Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha 108 Times Ganesh Mantra

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Description: Ganesh MantraThe name Ganesha is a Sanskrit compound, joining the words gana (Sanskrit: गण; IAST: gaṇa), meaning a group, multitude, or categorical system and isha (Sanskrit: ईश; IAST: īśa), meaning lord or master. The word gaņa when associated with Ganesha is often taken to refer to the gaņas, a troop of semi-divine beings that form part of the retinue of Shiva (IAST: Śiva).Ganesha is Vighneshvara or Vighnaraja, the Lord of Obstacles, both of a material and spiritual order. He is popularly worshipped as a remover of obstacles, though traditionally he also places obstacles in the path of those who need to be checkedAccording to Kundalini yoga, Ganesha resides in the first chakra, called Muladhara (mūlādhāra). Mula means "original, main"; adhara means "base, foundation". The muladhara chakra is the principle on which the manifestation or outward expansion of primordial Divine Force rests.Vakratunda Mahaakaaya Suuryakoti Samaprabha Nirvighnam Kurume Deva Shubha Kaaryeshhu SarvadaaThere are many chants to Ganesh, but a simple and powerful one is this:Om gam ganapataye namaha!A very loose translation might be:Om = Salutations! Everyone wake up!Gam = The secret power sound of Ganesh. It is his "seed syllable" or bija mantra.Ganapataye = Another name of Ganesh, the breaker of obstacles.Namaha = Yo! Ganesh! You da God!The pronunciation is also pretty easy:Om = ohm or aumGam = Somewhere between "gahm" and "gum". In some dialects it is "guhng".Ganapataye = gah-nah-paht-ah-yehNamaha = nah-mah-hahaum + gahm + gah-nah-paht-ah-yeh + nah-mah-hah !Om gam ganapataye namaha!O Lord Ganapati! You are (the Trinity) Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesa. You are Indra. You are fire [Agni] and air [Vāyu]. You are the sun [Sūrya] and the moon [Chandrama]. You are Brahman. You are (the three worlds) Bhuloka [earth], Antariksha-loka [space], and Swargaloka [heaven]. You are Om.

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98 Reps, 108 Reps would not fit in 10 minutes. "Om Salutations and Prostrations to Lord Ganesha" "This mantra invokes the Lord Ganesha to remove every impediment in your life and in your works. By constant meditation on this mantra, all obstacles and blocked energy in your physical and astral bodies are released. He brings writing and knowledge. But he is most often known as the "Breaker of Obstacles". This does not mean that if something blocks your way to success that appealing to Ganesh will result in your thundering through your opposition like some great juggernaut (a word derived from the name of a Hindu deity Jaganath). Rather, Ganesh breaks obstacles by working around them. He may not help you fix a relationship, but He might help you find a new one. He might not get you a raise at work, but you might get a job offer from another company for more money. Ganesh is a warrior, but is not into fighting for fighting's sake. Indeed, that is why he lost his head and it had to be replaced with the head of a elephant. Rather, He helps you find other ways of overcoming obstacles. The real obstacles He breaks are those which prevent you from recognizing alternative solutions." indopaganproject.tripod.com "Ganesha mantras are siddhi mantras . Each mantra contains certain specific powers of Lord Ganesha. When chanted with the proper pranayama (rhythmic breathing) and sincere devotion, they will yield good results. In general, Ganesha mantras will ward off all evil and bless ...

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This video is a humble offering at the feet of our Lord Ganesh. Album - Sacred Morning Chants - Shri Ganesh Artist - Shankar Mahadevan Ganesh Maha Mantra Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha Ganesha mantras are siddhi mantras. Each mantra contains certain specific powers of Lord Ganesha. When chanted with the proper pranayama (rhythmic breathing) and sincere devotion, they will yield good results. In general, Ganesha mantras will ward off all evil and bless the devotee with abundance, prudence and success. Evil spirits dare not enter the home or the mind of the devotee where Ganesha mantras are recited.

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Om gam ganapataye namaha! or sometimes Om gan ganapataye namaha! It is the strobe mantra. It is also called as the mool mantra or the root mantra / seed mantra. It is the starting of the world. 108 repetitions should be chanted at the starting of anything new - new house, new career, new car, new job, new purchase, new project etc. etc. May all your endeavors be blessed with super success.

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For more information, please visit: humanityhealing.net VideoInformation ©2012 Humanity Healing. Partial Rights Reserved. Music: "Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha" chanted by Deva Premal Kind Courtesy of devapremalmiten.com Images Video Background, LLC We Honor the Unknown Artists FAIR USE NOTICE This video may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 USC Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

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Om gam ganapataye namaha by Shankar Mahadevan

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Ganesha: El Hijo de Shiva y de Parvati. ¡Om Gam Ganapataye Namah! (Om Gam, Saludos al Señor de los Innumerables).. ¡Om Kshipra Prasadaya Namah! (Om, Saludos al Veloz Salvador) ¡Om, Vighnanashanaya Namah! (Om, Saludos al Destructor de Obstáculos) ¡Om, Gajananaya Namah! (Om, Saludos al del Rostro de Elefante) ¡Om, Heramba Ganapataye Namaha! (Om, Saludos al Protector Señor de los Innumerables) ¡Om, Runamochana Ganapataye Namah! (Om, Saludos al Liberador el Señor de los Innumerables) ¡Om, Skandanujaya Namah! (Om, Saludos al Hermano Mayor de Skanda-Karttikeya.) ¡Om, Sarvatanayaya Namah! (Om, Saludos al Hijo de Shiva.) ¡Om, Sharvaripriyaya Namah! (Om, Saludos al Hijo de Shakti.) ¡Om, Shivaya Namah! (Om, Saludos al que es el Propio Shiva.) ¡Om, Kamine Namah! (Om, Saludos al Dios del Amor) Centro Escuela Red de Luz Argentina . Venezuela pazvictoria.com sintomasliterarios.blogspot.com Facebook : saf.li

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The Ganesha mantra chanting effects, especially of Om Gan Ganpatey Namah, create these abundance and karma-changing energies to re-program individual karmic bank balances. Subscribe link www.youtube.com

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Ganesh Bhajan: Ganesh Names Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha 108 Names Singer:SP BALASUBRAHMANYAM Album: GANESHA UPASANE Composer: NANDU HONAP Author: GOTURI SRI CHANDRU Music Label: T-Series If You like the video don't forget to share with others & also share your views. Subscribe: www.youtube.com Bhakti Sagar: www.facebook.com For Spiritual Voice Alerts, Airtel subscribers Dial 589991 (toll free) To set popular Bhakti Dhun as your HelloTune, Airtel subscribers Dial 57878881 ---- ''ganesh 108 names'' ''kannad devotional'' ''sp balasubrahmaniam'' ''sacred mantras'' ''deva ho deva'' ''Ganesh''' ''Ganapati'' ''Siddhivinayak'' ''Siddhivinayaka'' ''Ashtvinayak'' ''Vinayak'' ''Ganpati Bapa Moreya'' ''Devotional Videos'' ''Songs'' ''Top Ganesh Bhajans'' ''Stuti'' ''Shlokas'' ''Jaidev Jaidev'' ''Ganpati Mahima'' ''Ganesh Mahima'' ''Pooja Songs'' ''Puja Songs'' ''ganesh chaturthi bhajan'' ''anuradha paudwal bhakti songs'' ''ganesh utsav'' ''ganesha festival'' ''gujarati bhajans'' ''kannada ganesh bhajan''

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Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha 108

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