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Description: Tibetan Buddhist Monks-OM Mantra Chant The most powerful mantraUSE THE MANTRA EVERY TIME YOU NEED IT

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Free MP3 Download of Om Mantra Chanting Soothing Voice high quality MP4

OM mantra chant for relaxation and meditation. Presented by-- ( www.lifepositiveway.com ). "OM chanting" audio in the most soothing voice.

01 Aug 2009
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Free MP3 Download of OM - Mantra chant high quality MP4

OM Om is the symbol for the whole universe. It carries three basic sounds: AUM. These three basic sounds through which all the sounds have evolved. So Om is the basic trinity of sound, the synthesis of all the basic roots. That's why Om is considered the secret mantra, the greatest mantra, because it implies the whole existence, it represents the sound of soundlessness, the beauty of silence. OM represents the music of existence, the soundless sound, the sound of silence. OM represents the inner most music of our being, the inner harmony, the inner humming sound which happens when our body, mind, soul are in deep totality, when the visible and the invisible, the un-manifest and the manifest, the relative and absolute, the-outer and inner are in deep togetherness. To become one with OM-the music of existence is to attain fulfillment. Explore: Website: www.lifesutras.org Blog lifesutras.blogspot.com Community www.orkut.com

16 Feb 2008
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Free MP3 Download of OM Meditation (Extended) high quality MP4

You can download the full version of this meditation at the following link: www.mp3prohypnosis.com

01 Nov 2011
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Free MP3 Download of ॐ OM Meditation ॐ high quality MP4

‎"OM is Brahman. OM is all. He who meditates on OM attains to Brahman." ~ Taittiriya Upanishad You can download the full version of this meditation at the following link: www.mp3prohypnosis.com

13 Feb 2011
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Free MP3 Download of Tibetan Buddhist Monks - OM Mantra Chant high quality MP4

OM Mantra Chant, Om or Aum: is the primordial sound that vibrates within the whole universe. OM represents the inner voice within creation, The sound is considered as the vibrating heartbeat of existence. Chanting this sound helps to bring peace,healing and calmness to the body and soul, by merging the vibrations of the body and soul with that of the universe. When your chanting Om, you are joining the breath of life, the life force of the universe, It symbolizes our interconnectedness, reminding us that we are all more alike than different. We are all connected through the sound of creation Chant Om, feel the connection with all there is. Be universally beautiful. Love2All:)

29 Aug 2012
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Free MP3 Download of OM-AUM Mantra Chant high quality MP4

( www.lifepositiveway.com )-OM (AUM) Mantra Chant for relaxation, meditation. "OM Mantra Chanting" audio in soothing voice and nature music. New Om-Chanting Music.

31 Jan 2010
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Free MP3 Download of Om Mantra high quality MP4

Tibetan Buddhist Monks-OM Mantra Chant

27 Feb 2012
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Free MP3 Download of Om Mantra high quality MP4

A curtain of water to cleanse your soul. Calm, soothing, synchronized vibrations to combat negative psychological influences........ Oneness......H2O Nature scenes from finger lake New York, USA. www.stressmedicine online.com. Music: Copia de yoga from Tibet Om (aum). Aum or Om is a mystical or sacred syllable in the Hinduism and Buddhists. "Om" is the sound of a thoughtless state of mind. The SOUND of the Universe ! The three sounds a (a-kāra), u (u-kāra), m (ma-kāra), of which it consists. A-kara means form or shape like earth, trees, or any other object. U-kara means formless or shapeless like water, air or fire. Ma-kara means neither shape nor shapeless (but still exists) like the dark matter in the Universe. When we combine all three syllables we get AUM which is a combination of A-kara,U-kara, andMa-kara. Om, therefore, represents both the unmanifest and manifest aspects of God. OM is the designation of the Universal Devine. The original universal sound pronounced AUM. The sound of the supreme universal reality called God. "A" represents the waking state , "U" represents the dream state, "M" represents the deep sleep state. As in the chanting of AUM the letters change from A to M but the breath is constant throughout. Similarly the states of consciousness change from waking to dreaming to deep sleep, but the one-self (God-self) is always present.

02 Dec 2008
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27 Jul 2008
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Free MP3 Download of OM - Mantra high quality MP4

Images and Music for a meditation with the power of the OM moving by the 7 chakras

30 Jul 2011
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Free MP3 Download of Aum Om Mantra & Gayatri Mantra from Rare Himalayan Yoga Swami high quality MP4

thecenterforhealingarts.com Gayatri Mantra, Om Mantra. View free clip from Film Personal Time with Swami-ji Shot in the Himalayas. Experience a Himalayan retreat in your own home on DVD.

02 Feb 2009
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Om Mantra

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