Surah Yaseen (By Sheikh Abdur Rahman As-Sudais - Imam of Haram Shareef - Makkah)

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Description: Known as the Heart of the Quran. Recorded live during Ramadhan prayers - in Haram Shareef - (The Sacred Sanctuary of peace and security)If you haven't been on Umra or Hajj please do go.... to visit these special spiritual places. Don't say I'll do it the year after... you have no guarantee you will live that long!When your mind has been indoctrinated by Shaytans weapons... listen to some Quran it will heal mindy, body and soul.. the Healer of the Hearts... spiritual nourishment for your heart and soul... peace of mind.Entering into a new millennium, we live in an age of technological advancements. World Wide Web sites and mass communication systems have brought mankind closer together, more so than ever before. Where once one would have waited months or even years to hear the fate of loved ones, news can now travels instantaneously. Yet despite this apparent closeness human kind has been left spiritually bereft. All materialistic demands and desires can be fulfilled in this world, but inner peace and contentment is difficult to find. This problem is being faced by Muslims themselves and Non-Muslims alike. Often due to a lack of knowledge and true understanding, Islam has been reduced to a way of life of outward obligations and actions alone. Emphasis is being put upon "Ritualism" only.. completing legal requirements of worship alone (Tawheed and the fundamentals of faith and beliefs etc etc) without regard to the spiritual contentment of the heart and soul.. and those things that brings one close to the Creator, and the spiritual meaning and wisdom behind ... true Faith, Salah, Zakat, Hajj, Zikr, Doing good deeds in secret without showing off, etc etc.It is noteworthy that prayer often begins due to a distress of the heart, or it is something MUST be done in a robotic fashion, or if you need something or for something to be fulfilled! Or when passing through a test or affliction and then progresses into experiencing joy on the occasion of celebration of Eid's or upon hearing something good or great happen to you or to your family. If we establish a symbolic connection here, we may say that those who regularly pray in this world will be rewarded with a festival in the Hereafter for prayer includes the meaning to lead the servant to higher stations and Divine reward, as well as His pleasure. One must note there are stages of Salah... starting from viewing Salah as a daily requirement, duty, and obligation... to the best and highest, is that you view Salah as a means of achieving closeness to the Creator and His Divine love, mercy, blessings. You then start to offer your Salah because you Love the Creator, with Khushoo, you put your best clothes on and perfume yourself as if your going to meet and cafe the Royal King, because you enjoy Salah and you want to please the Beloved Creator, you look forward to it, you look forward to the intimate proximity that is acheived, and the closeness to the Creator.In short, prayer provides the following physical benefits:Prayer requires physical acts that are healthy for the body... also via Ablution (cleaning your body), It also organizes one's time during the day (Time Management) and regularizes one's entire life. The seven parts of our body that touches the earth... is also known as earthing ourselves.. we are infact earthing our selves to the ground which has various benefits for the body!Prayer provides numerous spiritual benefits as follows, a few mentioned:It provides, when performed properly, the joy of being in Creator's presence, meditation, contentment, bliss, peace and comfort in the time of fear, pleasure in the time of joy, sustaining the spiritual character of the soul, maintenance of faith, and a good relationship with the Divine Being. Anybody who has performed Isha and Fajar Salah... notices how one "feels" after performing these prayers, and how your day "opens up" when you offer the Fajar prayer - It does feel certainly like you are in a state of complete bliss... Jannat! No drug or bed-time drink will give you that peace of mind that Salah and Zikr can give, they are a unique drug prescriptions from the Creator!The Creator has enumerated countless of favours, benefits blessings on us, especially in just Salah alone.. so imagine other benefits that can be derived... yet we don't take the time to say thank you (Shukur) or acknowledge the Creator... we prayer salah as if "a thief in the night" quickly in and quickly out - What's the rush? To enjoy something you take it slow and perform it properly.. whether it be eating food, making love, driving, or reading.May the Creator (God)... let our prayers have the honour of being offered in their true meaning and wisdom, and let them be regarded as an ascension (Mi'raj) to you! Let our prayers be our joy, and our souls both in this world and the hereafter! (Ameen)

Surah Yaseen (By Sheikh Abdur Rahman As-Sudais - Imam of Haram Shareef - Makkah) - Download MP3 music or MP4 video:

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Surah Yaseen

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