Learn the Arabic Alphabet Song! Teach Kids Arabic Free! Alef Baa Taa الأبجدية العربية

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Description: Subscribe Now for the Best FREE Arabic Children's Videos!Learn and Teach Modern Standard Arabic* Buy this DVD http://www.syraj.com/newrejan20ar.html* Download this Video http://sites.fastspring.com/syraj/product/our_arabic_alphabet* Watch More FREE Arabic Children's Videos http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9E558DF97B25FEB8A fun, colorful, entertaining and educational video series to teach your children the Arabic Letters! Our Arabic Alphabet is here!Your children will love learning Arabic with the NEW "My Arabic Alphabet" DVD set. This 2-part DVD set will teach your child the look and sound of each letter and give example of how it appears in the beginning, middle and end of a word. Developed with Arabic teachers and various curriculums, this film is aimed for 3 and above, and provides a gentle introduction to the 28 Arabic alphabet letters. The film is extremely rich in vocabulary and in songs, some old and others new, to make the learning experience as engaging and as rewarding as possible.Language: Modern Standard Arabic / Fusha with Some Colloquial Arabic. DVD Title: My Arabic Alphabet DVDs Parts 1 & 2 Duration: Part 1 - 25 min, Part 2 - 24 min Subtitles: English Ages: Preschool - 7 Years Producer: Little Thinking Minds / www.LittleThinkingMinds.com DVD Region: North American: Region_1_NTSCتعتبر الأبجدية الصوتية للغتنا العربية سهلة التَعَلُّم بمجرد معرفة وتمييز الأصوات! ومن خلال جُزْئَيْ ال DVD ، سيتعلم طفلك شكل وصوت كل حرف من الحروف الأبجدية العربية، وسيشاهد أمثلة على كيفية ظهورها في بداية الكلمة ومنتصفها ونهايتها. ويستهدف هذا الفيلم، الذي تم إعداده مع نخبة من معلمي اللغة العربية وبالاعتماد على مناهج متعددة، الأطفال من سن 3 فما فوق. والفيلم غني جداً بالمفردات والأغاني، لضمان تقديم تجربة تعليمية فريدة وممتعة

Learn the Arabic Alphabet Song! Teach Kids Arabic Free! Alef Baa Taa الأبجدية العربية - Download MP3 music or MP4 video:

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Learn the arabic alphabet song turmusaya education song with all three vowels on each letter

Sam Ginem
19 Feb 2009
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Arabic letters song Have fun learning Arabic at Oakwood primary school-Luton, UK Offering the full National curriculum along with Qur'an, Arabic & Islamic Studies ENROLLING NOW for September 2012 NURSERY & all PRIMARY classes (Reception up to year 6) also for weekend Qur'an classes for more information visit our website www.oakwoodprimary.co.uk e-mail us: admin@oakwoodprimary.co.uk or call us on tel: +44 1582 51 88 00 117 Tennyson road, Luton, LU1 3RR, UK

Mevludin Shah
16 Apr 2011
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www.arabiansinbad.com Learn Arabic Alphabets Learn Arabic words with our Arabic video learning series , Arabian sinbad website http Learn Arabic with arabian sinbad Now on facebook facebook.com check our Learning arabic songs on Itunes itunes.apple.com Learn Arabic lauguage Now easily with Arabian Sinbad Arabian Sinbad: Arabic Language Treasure is a unique and exciting learning experience of the Arabic language for children. This innovative learning tool utilizes immersive and engaging language learning techniques via animated educational and entertaining cartoon, activity books, games, flashcards and lovely songs. Children are introduced into a world where only Arabic is spoken in a correct, native accent, which helps them develop an ear for the Arabic language. Children are exposed to new experiences where words, phrases, expressions and questions are carefully chosen to enrich the child's ability to use the language correctly. Arabian Sinbad was also developed to be an indispensable learning tool to supplement school curriculum in an entertaining interactive style. No previous knowledge of the Arabic language is required, so that children of any language can learn Arabic with Arabian Sinbad.

Arabian Sinbad
27 Jul 2010
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BUY www.Syraj.com. "BEST of Arabic Videos" http Raise Your Children Fluent in Arabic. Essentials for your Arabic Library. Arabic Toddler Dvds, Arabic Songs for Kids, Arabic Picture Books and More.

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Arabic Alphabet Song from ArabicEducation.

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wonderful Arabic song with English translation , It's very helpful to people who start learning Arabic Alphabet . please visit this link for more practice on the Alphabet :www.funwitharabic.com

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04 Sep 2011
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To those who want to learn Basic Arabic, Watch this video. This video clip is taken from tape "Kumpulan Alif Iqra"

05 Jan 2007
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BUY www.Syraj.com. "BEST of Arabic Videos" http Learn the Arabic Alphabet letters Alaf through Wow as Tareq wa Shireen learn to recognize Arabic letters and their sounds by meeting the Arabic Alphabet in their magical village. An Arabic children's cartoon DVD series created by Arabs. Educational and entertaining for children ages 3 - 8. Currently used in schools and classrooms all across the Arab world. Tareq Wa Shireen is an Arabic children's cartoon series delivered 100% in the Arabic Language.

19 Jan 2010
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www.arabiansinbad.com Amazing Arabic Alphabet song from Arabian sinbad Thanks You Arabian Sinbad www.youtube.com

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Learning Letters of the Arabic Alphabet Nasheed Song for Children, Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers & Kindergarten kids. The following video was created to help children learn letters of the Arabic Alphabet. This video was created in appreciation to our viewers in countries that use Arabic as a first language. Intelligent Kids World - iKIDSWORLD creating FREE Educational E-learning videos for Children. Our Video Flashcards & eBooks help Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers & Kindergarten Kids learn The Alphabet Song, Colors | Colours, Numbers, Counting, Animals & much more. We help create a Learning Environment that will Engage Kids & Encourage them to Interact. We achieve this by using a cute child's voice throughout our video's to relate & maintain the attention of our little viewer's. Occupy your kid's time efficiently and effectively. Having a routine will encourage responsibility and help children develop quality skills that will allow them to succeed and excel in school. TWITTER: twitter.com FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com BLOGGER: qaziinc.blogspot.com GOOGLE+ plus.google.com PINTEREST: pinterest.com TUMBLER: ikidsworld.tumblr.com INSTAGRAM: statigr.am @iKIDSWORLD

16 Oct 2012
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arabic alphabet song Learn the arabic alphabet song turmusaya education sing

Abdelhak Chawala
12 Mar 2012
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www.alifba.tv www.alifba.tv Watch all of our arabic video learning series on our website free! Visit us now! :) This is a section of the Arabic Software that teaches beginners the arabic letters and associates them with English words We are an Arabic content provider, we publish articles on teaching arabic to young children, teaching Qur'an using modern methods, and developing software and web applications to provide forums for learning and education. Thank you for your support. Donate $2.50 and receive full beginner software - $5 for alifba package For more information please visit www.alifba.tv or email us at info@alifba.tv

11 Aug 2007
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The Arabic alphabet is the script used for writing several languages of Asia and Africa, such as Arabic, Persian, and Urdu. The Arabic script is written from right to left, in a cursive style, and includes 28 basic letters. In everyday use handwriting, general publications, and street signs short vowels are generally not written in Arabic. Arabic numerals In most of present-day North Africa, the Western Arabic numerals (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) are used. However in Egypt and Arabic-speaking countries to the east of it, the Eastern Arabic numerals (٠.١.٢.٣.٤.٥.٦.٧.٨.٩) are in use. The lowest-valued digit appears on the right, so the order of digits on the page is the same as in Latin script. Sequences of digits such as telephone numbers are read from left to right, but numbers are spoken in the traditional Arabic fashion, with units and tens reversed from the modern English usage. For example, 24 is said "four and twenty", and 1975 is said "one thousand and nine hundred and five and seventy." www.alsunna.org اضغط على كل حرف، انظر وتعلم أ ب ت ث ج ح Alif Ba' Ta' Tha' Jim Ha' خ د ذ ر ز س Kha' Dal Dhal Ra' Zay Seen ش ص ض ط ظ ع Sheen Sad Dad Ta' Dha' ^ayn غ ف ق ك ل م Ghayn Fa' Qaf Kaf Lam Mim ن هـ و ى Nun Ha' Waw Ya'

Adam Musa
20 Oct 2008
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Learn the Arabic Alphabet Song!

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