Knitting Tutorial for Beginners- 2. Knit Stitch, Bind Off in Knit Stitch

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Description: After 'casting on' your yarn. This next video will teach you your first stich. Its called the 'knit stitch'. There are two basic styles of knitting: the continental, and the English method. Its really a matter of preference. Most lefys like to use continental, and rightys English. This video will show you the English method.You will also learn how to 'bind off'. Binding off is a way to end your knitting so that it doesnt unravel all your work like you see in the cartoons. Because you began with Knit stitch you want to bind of in knit stitch also, unless your pattern calls for it otherwise.**Note: When you start the bind off, you must knit 2 times, then you go back and bind off. Then the next time you only knit once, then bind off. You'll understand when you watch the video.

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Knitting Tutorial for Beginners- 2.

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