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The famous nāsadīya sūkta the 129th sukta of the 10th mandala of the Rigveda is possibly the first hymn of creationism. The Rig Veda manuscripts have been selected for inscription in UNESCO's "Memory of the World" Register. Neither Nasadiya Sukta nor Big Bang Theory claims to have solved the mystery of the creation of the Universe. Nasadiya Sukta expresses doubts if we would ever be able to solve the mystery of creationism. It expresses "perhaps even He knows not the truth (verse 7)", the quest will be on. But what is really interesting is the convergence of thoughts of Rig Vedic rishis and modern scientist in this quest, despite adopting radically different methodologies and despite being separated by a time span of 10,000 years. How wonderful is this religious hymn that proclaims the God exists within all, and that the seed of desire is the first bond created to disturb tranquility .. are scientists listening ? - is it time to include more factors to the theory of matter and energy ....another state of intelligence that causes disturbance? The poetic description of creation is amazing. The translation below is not a verbatim take of published western translations, but an independent attempt by myself to unravel it without any bias. Sanskrit chants from U tube -- Vedic Pandits English translation Ramesh Krishnakumar The 'Nasadiya Sukta' nasad asinno sadasit tadanim | .....there was no existence, nor non-existence then... nasidrajo no vyoma paro yat | .... no atmosphere or heaven above...... kim avarivah kuha kasya sharmann ambhah ...who covered itself with ....who was the master of the waters... kim asid gahanam gabhiram ...why was it dense and very deep... na mrutyurasidamrutam na tarhi | ...no death nor immortality then.. na ratrya ahna asitpraketah | ... no night nor light existed ... anidavatam svadhaya tadekam | ... vibrating by himself on his own... Tasmad dhanyan naparah kinchanasa || 2 || .....for his own glory .... nothing else did exist. tama asittamasa guhlamagre praketam | ... darkness existed in front of everything... concealed intelligence ... salilam sarvamaidam | ... water was everywhere ... tuchchenabhvapihitam yad asit | ... darkness enveloped the waters in which HE existed ... tamasastanmahina jayataikam || 3 || ... that became the cause for HIS superior victory ... kamastadagre samavartatadhi | ....desire came forth in front... first manaso retah prathamam yad asit | ....that seed of the mind was the first to come in existence.... sato bandhum asati niravindanna | ....causing bondage to cause and effect (sat and asat) taking away calmness... hrudi pratishya kavayo manisha || 4 || ....from the hearts of men and sages... (meaning the seed of desire took away the tranquiity) tirashchino vitato rashmi reshamadhah | ....upward spread the light ...and the rays downwards.. Svidasid uparisvid asi | ....appearing from inside and from outside .... retodha asanmahiman asanna | ....achieving HIS glorious existence .... svadho avastat prayatih parastat || 5 || ........by HIS transcendental existence within all..... ko addha veda ka iha pravochat | .....who has the direct knowledge....who has told about it.... kutajata kut iyam visrushtih | .....why is this creation....why is this radiant discharge.... arvagdeva asya visarjanaya | .....lower gods came forth later to HIM.... atha ko veda yata ababhuva || 6 || .....therefore who knows the truth how it came into being..... iyam visrushtir yata ababhuva | .....how this creation came into being ..... yadi va dadhe yadi va na | .....will it sustain or not..... yo asya adhyakshah parame vyomann | .....only HE who presides over the highest heavens..... so amga veda yadi va na veda || 7 || .....might well know the truth or knows not the truth.....

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