Sasuke vs Danzo Full Fight - Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact

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Description: Sasuke vs Danzo Full Fight - Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja ImpactSasuke tries attacking Danzō with Susanoo again. Danzō once again appears to die, only to appear elsewhere unharmed. Even Amaterasu does not seem to affect him. Tobi and Karin study his actions to try and determine what he is doing, eventually noticing that the Sharingan eyes on Danzō's arms steadily close. Danzō congratulates Sasuke for, with his Mangekyō Sharingan abilities, earning the status as Itachi's brother. Sasuke is enraged by Danzō's mentioning Itachi and only becomes more determined to kill him. After surviving additional attacks, Danzō is faced by Itachi.Danzō recognises Itachi as a product of Sasuke's Tsukuyomi, though Sasuke's is vastly inferior to Itachi's. He restrains Sasuke and tells him as much, which makes Sasuke angry enough to finally complete his Susanoo. Susanoo fires an arrow at Danzō, who is forced to use the Wood Release abilities that he gained from the implanted DNA of Hashirama to avoid the attack. Since this means he would have died, Sasuke assumes Danzō is now vulnerable and attacks again, only for him to once again survive the attack after seeming to die. Tobi conduces that Danzō is using Izanagi.Izanagi is an illusion that completely alters one's reality so long as one has Sharingan to sacrifice to blindness. Sasuke continues to attack Danzō who, after using Izanagi to survive the attacks, tries to kill Sasuke before he runs out of Sharingan. Once down to his last Sharingan, Danzō clashes blades with Sasuke in a final attempt to finish each other off. They stab each other.With both Sasuke and Danzō wounded, the battle is over. Although Danzō believes Izanagi protected him from harm, thus making him the victor, he finds that he has been hurt; Sasuke used a genjutsu to make it look like Izanagi was still active. Karin heals Sasuke's wounds. Badly injured, Danzō loses control of the First Hokage's DNA that allows him to use wood release and he is forced to remove his arm. Determined not to lose, Danzō takes Karin hostage to buy his escape. Sasuke stabs through Karin to kill Danzō.Karin collapses. Danzō staggers towards Sasuke and Tobi, thinking about how he could never reach the same level as Hiruzen Sarutobi, namely by becoming Hokage. He settles for dying with honour just as Hiruzen did by trying to take Sasuke and Tobi with him. They escape his last attack and Sasuke expresses his desires to continue on to Konoha NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations, the latest in the hit NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja Storm franchise, will revolutionize online play and ramp up the number of playable and support characters beyond any previous NARUTO SHIPPUDEN titles.

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31 Jan 2012
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Sasuke vs the 5 kage part 3 Sasuke vs Danzou Watch the other parts too! Music: Sonata Arctica - Full Moon + Rise against - Prayer of the refugee

05 Jun 2011
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[Naruto shippuden]

02 Mar 2012
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This is the fight between Sasuke and Danzo... i hope you enjoy Artist : Linkin Park Song : Somwhere I Belong Ending Artist : Adelitas Way Ending Song : Scream Anime Show Naruto Shippuden Anime Characters Danzo SasukeDisclaimer: This video is purely fan made, and I am not making any profit. It is purely for entertainment purposes and in no way meant to offend. I do not own the clips or the songs used, they belong to their rightful owners/companies. No Copyright Infringement is intended.

19 May 2011
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www.youtube.com - part 2 link Three Days Grace- Time of Dying Linkin Park - In The End

06 Jul 2011
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02 Aug 2011
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Three Days Grace - Break Three Days Grace - Good Life Linkin Park - What I've Done

06 Jul 2011
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i kinda forgot how to edit so )x i saw the episode yesterday and i had an idea while i was listening to this song so i did this in like 1 hour and something..nothing special :P 0.03 its uchiha not uchihda lol im going to do a maybe full or something like 2 minutz when this battle will end :3 song name: Bring me the horizon - Death breath toxic avenger anime: Naruto Shippuden Danzo vs sasuke yeah i know i already used this song for another amv but im..songless D:

28 Apr 2011
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MrEliteKage _________________ Notes:Watch in HD

17 Aug 2012
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This time it's Sasuke vs Danzo.BTW I'll be doing request videos when the US version of the game comes out so subscribe to be in touch:)

02 Mar 2012
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Naruto Shippuden 208, 209, 210, 211 Sasuke vs Danzo Full Fight Enjoy

12 May 2011
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Sasuke vs Danzo full fight (epic video) [HD] AMV [2 K Likes,Views,Whatches Special]

Sasuke get his revenge on Danzo.I think that this is one of my best movies I hope you like it and don't forget to subscribe xD

02 Aug 2012
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Free MP3 Download of Sasuke vs Naruto Full Fight - Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact high quality MP4

Naruto Vs Sasuke Full Fight - Naruto Shippuden Over Sakura's objections, Naruto and Sasuke head to the hospital roof to fight. Regarding the battle casually, Naruto asks Sasuke to put on his Konoha headband. Sasuke refuses since that would mean that they are equals, upsetting Naruto for not acknowledging himself as Konoha ninja. Naruto surrounds Sasuke with shadow clones, which Sasuke destroys with his Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique. As the smoke clears Sasuke sees that one clone has survived and is helping Naruto form the Rasengan. He uses his own Chidori and they charge at each other. Sakura screams for them to stop. Due to the injuries he received in the Land of Tea, Sasuke is stuck in the hospital recovering. Meanwhile, Shikamaru gets promoted to a Chūnin by Tsunade. Tsunade starts the surgery on Rock Lee. Angry that Naruto has continued to get stronger while he is still not strong enough to defeat Itachi, Sasuke challenges Naruto to a fight when he and Sakura come to visit. Naruto accepts, and the two head to the roof. After exchanging attacks, Naruto creates a Rasengan and Sasuke prepares his Chidori. The two rush towards each other, with Sakura screaming for them to stop. NAMCO BANDAI Games America is excited to announce that NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: ULTIMATE NINJA STORM GENERATIONS is launching on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on March 13 in North America. NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations, the latest in the hit NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja ...

14 Nov 2011
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Sasuke vs Danzo Full Fight

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