Karate Kid Montage - You're the Best

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Description: The montage scene in Karate Kid set to the song "You're the Best" by Joe Esposito

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Free MP3 Download of You're The Best Music Video high quality MP4

The music video for "You're The Best" as seen in The Karate Kid

01 Feb 2006
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Free MP3 Download of YOU'RE THE BEST AROUND (KNK Montage) high quality MP4

I was inspired by a "Fist of the North Star" montage featuring the song "You're the Best" from The Karate Kid, and thanks to my brother and 4chan.org, I slapped some more GIFs together to get this. Again, I did not animate this stuff, just timed the animations to the music to make it "rip-roarin'." Enjoy.Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

30 May 2006
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Free MP3 Download of Joe Esposito - You're The Best Around (Karate Kid soundtrack) high quality MP4

Joe Esposito - You're the Best Around. From The Karate Kid soundtrack. Annotations relating to some of the London Tekken players/personalities, and hopefully inspiring a new D1 Daniel-san to take them on! Next ranking battle: www.tekkenzaibatsu.com Try to be best cause you're only a man and a man's gotta learn to take it. Try to believe though the going gets rough that you gotta hang tough to make it. History repeats itself, try and you succeed. Never doubt that youre the one and you can have your dream! You're the best, around nothings gonna ever keep you down, x2 Fight till the end cause your life will depend on the strength that you have inside you. Oh, gotta be proud, standing out in the crowd where the odds in the game defy you. Try your best to win them all and one day time will tell when you're the one that's standing there you've reached the final bell! You're the best, around nothings gonna ever keep you down, x2 Fight till you drop, you never stop, can't give up until you reach the top. (fight) Youre the best in town. (fight) Listen to that sound. A little bit of all you got could never bring you down.

04 Apr 2010
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Free MP3 Download of "You're The Best" Karate kid high quality MP4

Sub, like and fav.

12 Sep 2011
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Free MP3 Download of This Is Your Time - Motivational Sports Montage high quality MP4

A video montage of inspirational speeches from movies.

01 Sep 2011
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Free MP3 Download of Joe Esposito - You're the best around (lyrics) high quality MP4

Hope you enjoy it Copyright The song and images are owned by their respective owners, I do not intend to copy

19 Sep 2009
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Free MP3 Download of Rocky - You're the best high quality MP4

Video Musical Filmes do Rocky com a musica You're the best around

Thiago Toshiaki
27 Dec 2006
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[TF2] Scout Killing Montage (You're The Best Around)

Twitter-twitter.com Tags: Team fortress 2 tf2 half life 1 2 hl2 minecraft survival server multiplayer singleplayer far cry 3 make it bun dem burn them song pyro scout soldier heavy spy roblox apocalypse rising skrillex damian marley fire funny valve gabe newell gaben vaas montengero insanity jason brody hunting shark rare animals you're the best around karate kid rocky 1 2 3 4 5 rambo regular show minecraft joe esposito

19 Jan 2013
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KGB Montage

Taking a break from taunt killing again, this time to hit people with big glowing hands. Song is You're the Best Around by Joe Esposito. twitter.com

27 Oct 2009
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Rifftrax - Karate Kid 3 Sample

www.rifftrax.com If you're a normal, reasonable person, your knowledge of the Karate Kid franchise likely begins and ends with the following items: the phrase "Sweep the leg," that awesome "You're the best around" song, and the ironic Cobra Kai t-shirt you purchased online. But, lucky for you, we at RiffTrax are neither normal nor reasonable, and so we know that the richest, fattiest, saltiest meat of the series lies within Karate Kid III. Please, ignore everything you know about diminishing sequel quality, box office success, and critical acclaim, and just trust us on this one! One can only imagine the joy a 1980s lad might feel, settling into his theater seat to enjoy the third installment of the adventures of his film hero, Daniel-San. Never mind that Ralph Macchio is now pushing 30 and looks like maybe he's been skipping some crane kick practices between movies, he's ready for action! The action of bonsai store ownership! Spending all his time with a strange old man! And, most importantly of all, hounded by Terry Silver, a millionaire evil mastermind who devotes 100% of his resources to getting revenge on a teenage boy for the sake of a casual acquaintance! How does he wreak this vengeance, you and the wide-eyed young Karate Kid fan might ask? By pressuring him into signing a karate tournament application form, using all the proper and appropriate channels! Eyeball-popping stuff! How would Mike, Kevin, and Bill rate Karate Kid III? By growing evil 80s ponytails ...

18 Mar 2011
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Free MP3 Download of ♫♥Peter Cetera - Glory Of Love ( KARATE KID)♫♥ high quality MP4

Glory Of Love Lyrics - Peter Cetera Tonight it's very clear As we're both lying here There's so many things I want to say I will always love you I would never leave you alone Sometimes I just forget Say things I might regret It breaks my heart to see you crying I don't wanna lose you I could never make it alone I am a man who will fight for your honor I'll be the hero you're dreaming of We'll live forever Knowing together that we Did it all for the glory of love You'll keep me standing tall You'll help me through it all I'm always strong when you're beside me I have always needed you I could never make it alone I am a man who will fight for your honor I'll be the hero you've been dreaming of We'll live forever Knowing together that we Did it all for the glory of love Just like a knight in shining armor From a long time ago Just in time I will save the day Take you to my castle far away I am a man who will fight for your honor I'll be the hero you're dreaming of We're gonna live forever Knowing together that we Did it all for the glory of love We'll live forever Knowing together that we Did it all for the glory of love We did it all for love We did it all for love We did it all for love We did it all for love PETER CETERA BIOGRAPHY While best known as the longtime frontman for Chicago, singer Peter Cetera also enjoyed success as a solo performer. Born September 13, 1944 in the Windy City, Cetera was in a band called the Exceptions when in late 1967 he was recruited by ...

artlengel Aaron
18 Oct 2010
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NES The Karate Kid (No Deaths)

This game is easier than people think. You just need to know a few things: 1. Hold forward when you kick to conserve your supply of Crane kicks 2. Do well on the bonus stages 3. Get as many Drum punches and Crane kicks as possible for Rounds 3 and 4 4. Don't use regular punches Stage 1 - Karate Tournament: You've only got 4 Crane kicks but you don't really need them. Just hold forward when you kick. Get your timing down and these guys fall quickly. Don't even bother with punches. Stage 2 - Daniel-San in Okinawa: These enemies only require one hit to be taken down. Keep holding forward with your kicks and make sure to collect the Crane kick symbols. Find the bonus stages and do as well as possible in each of them. Be careful whenever you see holes in the floor. Enemies come 2 at a time so take them out right before you jump if you need to. Stage 3 - The Typhoon Strikes: The wind pushes you back a bit at this stage so you need to be even more careful with your jumps. The birds and sticks don't take off any of your health. They're a pain in the ass, though. Kick them, jump over them, and duck them whenever you can. Having plenty of Crane kicks is a big help at this stage. You don't actually have to defeat the boss at the end. You just need to get to the little girl up on the pole. Stage 4 - Last Fight Against Chozen: Ok, this stage is tough. The enemies here throw boulders at you and some of them carry harpoons. This is where your, hopefully, hearty supply of Crane kicks and ...

24 Aug 2008
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Karate Kid Montage - Youre

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