sorority wars-this is my story(cassidy ladden) + lyrics

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Description: this song was a looooong search :p but i found it, jay :D this is another song from het movie 'sority wars' someone asked me to search this song and i really liked it to so i decided to make a video on it, hope you all like it and don't forget to..comment,like,and subscribekirsten xx

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Sorority Wars - This Is My Story - Official Motion Picture Soundtrack - Song Originally Sung By Marjorie Maye

03 Feb 2012
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this is the last song from the movie Sorority Wars featuring Lucy Hale

12 Jun 2011
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Off her EP, Alissa Moreno. I DO NOT CLAIM TO OWN THIS SONG IN ANY WAY. Enjoy. :]

23 Dec 2010
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the song Getaway by Samantha Jade. *I do not own this song.*

19 May 2010
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Sorority Wars An All Star Story ch. 1*workin on it*

THE STORY cH. 1 woot WOOT! Author's Pov Two soroitys At the same school Fighting for 3 things Money,Boys,& Popularity. This war all started when......well you'll find out later down in the story ;) Lovely's Pov Me and my girls(Camile,venus,jai,brittany,mariah,&bubblez)were walkin to our net class when Ana lou and the rest of them walk up to us.They always put me in a "ass kickin" mood AnaLou:Well ,well what do we have here? Me:lil girl move out of my way*trys to leave* Analou:well dont be rude, i just wanted to say hi Venus:lets go, we dont have time to deal with foolish "broads" Dacey:Excuse me we are not "broads"or wutever u said me:Wutever ,Lets jus go -They are walkin off- Indigo:*yellin*Bye Bitches Camile:*flips her off and keeps walkin* -End of Lovely's pov Indigo's Pov Those stupid whores....Ughh i cant stand them,Me and my girls Walked over to the boys just to mess with them........ Me:Heyy *flirty* Boys:sup Levell:why yall here? Deedee:Why r you guys here? Julian:were skippin .....Duh AnaLou:wutever ,r yall comin to Ri's Party? Dayday:yeah,Can i bring ve*gets cut off* Deedee:hell no u cant bring "venus" Dayday:why not? DeeDee:cuz we dont like them Dayday:well i aint goin*walks off* Boys except levell: i aint either*leaves* Levell:ill be there *smiles at me* Me:good*smiles bac* -He leaves Camile's pov I was walkin bac to my dorm to get my Homework when i saw levell and indigo talking &flirtin and all that ,I Was BEYOND pissed! This bitch always tryin steal my man ...

20 Apr 2011
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Sorority Wars Ch.2.*typin it*

The Story -scene:in class Mariah:anyway like i was saying.......We should crash it..! jailyn:good idea, but*gets cut off* Lovely:no but's were gonna crash it Jailyn:ughh fine,But what if we get caught Venus:She aint gonna do anything Brittany:i dont think she that stupid to do anyting to us Jailyn:aight finee -Bell rings -Scene:with camile Camile:*waitin for them outside * Venus:*walks up to her*where u been? Camile:in my dorm just thinkin Jayde:aboutttt what? Camile:nun Mariah:Welll.Where gonna crash Ri's party to day .YAY! Camile:we are? Jailyn:yupp are u coming Camile:hell yeah im comin.cmon lets go im hungry -At Lunch with Indigo and her crew Indigo's Pov i didnt see those bitches around so me and my girls walked over to the boys.. Me:heyy*i smiled* Boys:wuts up*they smiled bac except lang* Julian:wut yall doing here AnaLou:Oh We Were*gets cut off* -the other girls walk over- Venus:*sits next to dayday*why r yall here Dacey:we should be askin yall the same thing Jailyn:*sittin next to lang*well these are "OUR" Boyfriends Ri:whatever *Bout to leave* Indigo:Wait...I just wanted to inform yall about something Camile:wut u want hoe Indigo:*gets in her face*the competition is in 2 weeks and looks like ur "crew "doesnt even have a routine*i laughed and walked off* Camile's Pov Damn....!that hoe was actually right for once we dont have a "routine"or what ever she said .....BUT fxck it i alreadii know we gnna win! -Skippin to Party Scene: with Ri Indigo:*Yellin cuz of music*I ...

21 Apr 2011
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Starting a Sorority or Fraternity: Would it Work?

WIth fraternity and sorority hazing on the rise, is it worth starting your own fraternity or sorority? Is it even possible, with Greek life so entrenched on college campuses around the country? Mary, from Eastern Illinois University, is trying to start her own as an alternative to establish, pricey fraternities. What do you think? Is it possible to get a quality fraternity or sorority up and running now, with so much competition from established Greek organizations? Is it worth the effort? And would it eventually devolve into the same sort of shenanigans established frats and sororities get up to? Let us know! And if you liked this video, "Like" it as well! :) Subscribe to TYT U for more videos:www.youtube.com Submit a video to TYT U! We love hearing from students and faculty www.youtube.com Follow us on twitter! twitter.com twitter.com twitter.com

19 Feb 2012
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❤you wanted yourself to be loved...❤{Lucy Hale}

WATCH IN HD:) Lucy Hale is one of my favourite actresses ever. She is so gorgeous!! I love her on pretty little liars and on her new movie A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song. She's amazing. video maker: sony vegas 8

10 Sep 2011
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Unavailable (A Justin Bieber Love Story) Chapter 9

Chapter 9: _________________________________________________ (Brielle's POV) I woke up and looked around me. I was laying on the couch in my living room. Justin lay next to me, his arms wrapped around me. The television was on, playing the dvd menu from the movie we had watched last night. A chick-flick, Sorority Wars, of course because he let me choose... {Flashback} Justin: Which movie do you want to watch? Brielle: I don't know. Justin: Well, you pick. Brielle: Okay. I walked over to the shelf of movies and looked through them. Brielle: Ooh! Let's watch this one. I grabbed the movie off the shelf and handed it to Justin. He grabbed it out of my hand and glanced at it. Justin: Seriously? Brielle: What? (laughs) Justin: This is a chick-flick (laughs) Brielle: Hey, you said I could pick. (laughs) Justin: Fine. But only because I love you. Brielle: Thanks. I love you too. He smiled at me and I smiled back. He put on the movie then lay down on the couch. I walked over to the couch and stood over him. He looked up at me, a confused look on his face. Justin: What? Brielle: You're taking up the whole couch. He laughed then moved over. Justin: Come here. I lay down next to him and he put his arms around me. This... felt right. I think we were meant to be together... {End Flashback} _________________________________________________ Sorry it took so long :) hope you liked it :) PS One more day left in my contest so hurry and enter!! :) -Katie :)

08 Apr 2011
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Im Sprung Ch.1*workin on it*

The Story............! Camile's Pov Me and my Besties(venus,Cakey&oreo)Are In California,For Summer Vacationnnn!!!!!!WOOT WOOT Me:*goes outside and sits on porch* HEYYY bESTIES Girls:HEYY Cakey:wut are we doing today? Oreo:Lets go to beach and Look for some SEXY Boys Venus:Im up for dat Me:aight lets go -They start Walking off....Scene:AT beach with the boys(rangers and levell) Julian:mann its hott Langston: No its not niqqa Dayday:Yea it*sees girls and stops* Levell:Wut ru lookin at Dayday:*points * Boys:DAMN! Girls(pookie,amiyah,kylie&snookee):*walk over*Heyy Boys:*still lookin* Pookie:Hello?! Levell:*looks at her* oh hey Amiyah:wut r yall lookin at? Boys:*look at them* nothingg KYlie:mmhhm ,suree Dayday:*stands by her and kisses her* -With the girl(venus,camile,oreo,cakey) Camile:i dont see any SEXY boys Oreo:Wut about them*points to boys* venus:ooo hes cute*pointing at dayday* Cakey:aww they have girlfriends Camile:well lets go boy hunting Venus:boy hunting ...really? Camile:yesss know come on -They walk past the boys- Julians Pov Amiyah was talking to me but to be honest i wasnt even listening,I was to busy checkin out that girl, Then i felt someone's hands at the back of my neck Me:Ahhh SHIT! Pookie:*hits him again* come one where leaving We got up and left.But langston stayed behind he said he left his phone. Breanna's Pov(oreo) I went back to the beach to get my sweater , Then i bumped into someone Me:oh im sorry ??:its cool*smiles at me*so whats ur name Me ...

20 Apr 2011
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Scrubs - My Turf War

Turk and Dr. Cox volley a hypochondriac patient back and forth.

23 Jun 2012
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MEGA Movie Remix

Edited together by: Shiva Nassab Films: All About Steve, Officespace, So Undercover, Funny People, The Boat that Rocked, Can't Buy Me Love, Country Strong, Sex and the City, Sex and the City 2, Friends with Benefits, Role Models, I Love you Man, Date Night, I Heart Huckabees, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, One Day, Grown Ups, Nine, Fun with Dick and Jane, Mouline Rouge, In the Land of Women, Midnight in Paris, Get Him to the Greek, Superbad, I Love you Beth Cooper, Imagine Me and You, Just Go With it, Nowhere Boy, Knocked Up, The Ugly Truth, Last Night, The Good Guy, Juno, Like Crazy, Failure to Launch, Anchorman, Fanboys, Eurotrip, A Little Bit of Heaven, My Best Friend's Girl, New York Minute, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Zoolander, Vicky Christina Barcelona, The Young Victoria, The Five Year Engagement, Up in the Air, Yes Man, Trust, The Social Network, The Runaways, The Promotion, Princess Diaries, Picture Perfect, The Family Stone, The Wedding Date, The Other Guys, The Dukes of Hazzard, The Last Kiss, The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, Take Me Home Tonight, The Doors, Sherlock Holmes, St. Trinians, St. Trinian's the Legend of Fritton's Gold, Our Idiot Brother, The Rocker, My Blueberry Nights, PS I love you, Napoleon Dynamite, It's Kind of a Funny Story, Marley and Me, Just Friends, The Proposal, Ghost Town, Inception, You Again, Fired Up, Made of Honour, What's Your Number, Loser, Prom, Young Adult, Never Been Kissed, Because I Said So, Letters to Juliet, Inspector Gadget ...

29 Jan 2013
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Mega Movie Kiss Montage #2

Edited together by: Shiva Nassab. Films: How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, American Beauty, Beauty and the Briefcase, A Little Bit of Heaven, Another Cinderella Story: Once Upon a Song, My Blueberry Nights, When Harry Met Sally, Anchorman, Along Came Polly, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Charlie Bartlett, Friends With Kids, All About Steve, Valentine's Day, What's Your Number, Moulin Rouge, Nine, It's Kind of a Funny Story, Pretty Woman, Perfect Sense, Young Adult, Yes Man, Funny People, Get Him to the Greek, Up in the Air, The Prince and the Showgirl, Role Models, She's Out of My League, Take Me Home Tonight, Vicky Christina Barcelona, One Day, The Other Guys, The Good Guy, The Five Year Engagement, I Love You Beth Cooper, Sorority Boys, The Boat That Rocked, Rumour Has It, Stay Cool, Dukes of Hazard, New York Minute, Not Another Teen Movie, Just Married, Just Friends, Letters to Juliet, Loser, I Don't Know How She Does It, In The Land of Women, Liar Liar, Country Strong, Failure To Launch, Bride Wars, Couple's Retreat, Crazy Stupid Love, Fired Up, Grown Ups. I do not own the rights to each individual film - it is merely used for entertainment purposes.

21 Oct 2012
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Movie Megamix - Fly (DJ Earworm)

Films: Edited by: Shiva Nassab Music: Remixed by DJ Earworm. Movies: Waiting for Forever, Perfect Sense, Not Another Teen Movie, A Cinderella Story (Once Upon a Time), My Blueberry Nights, Ferris Bueller's Day off, The Beginners, The Boat That Rocked, The Rocker, Vampires Suck, Blue Valentine, Never Been Kissed, Last Night, Napoleon Dynamite, Moulin Rouge, Country Strong, Charlie Bartlett, Sorority Boys, Funny People, Spanglish, Iron Man, I Heart Huckabees, Midnight in Paris, It's a Funny Story, Inspector Gadget, I Love You Phillip Morris, Take Me Home Tonight, Fanboys, Thor, Something Borrowed, The Last Kiss, Superbad, Grown Ups, Just Friends, Role Models, I Love You Beth Cooper, Bride Wars, Fun with Dick and Jane, Accepted, Charlie St. Cloud, Ghost Town, The Other Boleyn Girl, Just Like Heaven, Knocked Up, Inception, I Don't Know how She Does it, Get Him to the Greek, Valentine's Day, Stay Cool, In Her Shoes, Pretty Woman & One for the Money. I do not own the rights to the footage or audio used here it is for entertainment purposes only.

18 Jul 2012
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sorority wars-this is my story

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