 6. Example - Last Ones Standing (Doctor P Remix) 5. Imogen Heap - Hide 'n Seek (Roksonix Remix) 4. Kraddy - Android Porn (Dubstep Remix) 3. Natalia Kills - Wonderland (PeaceTreaty Remix) 2. Plan B - Love Goes Down (Doctor P Remix) 1. Freestylers - Cracks (Flux Pavilion Remix) Suggestions and comments are always welcome!! DISCLAIMER: I do not take any credit nor do I own any rights to the music or pictures depicted in this video!! It was made simply for fun and the enjoyment of dubstep, for myself and others. All credit for these amazing songs (imo) goes to the skilled artists listed above and their respective record labels. If any artist/label does not approve of this video, please feel free to message me and I will immediately remove the video. Thanks. :)

16 Mar 2011
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My meaning is it :) For like and for a subscription I would be happy :D ! Macklemore-"Wings"00:01 -5:27 Macklemore-Can't Hold us 5:30-9:58 Macklemore-Irisch celebration 10:00-14:47 Macklemore-ThriftShop Feat. Wanz 14:47-18:30 Macklemore-Make me money 18:30-22:11 Macklemore-Otherside Remix Feat.Fences 22:11-26:59 Macklemore-my oh my 27:00-31:30 Macklemore-And we danced 31:32 -37:29 Macklemore-Same love 37:31 -44:40 (New Pic,starts a new Song!) Macklemore Ryan lewis best off best anytime newest Macklemore live from macklemore test top 10 music hip hop rap bass bostet best rap anytime

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I mix 10 top vocal trance songs , hope everybody to enjoy :)))) Track list including... This top ten list is absolutely my own opinion Vol 2 : www.youtube.com The link for swan wallpapper is the follow : www.wallpapersonly.net if someone also want an other wallpapper of this video just let me now... :) The link for the girl and the cat wallpapper is the follow : imgs.mi9.com ...Girl at 19:00 minute photos : sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net some more : www.korocho.com Tracks list : 10. 00:00 - 03:12 Yuri Kane - Right Back (Piano intro) 9. 03:13 - 04:52 Velvetine - Safe Wherever You Are (Original Mix) 8. 04:53 - 07:08 Night Time - George Acosta Remix 7. 07:09 - 08:45 Above&Beyond - You Got To Go (Original Mix) 6. 08:46 - 10:40 Sied Van Riel feat Nicole McKenna - Stealing Time (Original Mix) 5. 10:41 - 13:44 Reflect feat Delline Bass - Need to Feel Love (Adam K n Soha Mix) 4. 13:45 - 17:36 Headstrong feat Stine Grove - Tears (Aurosonic Progressive Mix) 3. 17:37 - 20:56 Cosmic Gate feat Tiff Lacey - Open Your Heart (Original Mix) 2. 20:57 - 24:46 BT feat Kirsty Hawkshaw - A million Stars (Original Mix ) 1. 24:47 - 32:23 Matt Lange feat Kerry Leva - Anywhere With You Is Home (Vocal Mix)

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The long awaited sequel. Check it out. ________________________________ Critique. (Warning, these criticisms overuse "SpikeTV" words like "epic," "sick," "beastly," and so forth) 10. Dubba Jonny - Not Another UKF Dubstep Tutorial Dubba Jonny does it again. I don't think it's nearly as brutal as the first two songs in the Dubstep Tutorial series, but it is still pretty sick. There are some really unique sounds in there, and parts of it are really ominous. 9. Tim Ismag & Perfecta - The Matrix I can't say much about this song given that I only just heard it a few days prior to the making of this video. Nonetheless, it made the cut. Why? Well, because it's downright brutal. It's just another example of a dubstep song that manages to make a really dissonant melody sound awesome. 8. Porter Robinson - The State (Skism Remix) Like number 9, this song pulls off a dissonant melody very well. What makes this song better, though, is the underlying ethnic theme that it incorporates, in addition to a slightly better rhythm. If you listen to the whole song, there are some really cool vocals throughout, which only heighten the sense of brutality that this song creates. 7. Torqux & Twist - Psychopath (Bassex Remix) This is one of those dubstep songs that throws a ton of different sounds at you, some of which are brutal, and some of which are crazy. And quite frankly, I like this approach to dubstep production. Keep it coming, Bassex. 6. Karetus - Madhouse (Paradigm Remix) The voice that ...

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Best Dance Songs 2011 - 2012 Festival Mix New Best House & Electro club Mix 2011 - 2012 By GERRADSS Intro by RPEstudio.-www.youtube.com Social link.- For Updates Subscribe Here.- www.youtube.com www.youtube.com follow me www.facebook.com Mp3 download.-www20.zippyshare.com For promotional purposes only....All Rights Reserved To Their Respective Owners Support the artist, buy those track! bit.ly www.beatport.com itunes.apple.com www.beatport.com www.beatport.com itunes.apple.com www.facebook.com www.davidguetta.com http Best House Music 2011 December Energy Mix, New Electro House Hit 2011, Club Music 2012, New Electro Club Mix 2012, Dance Music 2011/2012 House electro dance music 2011, winter, summer, hits, club, remix, deadmau5, david guetta, pitbull, newest, europe, usa, axwell, hits 2011, great club, bass, collection, love house music.For promotional purposes only. 2012 January,February,March,April,May,June,July,August,September, October, November, December, Electro, House music, House 2011 Club music, bass, remix, inna,alexandra stan,akcent,edward maya,canada, klaas, john dahlback, dj, axwell, benny benassi, Chocolate Puma, Bingo Players, dj tiesto, david guetta, sexy, hot, dj antoine, jean elan, laurent wolf, spencer & hill, swedish house mafia Steve Angello, Laidback Luke, Sidney Samson, tocadisco, original mix, beat, house electro dance music 2011, hits, emil lassaria guantanamera remix,beyonce,lmfao,jennifer lopez, rihanna,eminem,shakira,newest, europe, usa,hits ...

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THE BEST "DUBSTEP" EVER!! OMG :P Thanks for watching! Don't forget to thumbs up and favorite if you liked it! Also leave me a comment and it might be in my next Q+A video. ________________________________ 2nd channel: www.youtube.com Gaming channel: www.youtube.com Twitter: www.twitter.com Facebook: www.facebook.com Tumblr: www.wtffilmsftw.tumblr.com Merch www.districtlines.com

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Top 10 Best Bass Songs

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