My Best Friend (단짝) - SNSD (ENG/ROM/HAN)(MIRRORED)

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Description: 1 - Hyoyeon - Peach2 - Taeyon - Orange3 - Sunny - Yellow4 - Yuri - Moss Green5 - Yoona - Lilac6 - Seohyun - Lime Green7 - Sooyoung - Violet/Purple8 - Jessica - Light Blue9 - Tiffany - PinkAll/Duet - White*CREDITS*Hangul - mikachamin.wordpress.comRom + English - www.wonderfulgeneration.netI do not in any way whatsoever own the the music, subs etc etc. Probably own the hard work and time XD Since I had to re-create this video because the first one crashed. Since I have never seen a Mirrored practice video with subs before I decided to do one. Because I like to learn dances and their lyrics too! I did not want to go around MV subbers and all that, and ask them to make subbed videos of Dance Practices. Since subbing takes a lot of time and effort! I also like lyric videos that kind of tell you who is singing and all that!So if you have any request...give me max of 5-7 days (depends if WMM doesn't crash) to get it done. But maybe not uploaded since uploading takes a lifetime amount of time. This video took 1h28m to upload. So I had to watch 2 episode of TTBY just to pass time....oh life.

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Free MP3 Download of My Best Friend - SNSD [Eng Lyrics] high quality MP4

so apparently at :57 it's Tiffany and SEOHYUN. sorry about that I really like this song, it puts you in a good mood~ :) pictures (c) to ayuki. if you are watching this, I hope it's okay that I used your edits :P everything else (c) SNSD credit: @cathode (translating) + @omgawesmhiD (editing)

28 Oct 2010
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Free MP3 Download of 110324 SNSD-[HD] Dance Practice My Best Friend Official high quality MP4

110324 110325 110326 110327 110328 110329 110330 110331 110401 110402 [110324] SNSD-[HD720p] Dance Practice-"My Best Friend" Official # All of them are so enjoying themselves while practicing the song together.^_^ *Tiffany is wearing the pink jacket.She really loves pink colour so much, while TaeYeon are so CUTE & dorky that she saw something that she just drop on the floor & kicked it away before someone stepping on it at 2:12. (*a caring leader*) *We also can hear TaeYeon said "Aww" at 1:55 then SooYoung laugh at her on 1:56. # Lastly their ending of the dance are so funny, especially Tiffany & Sunny kneel at 3:02 followed by SooYoung trying to kiss TaeYeon at 3:06 (0_0) then TaeYeon scream "Ahh..."!!! ^0^ [HD available until 720p] Cr: SM. Entertainment

24 Mar 2011
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Free MP3 Download of [20101101] SNSD - My Best Friend high quality MP4

Sooyoung was not present. 2 versions of the radio broadcast.

05 Mar 2012
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Free MP3 Download of [fanmade][MV] SNSD-My best friend high quality MP4

cr: RIVER(kissingyoon)

25 Jan 2011
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Free MP3 Download of (cover) My Best Friend (단짝) - SNSD (소녀시대) high quality MP4

DL: Instrumental from: Hello! I was rewatching f(x) koala when I heard this song in the background. Love the lyrics! Heh thanks for listening! : D

26 Apr 2012
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SNSD - My Best Friend Instrumental w/ Backup Vocals HD

SNSD - My Best Friend Instrumental w/ Backup Vocals HD Lyrics below DL Link: Lyrics: [Taeyeon] Eoje jageun datumedo Oneur utgo anajugo Gamssajugi ja seoro yaksok ([Seohyun] You are my best friend) [Jessica] Geujeo heuhan gominedo Gwaenhi honja chamji malgo Malhaejugi hanbeonman deo yaksok [Yoona] Nan nega useur ttaemyeon nado haengbokhae ([Taeyeon] Jeongmal) [Yuri] Nan nega seulpeur ttaemyeon Nae du nundo jeotneun geol [All] I sesang hanappunin my friend (my friend) Naui gippeum naui yeonghon Guereon sojunghameur jikyeogalge Haneure yeongwonhi maengsehae Saranghae chinguya [Tiffany] Eonjena naega ([Seohyun] ni gyeote) [Tiffany] Himi doeeo julkkeo ya ([Seohyun] hangsang nan) [Tiffany] Pyeongsaengtorog neomanui ([Seohyun & Tiffany] Danjjak) [Sunny] Joheun yeonghwa joeun norae Joheun saram chajeumyeon kkog alyeojugi Uri hamkke yaksok no no no no [Seohyun] Akkawohaji malgo Masitneun geos seoro sajugi Songarageur geolgo yaksok yeah yeah [Hyoyeon] Nan nega eopseur ttaemyeon neomu sseulsseulhae ([Taeyeon] jeongmal) [Sooyoung] Nan nega apeur ttaemyeon Jam mos deulgo geokjeonghae [All] I sesang hanappunin my friend (my friend) Naui gippeum naui yeonghon Guereon sojunghameur jikyeogalge Haneure yeongwonhi maengsehae Saranghae chinguya [Tiffany] Hamkke sonjapgo mideum hanamyeon Eotteon irideun nan duryeopji anheungeol [Jessica] Ujeongiran mar eosaekhajiman Urireur wihaeseo mandeureonaen yaegigata~ [Seohyun] My friend~ Oh Yeah yeah [All] I sesang hanappunin my ...

27 May 2012
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Free MP3 Download of 수나SOONA Moment # 1 - My Best Friend [SNSD Sooyoung and Yoona] high quality MP4

[04.26.08] CBS 12 Midnight SooNa Moment #1 This fancam was taken during an interview. In this fancam, Yoona and Sooyoung are standing beside eachother. You can them smiling/laughing and Yoonas glances toward Sooyoung :) ~ the credit at the end, the background turned gray for some reason xD there must be something wrong with my software @_@

06 Feb 2011
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Free MP3 Download of [Soshi Collaboration] My Best Friend - SNSD high quality MP4

Please watch in HD~ This collab is so against me. First, I had to ask a bunch of people to actually send me their choruses because they didn't do them. Second, only TWO PEOPLE (xmiseruu and angelnaykka22) did the background vocals (there are only two short and repeating background vocals, why do people not bother doing them?). Third, my laptop/earphones decided to go weird on me so I had to partially mix this collab with only one earphone. Sorry for the mini rant, but man, was this an annoying collab to mix. You'll have to excuse me if the mixing sounds terrible :/ If you have time PLEASE read this guide on how to do collabs to avoid the mixer some frustration, please? Ugh, feeling so not motivated to even bother with these open audition collabs anymore. At least the acappella turned out quite nicely. Please check it out in the link below! MP3 Download: Acappella: CAST Taeyeon - TheRealJessicaOh Jessica - angelnaykka22 Seohyun - ChunkyyBanana Tiffany - ParanSkies Sunny - lovelight4339 Yuri - xmiseruu Hyoyeon - goddessofmic Sooyoung - GaaraRockLee20 Yoona - cassonelove Audio & Video Mixing: ParanSkies MV Made By: tinapay621

15 Apr 2012
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Free MP3 Download of SNSD - My Best Friend (Dan Jjak) @ Heechul 2/2 Nov12.2010 GIRLS GENERATION Live high quality MP4

*Old , But Cute Song (: Artist: Girls Generation Song: My Best Friend Album: Hoot I don't Own this song.

24 Apr 2011
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040911 - Nine Flames : My Best Friend - SNSD @ Astroplus SM North Edsa The Block

NINE FLAMES.♥ April 9 2011 SNSD ITNW First Asia Tour Album Philippine Version Album Launching ^^

10 Apr 2011
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Free MP3 Download of SNSD (소녀시대)/ My Best Friend (단짝) ~HQ MR INSTRUMENTAL~ high quality MP4

DISCLAIMER: The song and audio in this video does not belong to me, nor did I make it. The audio and song is copyrighted and has only been posted for viewing by fans for fans. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit has been made in the posting of this audio. DL: This instrumental is from (C), I do not own nor did I make this.

25 May 2011
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My Best Friend - SNSD

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