Justin Bieber Sagging (Underwear Pics) Part 1 15DS

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Description: Special thanks to Celebrity Undies (links below) for providing most of the pics shown in the video above. Please like, comment, favorite and subscribe for more Justin Bieber sexy pictures.Download all the pictures show in the video + more!:...coming soon...Celebrity Undies:Website:

Justin Bieber Sagging (Underwear Pics) Part 1 15DS - Download MP3 music or MP4 video:

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Special thanks to Celebrity Undies (links below) for providing most of the pics shown in the video above. Please like, comment, favorite and subscribe for more Justin Bieber sexy pictures. Download all the pictures show in the video + more!: ...coming soon... Celebrity Undies: Website: Justin: Twitter:

05 Jan 2012
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Student Interviews on Pants Sagging + Rihanna Fighting Again?! Part 1

Thoughts and reactions on the possible banning of pants sagging! LIKE us on Facebook Page:

27 Oct 2010
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Justin Bieber interview with MOD 10/5/09 part 1

Justin Bieber's interview with MOD part 1. watch part 2 after!

07 Oct 2009
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*Thunder* A Justin Bieber Love Story Chapter 11 Part 1

i love the video for this one ♥ because the pics are back when he was normal. and sweet. and NOT in a fake relationship. yeah, i said it, fake. sorry guys, but its true :/ anyways, here you go(: Chapter 11 Part 1: Ashley's POV: My heart fluttered. I was about to go on a date with the hottest boy I'd ever seen. And also the sweetest. And most talented. I know I should've felt bad since he WAS dating Leslie, but the fact that she was my EX-best friend made me want this date even more. "It's not a date," I whispered to myself as I walked through the maze backstage to Justin's dressing room, "so don't get your hopes too high.." I wanted to follow my own advice but he was making me feel a way that noone ever had before. And I could tell, this wasn't just about lust, or looks. There was really something there, in my heart, when I'd heard him sing, and looked in his eyes, and told him my story. Well, most of it. I reached the door to his dressing room and opened it, forgetting to knock, and closed the door behind me. "Oops sorry I shoulda kno..." I started, but then gasped at what I saw. And suddenly, I was glad I hadn't knocked. There stood Justin, in black basketball shorts that sagged down to reveal the waistband of his American Eagle boxers. He wasn't wearing a shirt yet, so I could see his smooth chest, and slight abs. His hair was still damp from the shower he just took. I couldn't help but stare, at each part of him individually, for longer than intended. He was so ...

29 May 2011
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Justin Bieber on TODAY part 1 - Boyfriend

Justin Bieber on the TODAY show, Rockefeller Plaza, NYC, June 15, 2012 I took this of my tv (clearly). singing Boyfriend.

15 Jun 2012
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Free MP3 Download of Justin Bieber Surprises Everyone - New Haircut 2011 @ Ellen Degeneres Show 2011 high quality MP4

I DO NOT OWN EVERYTHING! all rights to ellen & justin bieber!

23 Feb 2011
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Belts for the Sagging

Please help these poor kids without belts and you can be a part of ending this sagging-pants pandemic. I'll have lots more videos, so don't forget to subscribe too!

Will Soltero
28 Dec 2011
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Bloody love epi 2 part 1

I know i promised to post yesterday but i was buzy so big sorry. Anyone this is only part one. Why? Cuz youtube hates me. Thats why Violet There was a boy,that was staring at me. I looked away and said something to rose. She just shrugged and talked to a cute boy.The bell finally rung and everyone fanned out.We all walks to our own class,mine was math. Easy but then again all classes where easy to me.I walked in to see the boy again smiling at me.I looked away not knowing what to do. I sat down next to a boy that seemed ok to sit next too. But,i was scared that a crowd would form before the teacher came becuase well he wasn't here.I thought like in the movies the teachers were nice and showed up on time?I didn't know so i just looked through my messager bag looking for a pencil.Thats when someone poked my back and I well i guess you could say that well i kinda slapped his arm. I didn't mean to i mean i have reflected that i hated but i don't think it hurt so bad....i think that is. I heard an ouch and looked up. "I'm sorry!" I said full of concern. He just looked at me for a little i guess he was in a daze?I waved my arms and he came back to life. "Hey there" He said. I nodded and asked "Whats your name?" "Justin." He responed.He smiled at me but i just threw a blank face. "I heard you're new,where are you from?"He asked me. I thought for a second and remember rose told us we were from cali. I respond to his question and he was impressed."I thought girls from cali were ...

20 Aug 2010
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You Promised... // ch 2 part 1 ( A Justin Bieber Love Story)

soooo heres ch 2, and i apologize for the whole breaking it into two parts, i apologize, i know this part is really short but i couldnt fit it all. Anyways, here it is.... ______________________________________________ Beep. Beep. Beep. I slammed my hand down on my relentless alarm clock. 4:30 am. i sighed and slowly rolled out of bed trudging to the bathroom to ready myself for yet another day. I gripped the rim of the sink using it for support as i stared at the hollow ghost reflecting back at me. my cheeks were stained with tears and dark circles sagged under my eyes. My hair was matted to my forehead from sweat and my pale skin looked brittle, and cold. What have I become? I grunted shoving myself away from the mirror. A shower, thats what I needed. i turned the nob letting the water cascade down then i quickly undressed and slipped in. The hot water beat down on my back relieving the tension, and for a moment all my troubles seem to slip away. But that moment was quickly ruined when life cuaght back up with me. I finished the rest of my shower and stepped out wrapping a towel around my petite body. I examined myself in the mirror once again, noticing some color had been restored and the circles were less evident. I quickly dried my hair and pulled it into a tight ponytail. Then i applied some light makeup and brushed my teeth. I slipped on some nylon tights with black booty shorts and pulled on a plain white tanktop and sports bra. I exited the bathroom and put on my ...

01 Nov 2010
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Justin Bieber Pants Fall Down and Pics in Lakers Game with Jaden Smith

Justin Bieber Picture In LAKERS GAME!! with his bro Jaden Smith..well while watching the ball game when Justin Jump he's pant fall down again!! but i think it's normal for justin haha!!

25 Nov 2010
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Justin Bieber Flirts with Brazillian girl and shows his abs and butt :o

he flirts with her and then shows his abs!

04 Aug 2010
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Justin Bieber Saw Game Solucion Walkthrough

Visita nuestro blog: Solución al juego Justin Bieber Saw Game de INKAGAMES

24 May 2011
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If you were Jason McCann's Girlfriend (1/20)

If u were Jason McCann's Boyfriend, and you don't know that he is a murder, WHAT?! In case you don't know, Jason McCann is Justin Bieber's character in CSI:Season 11 THIS IS A BOUNS STORY. YOU DON'T NEED TO READ IT JUST COMMENT. It's like the stories that starts with YOU. As your name. U are Jason McCann's boyfriend. (Justin Bieber. This ONLY ends to episode 20. IF U LOVE IT SO MUCH MAYBE IWILL HIGHER IT UP. Characters: Jason McCann -- Troubled Teenager Timothy Johnson- Jason's friend to help with the bombs and booby traps Nick Strokes- Some cop guy who wants to be Jason's friend to stop bombing the city. And....YOU- Jason's Girlfriend. ____________________________________________ Your POV I was walking to school. I cant wait to see Jason because after the day we went out, he said he was totally into me. I think him really bad, as a bad boy, to me my girlfriend. He's the nicest guy in school but always gets in trouble. His grades are bad, he once got trouble for sneaking out to the washroom for the whole period just to hangs out with girls. He's the most popular guy, smart to dumb, and his brown hair is just too perfect. You went off to school, excited to see Jason. You saw him putting something secretly in his locker. "Hey Jason" "Hey baby" He kisses you. "Whats that?" You point to the thing that he putted in his locker. "Um...stuff...for science class...You don't need to know." He walkd off to class leaving u out. You got igored and u opened his locker to find what's ...

21 Feb 2011
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Bad Boy In Love (Part 1)

Oh, and also, I will be writing in a different format. ---------------------------------------------------- ••Your POV•• I was sitting in my room, listening to music, when my dad knocks on my door. "Come in," I said. My dad walked in, his eyes sagging from overload. He works way to much. I'm usually home alone or I go for a walk. But I'm never aloud to be byself. I have to take Duchess with me, but I don't mind. I love her. She's the best dog in the world. "I'm sorry, sweetie, but I have to go to work. And it'll be an over nighter." He said with sadness. "Dad," I started, "why did you have to become a cop? Couldn't you just be a security guard?" My dad looked at me intently, "Because, I can't loose you as well. I want to prevent the murders that happen everyday. I wish I could be everywhere in the world, saving innocent people. Your mother..." His eyes started to water and he sniffed. "Your mother died because of murderer, and I want to save everyone from the pain we have suffered. Right now, I gotta go with Travis (Another cop) an keep watch. There's a murderous teenager on the lose. I'll see you tomorrow. Want me to pick you up from school?" I sigh, "Yea, sure." Dad left for the police station. I layed down on my bed and thought about all of the innocent lives that were killed. I started to think about my mom and tears ran down my cheeks. Buddy jumped on my bed and curled up next to me. I pet him, but tears continued to slowly roll down my cheeks. I drifted off to sleep ...

05 Jun 2011
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Justin Bieber Sagging Part 1

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