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Description: A part of thiruvaasagam praising Lord MuruganEnjoyArrogarra Muruga

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Muthai thiru song by Saint Arunagirinathar praising Lord Murugan.

23 May 2010
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Thala praising Tamil Kadavul Lord Muruga

08 May 2011
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Bhajans during Skanda Shashti celebrations at Om Sharavanabhava Seva Trust UK - Day 5

Sharavana Baba
18 Nov 2012
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Om Muruga Saranam Song: Engumulla Artist: Swarnalatha Album: Muruga Shanmuga

25 Feb 2011
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Kandhan: This word means one who destroys the enemies. From this,we have the scriptures like Kandharanuboothi, Kanda Puranam, Kanda Shashti Kavacham,Kandar Andhadhi, Kandar Kalivenba etc. Kachiappa Sivachariar explains the significance of this name in his "Kanda Puranam". Kumaran: Kandaranubhoothi mentions this name in the slokas for worshipping Muruga with sincere devotion. In 'Kumaran' 'Ku' means the illusion in our life. 'Maran' means one who destroys. Therefore the word connotes that the Lord dispels the illusion in our life. Saint Arunagirinathar eulogises Lord Muruga as 'Kumara' in the Anubhuthi and other poems, Guhan' means the Lord resides in the heart(cave) of the devotees. Visakan: Lord Muruga's avatar took place in Vaikasi month and Visakam is his star.Further, 'Vi'means bird ie peacock and 'sakan'means one who travels or goes around.Thus, the peacock word connotes the meaning as one who goes with the peacock as vahana. Subramanian: This name also has different meanings. "Su"means eminent, excellent, 'Biramanian'means foremost of the Brahmins and Vedas, therefore means foremost Lord. Another meaning is derived from the word 'Piramam' which means the Almighty, Lord Siva, 'Nyam' means originating from that source thereby meaning the great power which originated from the sparking forehead of Siva. In Tamil we find many scriptures praising the Lord with this name.

05 Jun 2012
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A NICE TAMIL SONG TO LORD MURUGAN muthai-tharu pathi thiru-Nagai athi-kiRai sathich-saravaNa muthi-koru vithu-guru-bara ...... enavOthum mukkat-para maTku-suruthiyin muTpat-tathu kaTpi-thiruvarum muppa-thumu varkka-thama-rarum ...... adipENa You are the Lord of Deivayanai, of pearl-like teeth; You are valiant; You were brought up in the SaravaNa poikai; You are the seed of salvation; You are the Supreme Spiritual Preceptor So praise Him. pathu-thalai thatha-kaNai-thodu oTRai-kiri mathai-poru-thoru patta-pagal vatta-thigi-riyil ...... iravaaga pathaT-kira thathai-kadaviya pachai-puyal mecha-thagu-poruL patcha-thodu ratchi-tharuL-vathum ...... oruNaaLE To the three-eyed Lord Siva, You taught the meaning of Om, the mystic word that is chanted at the begiNing of the recital of the Vedas; The twain Brahma and Vishnu, the thiry-three demi-gods, and their clan of celestials worship Your feet. He aimed the arrows to cut the ten heads of RaavaNa; He churned (the ocean) using Mt. Mantharam as a churning staff; He made the broad day light dark by the circular discus; He drove the chariot of Arjuna, his devotee; He is like a green-hued cloud; He is Thirumaal (Vishnu) and He praises You! Please do protect me and confer grace on me this day! thithi-theya otha-pari-bura nirtha-patham vaithu-payiravi thikkot-kaNa tikka-kaLu-godu ...... kaLuthaada thikku-pari atta-payiravar thokku-thogu thokku-thogu-thogu sithrap-pavu rikku-thrigadaga ...... enavOtha The anklets in the dancing feet sound ...

Saran Mariaras
07 Jul 2008
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OSAAT Naatya-Raaga 2008 Dance Competition Junior Classical category Team # 10 presents "Azagu Deivam", Thalam - Chatusra Ekam, a Composition of Periyaswami Thooran. This is a traditional folk song also called a 'Kavadi Sindhu' in praise of Lord Muruga. The devotee beseeches Lord Muruga, son of Goddess Shakthi, the slayer of the demon Surapadman, to bless her. He is described as the one who taught the meaning of OM to his father, Lord Siva. He is praised as the one who captured beautiful Valli's heart but is also a small child who resides in the heart of his devotees.

24 Mar 2008
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Saran Mariaras
22 Feb 2009
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Kanthar Sashti Kavasam is a famous Tamil hymn in praise of Lord Murugan. It is composed by Sri Devaraya Swamigal and helps one to obtain the grace of the Lord. It is sung particularly on festive occasions, such as during Kanthar Sashti in October-November. When chanted daily with concentration and devotion, the kavasam serves as a protective armour for devotees and confers great spiritual and material benefits. This rare and valuable treasure helps one to be successful in our daily lives. In Kanthar Sashti Kavasam, the author prays to Lord Muruga to shower His grace. Regular chanting of this kavasam has been found by devotees to resolve all their life's predicaments: people without children enjoy fertility; prosperity and plenty abounds; and peace prevails at the home of sincere devotees. The devotee will enjoy every good fortune under the sun. As a warrior going to battle puts on armour to protect himself, so Kanthar Sashti Kavasam helps one to be safe in day-to-day life.

28 May 2012
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This clip is from Kandan Karunai (கந்தன் கருணை), a Tamil-language film directed by AP Nagarajan, released in 1967. The film's narrative follows the mythological life of Muruga, a Hindu deity whose devotees are concentrated in south India - mainly among the ethnic Tamil community. As a bonus we also get glimpses of most of the other major deities from the Hindu pantheon - including a rather porky-looking Siva who looks to be in desperate need of pec implants and radical chin-uplift surgery. I don't know the identity of the singer.

28 Sep 2010
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Song sung praising Lord Muruga

24 May 2010
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Free MP3 Download of Vetri Vel high quality MP4

Songs In Praise Of Lord Murugan

17 Jan 2008
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Kaavadi Chindu (Villinai Otha) - A short prelude, followed by the song Mayil Vaahana Valli Mana Mohana . Kaavadi Chindu ( Villianai Otha) -------------------------------------------- Raagam - Punnagavarali Thaalam - Aadhi (Tisra Nadai) Composer : Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathi. Kaavadi Chindu are lyrical compositions in Tamil most commonly in praise of Lord Muruga - the tamil god of Valor, beauty and knowledge. They are popular for their distinct rhythmic tempo, simplicity and melodious appeal. This Kaavadi chindu song -- 'Villinai otha' is a very popular composition of the great tamil poet Maha Kavi Subramanya Bharathi. The poet describes here about the contrasting characters of Lord Muruga -- the brave and the romantic one who won the heart of the beautiful Valli disguised as an elderly brahmin. Mayil Vahana - ------------------ Raagam - Mohanam Thaalam - Aadhi Composer - Sri Papanasam Sivan. The song 'Mayil Vaahana' -- composition of Sri Papanasam Sivan again in praise of Lord Muruga. The lord who has the peacock for his mount and the delighter of Valli's heart. The handsome 12 armed god who plays around in exultation in all the mountains starting from Mount Kailash. The six-faced lord who appears like the full moon , the nephew of the mighty illusionist - Maayavan and who is omni-present and is the essence of the vedas . "Oh guhA" as worshipped by the composer (rAmadAsan) who pleads the lord to come, accept and grace the humble devotee. Choreography : Bhuvana Venkatesh ...

02 Sep 2011
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In this video i explain the story of Kumaraguru parar..the child who got blessed by Lord Muruga of Thiruchendur..He was born dump and he sang his first song praising lord muruga at the age of 5. Pls do watch and post your valuable comments. Thanks.

29 Sep 2010
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Praise Lord Murugan

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