Potassium metal reaction (Reaksi logam kalium)

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Description: This is as a sequel for sodium metal reaction video.Showing potassium metal reacting with various other chemical.In this video,potassium / kalium is reacted with:1.water2.atmospheric oxygen3.ethanol4.sulphuric acidI i'll update this video with videos feathuring more potassium reaction's videos!Potassium is the chemical element with the symbol K (Neo-Latin kalium), atomic number 19, and atomic mass 39.098. Elemental potassium is a soft silvery-white metallic alkali metal that oxidizes rapidly in air and is very reactive with water, generating sufficient heat to ignite the hydrogen emitted in the reaction.Potassium and sodium are alkali metals and are chemically very similar. For this reason, historically their salts were not differentiated. They were finally realized to be different elements when the metals were isolated by electrolysis in the early 19th century. Potassium in nature occurs only as ionic salt. As such, it is found dissolved in seawater (which is 0.04 % potassium by weight), and as part of many minerals. Industrial chemical applications of potassium tend to employ potassium ion's extreme water-solubility as part of chemicals which depend for activity on their non-potassium components. Potassium metal has only a few specialty applications, being replaced in most chemical reactions with sodium metal.Potassium ion is necessary for the function of all living cells, and is thus present in all plant and animal tissues. It is found in especially high concentrations within plant cells, and in a mixed diet, it is most highly concentrated in fruits. The high concentration of potassium in plants, associated with comparatively very low amounts of sodium there, historically resulted in potassium first being isolated from the ashes of plants (potash), which in turn gave the element its modern name. Heavy crop production rapidly depletes soils of potassium, and agricultural fertilizers consume 93% of the potassium chemical production of the modern world economy.

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Alkali metals in water ( Not the braniac version )

here is alkali metals as they react with water.. for real! not fake :) If you like Cesium like I do, I have some interesting pictures on my wiki page you might like: en.wikipedia.org

Dennis Skov Kloth
07 Jan 2007
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Potassium Metal Reaction

Potassium metal is a very soft alkali metal ,It is easily cut with a knife and its very reactive. In this video potassium metal is reacting with water to form potassium hydroxide and hydrogen gas. 2K(s) + 2H2O(l) → H2(g) + 2KOH(aq)

27 Mar 2007
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Potassium and Water

A reaction of small piece of potassium metal with water. The flame you see is actually burning hydrogen given off but is colored pink due to potassium vapor.

Philip Evans
10 Sep 2006
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quick demonstration of potassium in fuming hydrochloric acid

25 Feb 2008
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Make Potassium Metal (Catalyzed Magnesium Reduction Method)

We make potassium metal using a lesser known chemical approach of reduction with magnesium. Warning: Making potassium is extremely dangerous. Full fire safety protocols must be in place including protective clothing, goggles and face shields. Burning potassium cannot be extinguished by conventional means and water only serves to increase its danger. This experiment should only be performed by an experienced chemist in a fume hood. In a flask place 2.4g of magnesium turnings or powder, 5g of potassium hydroxide, and 20 mL of tetahydronapthalene or paraffin/mineral oil. If using oil the boiling point should be greater than 200 degrees Celsius. Fit a reflux condenser onto the flask and prevent air access by covering the top of the condenser with foil. Alternatively a bubbler or a punctured balloon may be used. Heat the reaction to reflux or +200 degrees Celsius. Color change of the solvent may occur at this time. Inject of 0.4 mL of a tertiary alcohol (t-butanol and t-amyl alcohol have been confirmed successful) through the top of the condenser. Add in an additional 0.1mL of alcohol every 10 minutes for a total of 0.6 mL of additional alcohol (1.0 mL overall). Continue to reflux until potassium is produced. If potassium goes dark, add an additional 0.1 mL of alcohol. What's happening is the magnesium reacts with the potassium hydroxide to produce potassium metal, hydrogen gas and magnesium oxide. The alcohol catalyzes this reaction. If you're using a high-density solvent ...

28 Dec 2011
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Reactions of sodium and Potassium with Water

A chemical demonstration of the reaction between sodium and water and between potassium and water

20 May 2007
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Testing Prototype kit for Alkali-metal reactions

License Creative Commons, Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY-SA Attribution Thunderf00t The prototype kit for reacting alkali metals with water. In the first instance 1.6g potassium. In the second 3.5g sodium. The kit as 2 'fail safes'. The first is the wires that hold the metal on the needle, the second is the card that prevents the metal from dropping into the water. The metals themselves are almost facile to handle WITH DRY HANDS. Touch these with wet hands and you are in a world of hurt, and to be honest it really won't make much difference if you wear gloves or not. The metals will within second be at a few hundred degrees C and will melt through gloves like they werent there. Thats why my preference is to handle these metals with bare hands. You can always tell if your hands are wet. You cannot always tell if your gloves are wet. However with dry hands the reacting is facile. The faceshield is just a tertiary precaution given the propensity of these metals to explode in water and throw around burning metal at almost 1000C. This was just the prototype testing. 2 grams of potassium will generate about half a liter of hydrogen. 4 grams of sodium will generate about 2 liters of hydrogen. The jug holds about 3 liters.

20 Jun 2011
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Sodium and Potassium Metal in Oil and Water

Here we have an experiment conducted by Michael and Brandon, in which Potassium and Sodium metal are sequentially dropped into a vat of mineral oil and water. As you will see, as soon as the highly-combustible metal touches the lower water layer, it releases a gas (hydrogen) and reacts to form a base (potassium and sodium hydroxide, respectively), as indicated by the indicator. Warning: Sodium and Potassium metal are highly reactive with water, and will combust if treated improperly or without trained supervision.

14 May 2011
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Free MP3 Download of Alkali Metals: Explosive reactions high quality MP4

David Johnson of The Open University demonstrates how the alkalei metals react with water - with explosive results - in this extract from the BBC/OU programme "Elements Organised: A Periodic Table". Learn more about alkali metals at www.open2.net

20 Jul 2007
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Potassium on Ice

We answer the question if potassium metal would react with ice.

06 Feb 2012
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Free MP3 Download of Group 1 Metals - Reaction with Water high quality MP4

The group one metals (caesium, rubidium, potassium, sodium and lithium) are reacted with water. The reactions were filmed at Loughborough University as part of the creating a colourful life project.

18 Sep 2007
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potassium metal put into 50% consentrated hydrogen peroxide,

25 Feb 2008
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Potassium in Water (reaction only)

Potassium in Water - part of our "Berzelius Day" uploading 24 videos in 24 hours. Full video containing this reaction at: www.youtube.com NOTE FROM THE PROFESSOR: Potassium always seems to react particularly violently; 2K + 2H2O → 2KOH + H2. It may just be that we use bigger lumps of it or perhaps the melting point is just right for the metal to begin melting when the reaction is already going strongly. See our 24 reactions playlist as it unfolds at: www.youtube.com Berzelius Day explained: www.youtube.com More chemistry at www.periodicvideos.com Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com And on Twitter at twitter.com From the School of Chemistry at The University of Nottingham: www.nottingham.ac.uk Periodic Videos films are by video journalist Brady Haran www.bradyharan.com

20 Aug 2012
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Alkali Metal reactions with Water

Lithium, Sodium and Potassium are reacted with water and a phenolphthalein indicator. A metal hydroxide and hydrogen gas is formed in each reaction.

25 Apr 2009
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Potassium metal reaction

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