Pokemon HG/SS Gym Leader song (Kanto)

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Description: Here is the Gym Leader song in HG/SS for Kanto Gym Leaders.Enjoy rate/comment/subscribe!!!

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Free MP3 Download of Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver Music - Johto Gym Leader Battle high quality MP4

This is probably the best gym leader battle music in any pokemon game!! Hope you enjoy!! =D

13 Sep 2009
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Free MP3 Download of Pokémon HG/SS - Kanto Gym Leader Battle Extended high quality MP4

DISCLAIMER: I don't own the song in this video, nor I'm claiming it as mine. The purpose of this video is just to amuse people and make them enjoy the music. Looks like the final battle, but it isn't. It's the Kanto Gym Leaders with all of their sorrow! Don't hurry up while battling them and enjoy the music. Enjoy!

02 Oct 2010
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Free MP3 Download of Pokémon HG/SS: Pokémon Prism - Gym Leader Battle high quality MP4

Originally compose by GRonnoc. Visit his channel for some awesome original compositions, mario paint composer arrangements and original film scores! www.youtube.com Well, here is my interpretation on how this song would sound in-game of HeartGold and SoulSilver. Download Link: floatzel.net

16 Aug 2010
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Free MP3 Download of Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver - Gym Leader Battle (Kanto) high quality MP4

This is the music that plays during the battles against the Kanto Gym Leaders in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. Enjoy!

10 Sep 2009
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Free MP3 Download of Pokémon HG/SS - Johto Gym Leader Battle EXTENDED high quality MP4

DISCLAIMER: I don't own the song in this video, nor I'm claiming it as mine. The purpose of this video is just to amuse people and make them enjoy the music. Here's my own extension. This music is also used for the Elite Four battles. Picture edited by me. Sprite of Jasmine: taken from episode 15 of the Master Quest season, "Nerves of Steelix". She was supposed to appear all of a sudden in the Olivine cliffs to defeat Team Rocket. She was on top of Steelix's head and looking downwards pretentiously at Ash, Brock, Misty and Janina (Jasmine's young apprentice. Yes, Jasmine got an apprentice before HG/SS). That's the episode where Ash battled her to earn the badge. He miraculously won. And I say miraculously because he was totally about to lose. He was very lucky in the Fire Spin thing. Sprite of Jimmy: taken from Pokémon Chronicles, The Legend of Thunder (Part 1). He was supposed to be fighting a trainer with a Hitmonlee, near the beginning of the episode. He sure beat the trainer. He used Typhlosion for that. Ah, my favourite Pokémon besides Ampharos. That's the episode where Jimmy and Marina try to rescue Raikou from Team Rocket. Pokémon Chronicles don't follow the anime's storyline, nor does Ash appear. Notice that Jimmy is the anime counterpart of Gold. The wall... well, it's from the episode "Fight for the Light", or rather, Fake Olivine Gym Battle (Ash VS Janina).

09 Apr 2010
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johto gym leader battle EXTENDED pokemon HG SS

668 only certain songs will be uploaded at the moment

Daniel A
20 Sep 2009
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Free MP3 Download of [Top Pokémon Tracks] - Battle! Johto Gym Leader/Elite Four ~HG/SS~ (#4) high quality MP4

Top Pokémon Tracks Position: 4 Game: Pokémon Heart Gold / Soul Silver Used: Plays during any battles with the eight Johto gym leaders, as well as the four Elite Four members. I will admit I have a fetish for this track. It's my favourite gym leader battle theme ever, and the instruments used in the song ie the xylophone is amazing. The GSC version of this is decent, but HG/SS really, really brought it out into a great track. The music is just timed so well in the beginning with the Gym Leader animations too, such as Clair's backwards point or Jasmine's sudden confident look. This isn't a very long rip of the song (I believe it's just one loop) but oh well. On a side note, I'm such a nerd that this has been my ringtone for ages. I'll tell you that it makes a very good ringtone actually, particularly due to the beginning.

07 Sep 2010
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Johto Gym Leader Battle piano cover (Pokémon G/S/C and HG/SS)

Sorry about the mistakes, my hands always started shaking while recording :( Like all the other songs, I learned this one by ear, too.

22 Jan 2012
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Free MP3 Download of All Pokemon Gym Leader Battle Music high quality MP4

This is all Pokemon Gym Leader Battle Music. Hope you like! If you want to skip to a certain song, click one of these: R/B/Y: 0:00 G/S/C (Johto): 1:53 G/S/C (Kanto): 4:14 R/S/E: 5:34 FR/LG: 7:19 D/P/Pl: 9:23 HG/SS (Johto): 11:03 HG/SS (Kanto): 12:19 B/W: 13:27 All copyright goes to Nintendo, Pokemon Corporation, Gamefreak, and the respective artists.

12 Jan 2012
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Pokemon HGSS: Kanto Gym Leader Battle (Redone)

I forgot to upload this song a loooooong time ago. The whole purpose of this was to make my old one sound clearer. I was going to upload this sometime last month I think, but it totally slipped my mind until I found it today. By the way here's my facebook page if you want to stay updated on things: www.facebook.com Kanto Gym Leader HGSS: www.mediafire.com

06 Apr 2011
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Free MP3 Download of Pokémon HG/SS - Ecruteak City Extended high quality MP4

DISCLAIMER: I don't own the song in this video, nor I'm claiming it as mine. The purpose of this video is just to amuse people and make them enjoy the music. This theme turned into a very Japanese tune. I like the customization of each city track, Cianwood got the soothing, beautiful one. This one is beautiful too, but not as gorgeous as the other one, if you get what I'm saying. Ecruteak City holds three legendary Pokémon which are known as the Legenfary Beasts: Suicune (the most trouble-ish one), Raikou and Entei. Morty, the gym leader, guards the 4th badge of Johto, and he trains the Ghost type, so forget about using a Normal-type Pokémon, because it will be useless. You can also get the HM Surf at the Dance Theatre. Furthermore, if you follow a certain hidden path, you will arrive at Bell Tower (used to be called Tin Tower), where you can find Ho-oh later on in the game. Needless to say, there is Burned Tower in the western part of the city, which you can explore. It was formerly known as Brass Tower; to get more information, check out Bulbapedia. I'll also tell you that you can get a very useful item that will let you find hidden objects (yes, like that function in the Pokéwatch in DPPt). Enjoy!

15 Oct 2010
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Pokemon HG/SS Gym Leader song

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