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Description: The Kleem MantraWebsite: http://MathinaMaideen.webs.com; http://LegalAstrology.webs.comMy Twitter Account: http://twitter.com/MathinaMaideenPlease subscribe for video updates.

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Free MP3 Download of Attract Friends With Mantra of Love: Kleem high quality MP4

Visit www.PillaiCenter.com videos www.youtube.com library: www.youtube.com Friendship is a very important factor in business and in ones personal life. In business it is called networking if you are not able to network in business you will fail because networking is everything. On a social and personal level it is also important to have a networking. Most people are miserable because they don't have friends and this is a serious flaw in personality development. Many people have this flaw so it is important to understand it because this flaw in personality is fixable. The way to fix it is to become Love and the way to become Love is to use the mantra KLEEM. Mantra to attract friends.

06 Jul 2007
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Free MP3 Download of OM KLEEM MANTRA high quality MP4

Welcome. Kleem is a mantra that can be used in law of attraction to bring you love wealth and material things. Even though kleem is known for attracting women, it can also be used to attract men. For best results have a clear and peaceful mind and make sure there is no disctractions, but this mantra can be used in any situation. Hope you enjoy

17 Nov 2011
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Free MP3 Download of Law of Attraction and the Kleem Mantra high quality MP4

Webinars & Seminars: www.pillaicenter.com Website: www.PillaiCenter.com videos www.youtube.com library: www.youtube.com Dr. Pillai talks about using the mantra KLEEM. It is a very important mantra for attracting women as well as material wealth like a home, a car, a business all things material.

18 May 2007
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Free MP3 Download of Kleem Mantra Usage for Attracting Someone Specific high quality MP4

Many have asked me about whether or not the kleem mantra (the sounds wave to attract relationships) can be used to attract a specific person. In this video I give some insights to that query.

06 Aug 2011
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Free MP3 Download of me doing KLEEM (108) my way Re: Mantra to Attract Friends high quality MP4

Me Kleeming the rainbow, Usually I use a mantra to quieten the mind in order to meditation. Altow I must truthfully say that I have the the strong notion that in the time I used this mantra my relationships (especially with woman romantically ore not :)) increased very rapidly as much as the ease in conversation with people. Thank you for reminding me to use this magical mantra Variety's: "Om Kleem Shreem Lakshmi" "Ohm Shreem" "Ohm Shreem Ohm Fhreem Shreem Fhreem Kleem Shreem Kleem Fitteshwaraaye Namah" I Chanted this mantra 108 times a day in the evening I recommend the use of this mantra in what ever (frequency) you feels like fitting you, trust yourself within common sense and intuition you are devine. Link: www.bioscoopfilms.net Inspired by: Datta Dattatreya Siva Baba and Don Bernard 7 Love & Truth Namasté, Greetings from Earth Flake.

18 Aug 2007
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Free MP3 Download of Kleem Mantra - Dj MrFlanell high quality MP4

Mantra Kleem for attracting friends also all material things prosparity, abundance, friends,and the oposite sex a werry strong mantra by saying this 108 times a day pleas tell me if you have started saying this mantra and what happens, how long it took to get what you wanted and attracted...

10 Aug 2008
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Free MP3 Download of Om Kleem Krishnaya Namah - Krishna Mula Mantra high quality MP4

Mula Mantra Shaktipat series is back..

15 Apr 2011
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Thank you Datta for the Kleem mantra! In this video I share a story of how the mantra worked for me, and also a technique that I innovated with kleem through your base of knowledge.

07 Jul 2007
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Free MP3 Download of How to use Kleem high quality MP4

Ramana (DonBernard7), has decided to do a video on how he uses the mantra kleem to attract relationships, he learned from his Guru Dattatreya Siva Baba.

07 Aug 2009
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Visit www.PillaiCenter.com videos www.youtube.com library: www.youtube.com Twitter: twitter.com twitter.com Markandeya and David on using a special mantra for manifesting a gay relationship. A mantra to attract men is Aim. Aim is pronouced like AH-EEM

17 May 2007
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Free MP3 Download of Om Kleem high quality MP4

Discover The 11 Forgotten Laws www.11-Forgotten-Laws.org Om Kleem Mantra for attracting friends

13 Apr 2008
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Meditation with Mantras to Attract all that you want. The Law of Attraction simply says that you attract into your life whatever you think about. Your dominant thoughts will find a way to manifest. here is powerful mantra to Attraction all the you what in your life for yourself and loved ones need more mantras please go to www.angelscometome.com or www.sivababa.org Enjoy .... Dream big chant 27 times, 108 times, 1008 Times All is well!

20 Oct 2010
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Free MP3 Download of OM AIM MANTRA high quality MP4

******PRONOUNCED EYE-IM****** Welcome. Aim is a mantra used to improve creativity and this is also powerful to attract men towards you, If kleem is not working for you to attract a male then aim maybe best for you. For best results have a clear and peaceful mind and make sure there is no disctractions, but this mantra can be used in any situation. Hope you enjoy

17 Nov 2011
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Free MP3 Download of Wealth Attraction Mantra high quality MP4

Sri Maha~Lakshmi The Goddess of Fortune controls the flow of wealth within the material manifestation. Learn the sound syllables of this powerful mantra, which are non~different from Goddess Maha~Lakshmi Herself. To make the mantra work ~ watch the video regularly, this will open a neural pathway in your brain which will automatically attract wealth to you. Chant the mantra as often as you can. A Simple meditation: Find a quiet space and relax by taking some deep breaths ~ at least three, visualize what you wish to bring into your life; see it moving easily toward you and you toward it. Chant the mantra in your mind or aloud. Devotees of Goddess Lakshmi offer elaborate worship ( Puja ) in order to please the Goddess and attain their desires for material wealth and liberation. The sound syllables of the mantra follow..... OM SHREEM OM HREEM SHREEM HREEM KLEEM SHREEM KLEEM VITESWARAAY NAMAH TRANSLATION It is composed of bija mantras, rough meanings: Shreem for Lakshmi (love, beauty, health, prosperity), Hreem for Great Goddess/Sun (illumination/dispel illusion), kleem for Kama/Krishna (love and fulfiller of desires from material to moksha, where your intention is) and Vitteswaraay (Kubera) Lord Kuber (or Kubera or Kuvera) is believed to be the lord of riches and wealth in Hinduism. Kuber Sadhana is considered a great way of pleasing the lord to bestow one with wealth and fortune. Kuber is many a times called the treasurer of demi-gods. If pleased with you the lord opens ...

20 Nov 2011
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