Morning Slokas for Kids

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Description: Meaning and translation of these slokas:1- Vakratunda MahakaayaSuryakoti SamaprabhaNirvighnam Kuru Mey DevaSarva Kaaryeshu Sarvadaवक्रतुंड महाकाय कोटिसूर्यसमप्रभ:निर्विघ्नं कुरु में देव सर्वकार्येषु सर्वदा।। O, Lord Ganesha of the curved trunk and mighty body, the one whose splendor is equal to millions of Suns, please bless me so that I do not face any obstacles in my endeavors2- Karaagre Vasate Lakshmi Karamadhye Sarasvati,Karamuule Tu Govinda Prabhaate Karadarshanam,Samudravasane Devi Parvatastanamandale,Vishhnupatni Namastubhyam Paadasparsham Kshamasva Meकराग्रे वसते लक्ष्मी करमध्ये सरस्वतीकरमूले तू गोविन्दः प्रभाते करदर्शनम ..समुद्रवसने देवी पर्वतास्तान्मंदडले .विश्ह्नुपतनी नमस्तुभ्यं पादास्पर्शम क्षमस्व में .. The front part of the hands (the finger tips) is credited to Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth. The middle part or palm is credited to Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of learning and the root (the part of hand near the wrist) to Govinda. So, every morning, one should have a reverent look at one's hand which represents sincere labor.I bow to Mother Earth, who has mountains and jungles on her body and whose clothing is made by the ocean. The wife of Lord Vishnu, please pardon me for touching you with my feet. 3- Om Bhur Bhuva SuvahTat Savithur VarenyamBhargo Devasya DheemahiDhiyo Yonah Prachodayatभूर्भुव: स्व: तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं. भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि, धीयो यो निशानचीखेलों: प्रचोदयात् .. We meditate on that most adorable, most desirable and most enchanting luster (effulgence) of our supreme Lord, who is our creator, inspirer and source of eternal Joy. May this light inspire and illumine our intellect (and dispel the darkness). 4-Guru Brahma Gurur VishnuGuru Devo MaheshwarahaGuru Saakshat Para BrahmaTasmai Sree Gurave NamahaGuru is verily the representative of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. He creates, sustains knowledge and destroys the weeds of ignorance. I salute such a Guru.5-"Om Sahanaa Vavatu Sahanau BhunaktuSaha Veeryam KaravaavahaiTejasvi Naavadheetamastu Maa VidvishaavahaiOm Shantih Shantih Shantih" "OM. Let all of us protect each other together, may all of us enjoy together, may all of us work together and let our study become radiant. Let there be no hatred between us, OM Peace, Peace, Peace"May He protect both of us. May He nourish both of us.May we both acquire the capacity (to study and understand the scriptures).May our study be brilliant. May we not argue with each other. Om peace, peace, peace.6- Shanta Karam Bhujaga ShayanamPadmanabham SureshamVishvadharam Gagana SadrshamMegha Varnam ShubhangamLakshmi Kantam Kamala NayanamYogibhir Dhyana GamyamVande Vishnum Bhava Bhaya HaramSarva Lokaiaka NathamI adore Vishnu, the embodiment of Peace, who sleeps on the serpent,Whose naval is the lotus of the UniverseWho is the Lord of the Gods, who is the support of the Universe, Who is in the form of Space (the Omnipresent)Whose color resembles that of clouds, Whose body is auspiciousWho is the Lord of Lakshmi, whose eyes are like lotusesWho is attainable by Yogis through meditationWho is the destroyer of the fear of birth and deathAnd who is the One Lord of all the Worlds7-Om Trayambakam YajamaheSugandhim PushtivardhanamUrva-rukamiva BhandhanaatMrityor-mukshiya ma amritatOm Klim Nama ShivayaOm Shanthi Shanthi ShanthihiWe worship the three-eyed One (Lord Shiva), Who is fragrant and Who nourishes all beings;may He liberate me from death, for the sake of Immortality, even as the cucmber is severed from its bondage of the vine. Om Peace, Peace, Peace8-Tvameva Mata Cha Pita TvamevaTvameva Bandhuscha Sakha TvamevaTvameva Vidya Dravinam TvamevaTvameva Sarvam mama Deva DevaO Supreme Lord (deva-dev, Master of all demigods), You are our mother, father, brother, and friend.You are the knowledge and You are the only wealth. You are our everything.9-"Om Poornamadah Poornamidam Poornat Poornamudachyate,Poornasya Poornamaadaya Poornamevavashishyate,Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih""That is Absolute, This is Absolute, Absolute arises out of Absolute, If Absolute is taken away from Absolute, what remains is also Absolute. OM let Peacebe prevailed in the whole universe!

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Chantings of Vakratunda Mahakaaya, Gayatri, Shanti Slokas in raag yaman kalyan. Chant them every morning and evening. Offer water and food to your parents and ancestors everyday for they are the Gods who gave you life. Vakra-Tunndda Maha-Kaaya Surya-Kotti Samaprabha Nirvighnam Kuru Me Deva Sarva-Kaaryessu Sarvadaa Meaning: 1: O Lord Ganesha, of Curved Trunk, Large Body, and with the Brilliance of a Million Suns, 2: Please Make All my Works Free of Obstacles, Always. Gayatri Mantra Translation * om The sacred sound, see Om. * bhū 'earth' * bhuvas 'atmosphere' * svar 'light, heaven, space' * tat 'that' * savitur of Savitr the god' (genitives of savitr-, 'stimulator, rouser; name of a sun-deity' and deva- 'god' or 'demi-god') * varenyam 'Fit to be worshipped' varenya- 'desirable, excellent' * bhargo 'Glory Effulgence' (radiance, lustre, splendour, glory) * devasya 'of God' * dhīmahi 'may we attain' (1st person plural middle optative of dhā- 'set, bring, fix' etc.) * dhiyaḥ naḥ 'our prayers' (accusative plural of dhi- 'thought, meditation, devotion, prayer' and naḥ enclitic personal pronoun) * yaḥ prachodayāt 'who may stimulate' (nominative singular of relative pronoun yad-; causative 3rd person of pra-cud- 'set in motion, drive on, urge, impel') Brahmarpanam - Food Prayer From Bhagawad Geeta From Bhagavad Gita 4.24 and 15.14 Brahmaarpanam Brahma Havir Brahmaagnau Brahmanaa Hutam Brahmaiva Tena Gantavyam Brahma Karma Samaadhinaha [This is 24th verse from the 4th chapter of ...

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Everyone in this world wants their children to be brought up in an environment, conducive to their physical and mental health. Of course, when the minds of the children are tuned towards the spiritual songs, their thought, attitude, behavior, character, speech and in short their way of life gets transformed and their personality gets enhanced. The brain of children being tuned by the Sanskrit pronunciation becomes free from viruses and gains power. Never the less such children would be the better citizens with skill, efficiency and moral courage and shine as scientists and so on. These may look like tall claims. But our ancestors knew the efficacy of teaching slokas and hence they had followed an unwritten custom. The faith in our ancestors and their custom would no doubt prove fruitful. For the value of this training, the children will thanks the parents when they grow old.

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If you get your kid to do this every day since child hood, he would start respecting the traditions even in the later part of life. If he sees that rules are only for him, then he/she may not. A silk pancha/dhoti, bhasma and kumkum on the fore head( as per your own tradition) and a few slokas in front of god sitting on a small peetham. Remember that all the components are essential. Donot just brush aside the dressing as outside decoration.

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05 May 2012
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Reciting Slokas is a simple way of worshiping and invoking the blessings of the Hindu pantheon of Gods. The imperatives of the techno-age leave little time for the youth to learn the slokas in the traditional Gurukula way -- master in direct interaction with students teaching Slokas though "CALL AND RESPONESE METHOD'. This audio compact disc titled "LISTEN & LEARN PRAYERS FOR CHILDREN" is an essay in teaching slokas employing the best Gurukula form of "CALL AND RESPONESE METHOD". Aspirants can learn the slokas at their convenience and leisure in their social enviorence without any logistical constrains.

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Sloka is a Sanskrit word used to denote a prayerful verse written to follow certain grammatical rules. The slokas presented here can be used in our daily prayers. These prayers are generally directed to specific God or Goddess forms such as Ganesh, Rama, Devi, Krishna etc. Conveying the majesty and the Omnipotence of God, the slokas portray vivid descriptions of the different God forms and their Divine powers. Anyone who chants these powerful verses and invokes the appropriate God (Goddess) Forms and Names mentally, will be able to achieve a steady and peaceful mind full of devotion. That in short is the purpose of the slokas. Bhagavan Baba has talked at length about the importance of slokas in practicing Namasmarana (reciting the Lord's Name). In a recent Discourse, He said: "I always begin My discourse with a sloka or a poem and conclude it with a bhajan. Do you know what they are? The first poem or sloka is like a plate, the discourse can be compared to the various delicious items that are served on the plate, and the bhajan in the end is like a plate covering the delicious items. Do not treat this as a Mandhu (medicine), thereby taking a little. Treat this as a Vindhu (banquet) and partake of the delicious items that I serve to the maximum extent. Experience and enjoy this banquet." May Bhagavan Baba Bless us all to enjoy this banquet of slokas. JAI SAI RAM

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This video is a humble offering at the feet of our Lord Ganesh. Lord Ganesh Sloka "Vakratunda Mahakaya, Suryakoti Samaprabha Nirvighnam Kuru Mey Deva, Sarva Karyeshu Sarvada" O Lord with curved trunk and massive appearance whose splendor is equal to that of a billion suns. Please bless me such that I do not face any obstacles in any of my endeavors, anytime. Vakratunda - curved trunk Mahakaya - huge form Surya- sun Koti - billion Sama - equal Prabha -- splendor Nirvighnam -- no obstacles Kurumey -- give me Deva -- God Sarva -- All Karyeshu -- Endeavours Sarvada -- Always

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English Translation by Ramesh Krishnakumar, to the mesmerizing rendering by MSSubbulakshmi. The Venkateswara Suprabhatam was composed by Prativadi Bhayankara Annan (Annangaracharya), a disciple of Sri Manavala Mamuni. Suprabhatam is the first and foremost ritual performed in the morning at Tirumala Tirupati Balaji Temple. The Venkateswara Suprabhatam chanted at Tirupati temple consists of 70 Sanskrit shlokas. It is divided into four parts Suprabhatam, Stotram, Prapatti and Mangalasasanam

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Morning Slokas for Kids

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