Powerful Inspirational true story...Don't give up!

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Description: When you don't give up..You cannot fail!!I want to say a BIG thank you to 'everyone' who has commented on the inspiration that they've received from this video. When I put this video together I was following my heart to inspire 'Whoever' might be discouraged to... "Not Give Up!"However, I have received the most from this posting, Life has a strange way of supporting us in our time of need. I did not know when I posted this video that 'exactly a year to the day' my daughter would die in a tragic car accident and that my spirit would be fed from the countless strangers who have directly (or indirectly) motivated me to continue forward.May we all spread the message of hope "Don't Give Up"!Warmest wishes,Connie Lynne

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24 Mar 2012
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Like the song "Last Christmas" by Wham, when you give away a piece of your heart to someone you love, the very next day the one you love gives it away..and never to return that piece ever again. Love hurts, it's true, but it's also endless. So don't give up :-) Have you shared your love with that someone special? If you loved this video, also visit for more inspirational Flash movies and downloadable screensavers. Send them to your friends or loved ones (could be your spouse or just that special someone whom you really care for) and brighten their day :-) They wouldn't know unless you put your caring thoughts into actions to touch their hearts...

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EDIT: PLEASE READ: I write this for all of you whom this video has helped. To everyone who has thanked me for this video I would first like to say, thank you for watching it. If this video has helped you in any way, then I know I've done what I set out to do. I didn't think it would make as big of an impact as I've seen, but to know that it has makes me happier than any of you can know. Just like the song says, you just need to keep holding on. Don't give up, ever. In school, in friendships, in love, and especially not on life. No matter what your situation, don't give up on life. Life is just like a walk in New York; you could walk around the corner and see a gang fight... Or you could bump into the love of your life. You never know unless you take that step into the unknown. Someone on here said that this video has prevented them from committing suicide. To that person I just want to say, don't give up. I may not know you, but you're my friend. You're a human being, you have feelings, and you have the capacity to love and be loved. This goes for everyone reading this, if you need to feel loved, even just a bit, read this next sentence and know that it's true: To everyone, my haters, my lovers, my fans, my trolls, my friends... You are all so much more than that: you are all my family, and I LOVE YOU. "Love overcomes hate. Love has no color. Love has no orientation. Love is love." ~ Adam Lambert. It's corny, yes, but it's true. Whether you believe it or not is your ...

22 Aug 2011
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Powerful Inspirational true story...Dont give

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