RE:Cobus Potgieter DVD - VLOG #2

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Description: I had a lot of fun making this. i train in parkour and have done so for 3 years. Thought i would do something unique for you and combine that with your competition and a wee fill ;). Hope this gets your attention Cobus.Enjoy!

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Re: Cobus Potgieter DVD - VLOG #2

:DI apologize for fail editing

15 Sep 2009
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Re: Cobus Potgieter DVD - VLOG #2

It's a stop motion animation for the competition :D hope you enjoy it!

18 Sep 2009
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Cobus Potgieter DVD - VLOG #2

NEW: Get my free drumming tips and tricks - _____ The second VLOG post concerning the DVD production, shot in my room studio :) SO frickin excited to see what videos you guys are going to respond with! If you bring your A-game I will fo SHIZZLE bring mine and do some way cool stuff for the winner, over and above the skin and sticks.

09 Sep 2009
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Re: Cobus Portieter DVD-VLOG #2

My older brother filmed this with me in about 2 and a half hours. We Really wanted to enter into this contest so we did this video, we have been making videos for a while now and i have been playing the drums for about three years, my skills are nothing special, but i still try my best. i'm gonna go play with my brother's laser pen now Enjoy Video Entry! Songs used in this video- Another way to die- Jack White and Elicia Keys I Caught Myself-Paramore I only practiced the intro to I Caught Myself once, so it's a little of time, and i just a clip from Mythbusters where they are trying to melt jail bars with Chili/Salsa. Jamie got a radio.....

19 Sep 2009
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Cobus Potgieter DVD - VLOG #2 - Contest Entry!!!

Hope Cobus likes this vid! :) Please rate and comment people! :D

11 Sep 2009
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Cobus | Vlog #6

NEW: Get my free drumming tips and tricks - _____ Laus Deo Semper http (this serves as the official "fanpage", i'm by FAR most active here, fo shizzle.) ------------------------------------------ Just a quick little (pffft!) vlog, announcing 1. NEW CHANNEL! bam! have been wanting to do this for ages, so amped about producing original content. 2. PRICE DROP on the website, out with old = in with the new.. if you want to support me please purchase a merch item from the website at this link: 3. Little groove thing. First video response of somebody playing that groove exactly like I played it gets their link IN the vid :) ..and I'll post it on the fanpage. Just use the first BPM of the groove as a guide for your final take. THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT: I will in NO way stop making covers! Don't EVEN start rumours about that :) I've just always wanted to make a channel where I can post random videos, and videos DIFFERENT from drum covers you see on this channel. I figure the people subscribed to are subscribed for the drum covers, so that's what I'll isolate this channel to. The second channel is for random vlog videos, lessons, quick announcements, little webisodes, collaboration videos with other youtubers, original material.. all that kind of stuff. SO.. covers WILL continue! The second channel will just be updated way more in the meantime, between the release of Series'. The song I ...

02 Jun 2010
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Cobus is a Disease!!!

No copyright infringements intended. All media are property of its rightful owners. I do not own any of them. So, I felt bad for NOT making the Mythbusters entry for the VLOG 2 contest (it would have been the most time-consuming thing ever), so I made one with a different concept, which I eventually decided to give to him for his birthday. This is kinda like surfindrummer's video because I made a list, too. So, props to her on that! :) Listing the media and proprietary thingies so this video won't get taken down... LOL Background Music = Attack (Joe Satriani, from the album, Engines of Creation) Face Down (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, from the album, Don't You Fake It) Umbrella (Originally by Rhianna, performed by Vanilla Sky, from the album, Changes Edizion Speciale) Video Entries (please subscribe to their youtube channels, they are amazing people!) Attack of the Cobus Land - by Forestman1129 Cobus' T-shirt - by Mariahsaurusrex "Look, I'm Cobus Potgieter, mbah!" - by Tifton88 Balloons to Impress a Girl - by Unitedfaith Shout "Potgieter"! - by Marctmoser Parkour - by Drubattle Everything else is property of Cobus, and the Cobus Live Chat. Props to ItsOddTree and SurfinDrummer! You are both awesome! I apologize, Cobus, if I embarassed, offended or angered you with the things that I said! So, I'm NOT gonna hope that you like it. I'm just gonna say, hope you appreciate your birthday present! :) Much love! And now my description is too long... Sorry!

21 Oct 2009
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Vlog 2 | New Website - 2011

NEW: Get my free drumming tips and tricks - _____ LAUS DEO SEMPER New website early 2011! aaaaaaaaaamped. Just a quick run-down of the lessons again, these are the three packages we'll be launching initially _______________________________________ GENERAL LESSONS: Triplet #1 Triplet #2 Hertas Shortcut #1 Fill Pattern #1 Whole Package: HD - $12 SD - $8 Individual Lesson: HD - $3 SD - $2 _______________________________________ BLISTER SERIES: Face Down stick flip Tripping Billies tom fill Let's Get It Started Intro Whole Package: HD - $7 SD - $5 Individual Lesson: HD - $3 SD - $2 _______________________________________ HYBRID SERIES: Breaking Benjamin ride+hihat triplets Umbrella Intro Jonas Bro's Intro Whole Package: HD - $7 SD - $5 Individual Lesson: HD - $3 SD - $2 _______________________________________ The will be downloadable, and customized for mobile platforms. You can download standard definition or HD versions of the lessons, all encoded in H.264 to be very widely compatible.

01 Jan 2011
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Cobus Competition - Potgetes Commercial (Spoof)

This is an entry into the competition Cobus is having. We filmed this in 4 hours and I edited it in 4 hours due to time constraints. We had a great time filming this and I hope you enjoy. :) ***NOTE: This film was not made to insult anyone or be directed toward anyone. It was made purely for this contest and for comedy.*** Rate, Comment, and Subscribe! Characters: Narrator/Doctor/Editor/Director:..........Braden Barton Drummer 1/Attacker:.............................Zach Smith Drummer 2/Interviewed Kid:...............Tyler Bowers

17 Sep 2009
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Cobus Potgieter - Unboxing Contest Entry - "The DVD." - Blooper Reel

Alright I was pretty proud of this one, I totally enjoyed re-watching all the footage for the funny moments we had. Let me know what you think on this one too, it's part of the contest entry package I just wanted to keep it separate from the actual true "video entry" portion.

15 Dec 2009
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Cobus Vlog #2 Response

**PLEASE READ** I am super super super sorry the video is late cobus. I had some technical problems. If you cant accept, I understand, but please check it out. I had a ton of fun making it!! Levi

20 Sep 2009
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Ten Minutes of Totally-Worth-Your-Time Antics

We decided to post a video responce to this here contest. It's long... but worth it. As it says in the title.

19 Sep 2009
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RE:Cobus Potgieter DVD - VLOG

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