NASA - Voyager Space Sounds - Neptune

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Description: "Neptune: NASA - Voyager Space Sounds" (1990 - Brain/Mind Research)from the NASA - Voyager Space Sounds SeriesExtract (Original version is 15 minutes longer).Recordings from Space.Made from data Voyager II collected when it passed near Neptune's orbit. Delightful space-ambient soundscapes !CD notes:"Voyager II swept past the Neptune system on August 24-25, 1989. Neptune's atmosphere proved surprisingly active, with wind velocities clocked at over 700 MPH. This dynamic climactic activity is powered by Neptune's internal heat, which provides over twice as much energy as the feeble sunlight that the planet receives. Neptune has eight moons and three rings, as well as a highly tilted and offset magnetic field."[...]"Special thanks to our friends and contacts at various U.S National Space Agencies and Universities. This Space Recording Series is dedicated to the memory of Fred Scarf, PhD, who developed the acoustic recording project for Voyager and is directly responsible for the sounds you hear on these recordings from space."

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NASA - Voyager Space Sounds

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