Surah Mulk-Protector Of The Grave Punishment - by Sheikh Ahmed Ali [HD]

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Description: Join Our FB Pagehttp://www.facebook.com/1IslamicBrotherHood"In A Hadith, Ibn Asakir Related, On The Authority Of Anas, A Man Died and The Only Thing That He Knew Was Surah Al-Mulk The Reason Im Relating This Is That There Are Many Guys That Don't Know How To Read The Quran, Yah, This Guy Only Knew Surah Mulk, Only Surah Mulk. Now He Has Died, He's Inside His Grave, And Allah Sends The Angels To Punish Him, The Angels Of Punishment Comes Inside The Grave, The Angels Of Punishment Comes, Surah Mulk Is Also There and He Is Standing Between Him and The Punishment, So The Angels Says: Move Out The Way Your From The Book Of Allah and I Don't Want To Harm You But I Haven't Got A Choice. Allah Has Told Me To Punish Him If You Want To Intercede and Protect Him, Then Go Ask THE LORD OF THE ARSH AND KURSI. The Surah Will Go To The Al-Mighty, And Say: Oh Allah, You Know This Servant Of Yours, Out Of Your Entire Book, He Would Intend For Me, And He Would Come and Recite Me, Oh Allah, Are You Going To Punish Him Today With The Fire While Im Inside His Heart? And If You're Going To Do This Oh Allah, Then I Want You To Remove Me From Your Book, Allah The AR HAMUR RAHEEMIN He (Allah) Needs Excuses My Young Friends To Give You Paradise, Will You Give Him That Excuse? You Know, Everytime You Do A Good Deed, Let This Thought Cross Your Mind: You Know What? Maybe This Is The One And I Swear By Allah, You Will Do Many Good Deeds and Everytime You Commit A Sin, Let This Thought Cross Your Mind: You Know What? Maybe This Is The One, As A Result That Allah Will Send Me To Jahannam (Hell) And You Know What? You Wont Commit Any Sin. When You Do Good, Let This Thought Cross Your Mind: Maybe This Is The One That Allah Will Like, And He Will Give Me Paradise and When You Wrong, Let This Thought Cross Your Mind: Maybe This Is The One, He Will Hold Me To Account For and You Will Never SinSo The Surah Mulk Will Say: Oh Allah, Take Me Out From Your Book, Allah (SWA) Will Say: It Seems Like You've Become Angry The Surah Will Say: Oh Allah, Don't I Have The Right To Become Angry? He Would Recite Me and Your Punishing Him? Allah Will Smile and Say: Your Intercession Has Been Accepted, You Do With Him As You Please"

Surah Mulk-Protector Of The Grave Punishment - by Sheikh Ahmed Ali [HD] - Download MP3 music or MP4 video:

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Surah Mulk-Protector Of The Grave

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