Minecraft Tutorial: How to build a medieval house

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Description: A tutorial on how to build houses using the style I'm using on my server.Music: Age of Empires 2 Soundtrack (I do not own any rights)I apologise for the bad grammar in this part, I've had a long and buisy day...List of Materials you will need for the smaller building (for survival mode):92 x wood23 x wool132 x wooden stairs52 x cobblestone (or whatever material you want to use as walls)14 x planks8 x glass pane_____________Please rate, comment, subscribe.

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New minecraft function since 1.0 version. Tutorial show how to make working television in minecraft. You need six iron blocks, 2 fences and button. No mods or plugins needed! Filmed on my server.

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Welcome to part three, guys! Please LIKE this! :) LINKS: The Painterly Pack's website: painterlypack.net Dowload my version of Painterly's Pack with default tools: www.megaupload.com

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Minecraft tutorial on how to build a double helix glass tower with water and lava flowing down it. The video shows an easy and fast way of building it, as well as what it looks like when it's done. HD texture pack and HD texture patcher can be found here: www.minecraftforum.net Download the terrain.png picture file and the hd patcher fix - Make a zip file with terrain.png in it and have the zip file have an extension of .jar - Then, run the patcher and for the texture pack just browse and find the .jar zip file you created and patch it. After patching, you can run Minecraft like normal. If you change your mind about the texture pack you can just delete your .bin folder in the minecraft folder and it will be replaced with default files the next time you log on.

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Minecraft Tutorial: How to build

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