Pokemon Sacred Gold Part 11: Surfin 'round the World!

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Description: 5 hours of gameplay, 1 hour of useful video material and two hours of editing, but now I finally managed to cram every Surf sidequest you can do right now into one video. There's also a few other things I take care of, including getting my fifth team member. Famfrit, to me!!Many, many new pokemon, including the following evolved forms of pokemon I already caught: Slowbro, Golbat, Bronzong, Quagsire, Seaking, Floatzel, Tentacruel, Lombre, Poliwhirl, Masquerain, Gastrodon, Graveler, Wobbufet, Ursaring, Sandslash, Machoke and Golduck.And now the actual new pokemon:Marill/Azumarill: Well... Azumarill is one of the most potent physical sweepers in the game, better than Technician Scizor, better than Speed Boost Blaziken, it's that good, but it needs some preparation. You'll have to breed one with either a Poliwag or a Zigzagoon to get a Belly Drum Marill. Upon evolution it learns Aqua Jet, and now you have a murder machine. After a Belly Drum, Huge Power and STAB, Aqua Jet will effectively have 960 base power, and PRIORITY! Add Rain Dance or Mystic Water for even more team raping. Seriously, anything not 4x resisting or absorbing it will be OHKO'd. Holy. Shit.Dewgong: Hydration is nice, but it's outclassed by Lapras and Walrein.Mawile: Cool design, nice Attack and really inappropriate typing, I kinda like Mawile but never used it. Probably the most obscure pokemon in the game.Lickitung: Lickilicky has a ton of HP and a massive movepool, even learning Power Whip. Kangaskahn: KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHN!!! .. what you want more? Okay, it's a good but rarely used physical powerhouse, and with Scrappy and the elemental punches it can work decently, but most Fighting types do that better.Sableye: Think Spiritomb but then bad, and you've got Sableye. No weaknesses but so frail that any strong move will kill it. Even if it somehow outspeeds a Gengar (seriously what the hell?)Lapras: One of the best Water types in the game. very bulky and learns all the right moves (Thunderbolt, Psychic etc.)Raikou: Jolteon on steroids, with Aura Sphere and Weather Ball as new toys to play with. Entei: Flare Blitz, hells yes. Okay it still doesn't learn Earthquakes even though it controls fucking volcanoes, but with Flare Blitz and Extremespeed Entei is a very good physical Fire type, although Blaziken does that better.Castform: My fifth team member, named after the Rain God from Final Fantasy XII. Learns Fire, Electric and Ice moves and also gets Weather Ball which can reach 225 base power. Finally some special coverage, other than Psychic.Music used:Leged of Zelda: Wind Waker - The Great SeaSuper Mario Galaxy - Buoy Base GalaxySuper Smash Brothers Brawl - King DededeFinal Fantasy XIII - Blinded by LightThe World Ends With You - CallingMetroid Prime - Artifact Theme

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Pokemon Sacred Gold Nuzlocke - Part 17

30 LIKES FOR THE NEXT PART! (Yes, I went up on the likes XD) Anyway, getting that medicine for Jasmine is such a damn hassle. Seriously. Nuzlocke Rules: Hack Creator: My Twitter: My Facebook page:

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Today we relax a little in National Park, attack family men and mothers and beat up their small animals. Good times. The bug catching contest hasn't been changed from the original, so don't count on any Genesects showing up, believe me I've tried. I also found something buried that's only there when you're in the contest, but that probably won't be important later... Lotsa new pokemon: Nidoran(M)/Nidorino: The offensive one, it's got great attack and a nice typing. You can evolve it with the Moon Stone on Route 35. They have a ginormous movepool and also learn Megahorn. Nidoran(F)/Nidorina: More focused on defense, but still a powerhouse. Learns Superpower. Pidgeotto/Staravia: Unless you want to evolve stupid pidgeys and starleys. Also, what's so Intimidating about Staravia? I think they look kinda stupid. Volbeat: Bug/Electric now, and it's actually a decent pokemon. It has surprisingly wide coverage and can still Baton Pass Tail Glows around. Illumise: Strange... this one should also be Bug/Electric but mine's pure Bug... Probably just a glitch, but I'm not using it anyways. Yanma: You've seen how awesome Yanma is in my previous walkthrough, and now it's even better. Yanmega is amazing, has two fantastic abilities and is a great special sweeper. Learns Silver Wind, Ancient Power and Ominous Wind. Combee: Only females evolve, into a defensive Bug/Flying type... Did I mention Yanmega? Cause Yanmega is way better. Burmy: Very intersting pokemon, after every battle it'll ...

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Pokemon Sacred Gold - Part 23 - Pryce, the Teacher of Winter's Harshness

Apparently, winter isn't that harsh. In this part we take on the Mahogany Gym. Boss: Pryce (11:37) Want this hack?

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Pokemon Sacred Gold Part 11:

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