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Description: http://www.TrypnauralMeditation.com To download a free sample of more pineal gland activation videoshttp://www.AlchemyMeditations.com to access a massive library of ShaktipatSeer's amazing meditations and esoteric knowledgeFeaturing ShaktipatSeer + amAyaPineal Gland Activation Meditation For Activating Your Third EyeThe pineal gland was the last endocrine gland to have its function discovered. Its location deep in the brain seemed to indicate its importance. This combination led to its being a "mystery" gland with myth, superstition and even metaphysical theories surrounding its perceived function.The pineal gland is occasionally associated with the sixth chakra (also called Ajna or the third eye chakra in yoga). It is believed by some to be a dormant organ that can be awakened to enable "telepathic" communication.In the physical body the eye views objects upside down. It sends the image of what it observes to the brain which interprets the image and makes it appear right side-up to us.But the human body has another physical eye whose function has long been recognized by humanity. It is called the 'Third Eye' which in reality is the Pineal Gland. It is long thought to have mystical powers. Many consider it the Spiritual Third Eye, our Inner Vision.

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Pineal Gland Activation Meditation

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