Om Namah Shivaya - Baba Amarnath Yatra 01

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Description: Om Namah ShivayOm Namah Shivaya - Baba Amarnath Yatra Katha Part 1Subscribe linkhttp://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=spiritualmantra

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Sathya Sai Baba sings: Om Namah Shivaya and Janedu Janedu Potta Nimpukona Chikkula Nonduchu Koti Vidyalanu Punika Mira Nerchi Paripurna Sukhammu Nonda Leka Vi Manava Jathi Lokamuna Mraggaga Netiki Sri Parathprunv Dhyanamu Cheyu Bhakthulaku Darini Chuppaka Unne Manava Manava Manava meaning: Why do You suffer in this world of humans unable to satisfy the belly (measuring up to one span) with the help of umpteen number of skills. Will not the supreme Lord show the way if you but besought his refuge O man? The body must be regarded as the basis for spiritual activity. The body is not meant merely to be pampered and kept in comfort. Our mental abilities and talents should not be used only for worldly achievements. Only by seeking Jnana (spiritual wisdom) can man rise above the level of the animal. The animal is concerned only with the present. Man alone can realize that the present is the product of the past and that the future will be determined by what he does in the present. Only if you act rightly in the present can the future be good. This requires steadfastness and determination to adhere to the path of righteousness whatever may be the difficulties. Sathya Sai Baba Man's life is like a garland, with birth at one end and death at the other. Between the two ends are strung together flowers of all kinds - troubles, worries, joys, sorrows and dreams. Few are aware of the string that runs through all the flowers. Without the string there can be no garland. Only the person ...

aadmia dewaard
27 Jun 2008
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A dedication to our beloved Guru Ji, Avdhoot Baba Shivanand Ji.

04 Jan 2012
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Song : Om Namah Shivay (Shiv Dhoni) Album : Ae Ho Panda Baba Artist : Various Singer : Anuradha Paudwal Music Director : Suraj Kumar Lyricist : Vinay Bihari, Appu Jhamela Music Label : T-Series

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This is a Bhajan dedicated to Sai Shiva. Salutations to Sai Shiva. Sung by Dr. Suresh Sharma. "SAMASTHA LOKA SUKHINO BHAVANTHU" [Let all the worlds be happy, (and thereby all the beings in the worlds)]

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Kundalunatic is the new solo project of Toronto musician Emma-O. Punk-rock-grunge-experimental-psychedelic-noise mantra chanting! "Music is my religion." -- Jimi Hendrix Copyright 2012 Emma-O Productions

Emma O
26 Aug 2012
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In the discourse 19 feb 2004 Concentration of Mind on the Divine is real sadhana. Swami says: "Do not divert your attention on physical comforts. Always chant the Panchakshari Mantra, "Om Namah Sivaya". If you merely chant with lips, it will merge into worldly sounds. On the other hand, if you chant the divine name sincerely with full concentration of your mind, it will spread all over the world. Chanting of the divine name with full concentration by the mind is real sadhana". The greatness of man lies in the fact that by conscious effort it is possible to remove the evil in him. But in the case of other animals, however much they may be subjected to training and education, their base instincts will only lie low, ready to spring up at the slightest provocation. Shivarathri declares that by means of spending one full day in fast and one full night in vigil - as symbolic of conquering the senses by sleeplessly watching their antics and preventing them from inflicting harm - darkness can be turned into light, shavam (corpse) can be sublimated into Shivam (God).... Strive -- this is your duty. Yearn -- this is your task. Struggle -- this is your assignment. If only you do these, sincerely and steadily, God cannot keep back for long the reward of Realisation. The river strives, yearns and struggles to merge with the sea from which it originates. It has that consummation ever alert in its consciousness. It attempts to make itself pure and pellucid so that it may be welcome by ...

aadmia dewaard
02 Mar 2011
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A poem dedicated to Babaji on behalf of ALL Shivyog Sadhaks across the globe. It is a narration of what knowledge Babaji's blessings bring to the journey of our humanly experiences of a soulful life. Namah Shivay

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From the Video Album - Visions of the Divine - Part 8

19 Apr 2010
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His Holiness Avdhoot Baba Shivanand Ji is an embodiment of unconditional love and divine wisdom. Known as the father of Indian healing, he revived the sacred wisdom of ancient India and opened the gates of esoteric knowledge for the common man. Babaji is a self realized master and a social reformer. He is selflessly engaged in various social and spiritual activities to realize his mission of healing the humanity.

Saurabh Agrawal
25 Apr 2011
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morning meditations... this is a try out for me on the tube .... see feel alow youreself connecting to the core crystal of mother earth... feel it.. en then see feel alow youre self connecting youre fysical chakras... connecting in the anthakarana... and see feel alow imagine youre self connecting youre higher chakras in the anthakarana... see feel alow imagine youre higer chakras connecting in the anthakarana... (the tube of light that you are in) then see feel alow and imagine that youre connecting to the central sun and even pas it .. going straight in to the heart chakra and the real i am precence of sourch .. in youre own power .. feel it .. ?? !! alow it !! pls .. Love ..love ..love.. just alow youre self to tune in .. alow youre self to tune in .... alow youreself to be connected with mother/father sourch.. alow youre self to recieve this light and alow youre self to this love .. alow youre self to get connected to youre own power ! be that light you all realy are ! pls be that love that you all realy are ! pls stand in youre own power.. ! wake up .. start dreaming ... and realize that you are god youre self ... who needs god to take care of u ..? realize that you are that divine.. ! Lovebless Niels Babaji Melchizedek lotushealingtilburg.hyves.nl www.facebook.com en.wikipedia.org en.wikipedia.org www.shamballafoundation.org www.theshamballamdh.com www.facebook.com The avahut gita oaks.nvg.org humanityhealing.net www.shamballafoundation.org www.worldpujas.com www ...

Niels Shri Swayan Bhagavan
23 Aug 2011
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From the Video Album - Visions of the Divine Part 3

25 Feb 2008
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Om Namah Shivaya - Baba

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