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Description: https://www.facebook.com/moderndayseershttp://www.streamsministries.com/In this video, John Paul Jackson of Streams Ministries International and others speak about dreams and visions. Joel 2:28 speaks of dreams, visions, and prophecy increasing as the Holy Spirit is poured out.John Paul Jackson has had dreams and visions most of his life starting at a very young age. Through a dream interpretation experience, John Paul Jackson realized the need to not only interpret peoples dreams but to also teach others to do the same. Dreams and visions make up a large portion of the bible and God's people were always lead by prophetic experiences, dreams, visions, and other revelatory experiences. In fact Job 33 says that God speaks in these ways and we do not perceive it and that God speaks through dreams to keep us from the pit.John Paul Jackson speaks of the difference between Christian dream interpretation verses psychoanalytical dream interpretation method. In the biblical method it is believed that dreams given by God spoken into us. In the psychoanalytical dream interpretation method dreams come from the inner man, psyche, or the soul. Both are similar in that they can help identify problems in us but one creates a belief system that say the soul is the answer we need and the other that God is the answer.Nightmares, fear dreams, and dark dreams can be scary and negative experiences. But we can learn to flip the meaning of these dreams or even change the outcome. Many children have nightmares that cause us to not trust God, not walk in our destiny, and to cause us to make an inner vow that we do not want to dream.Many times God will give us warning dreams to keep us from pride and from the pit or the trap which the Enemy has laid for us. Joseph the step-father of Jesus was given a warning in a dream to not return the way they had come but instead to go another way back home.John Paul Jackson also speaks to us about calling dreams which are meant to propel us into our destinies. John Paul Jackson gives us the biblical example of Abraham receiving a calling dream.As we value and focus on the dreams God gives us we will receive even more of these dreams from Him.John Paul Jackson speaks to us about intrinsic and extrinsic dream and how to discern the difference. John Paul also speaks of the different categories of dreams. Moses asked to know God's ways and dream interpretation is a great way to get to know God and His ways.We at Modern Day Seers recommend all John Paul Jackson's Steams Ministries Courses including "The Are of Hearing God", "Understanding Dream and Visions", and the "Dream Interpretation Workshop". Each of these courses will propel you into a deeper intimacy with God.

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Prophetic Headlines

Recorded October 4, 2012 during "Beyond with John Paul". Don't be afraid, but be prepared. John Paul Jackson reiterates some important tips that may save you from some headaches in the days that lie ahead. He also releases more of the 'prophetic headlines' the Lord has shown him over past years. Watch full episodes of Beyond with John Paul, Dreamipedia, Unplugged, and more! Only on StreamsTV plus. Visit our website for articles and other resources on dreams, the prophetic, and the supernatural: www.streamsministries.com Visit the Streams TV page to see more free content, as well as learn more about Streams TV Plus streamsministries.com

10 Oct 2012
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What, or who, are angels? What does the Bible say about them and the other spiritual beings that dwell in the spiritual world? John Paul Jackson and the other guests on Table Talk discuss this fascinating subject from a Biblical perspective and personal experience. Joni Table Talk can be seen on the Daystar Television Network. To learn more, visit www.daystar.com For more information on John Paul Jackson, visit the Streams Ministries website at www.streamsministries.com

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John Paul Jackson, Prophecy Overview, With Details, 1.14.2012 The Coming Perfect Storm In what Jackson refers to as a revelation from the Lord, he released a statement in 2008 called The Coming Perfect Storm. In this statement, he spoke of a time coming to America and the world where economic, military, religious, political, and geophysical issues and events would occur in a relatively small period of time to make up a perfect storm of calamity. This statement was made public in July 2008, months before the stock market and banking crisis of 2008. Recently Jackson was a guest on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! radio and television program which aired on Trinity Broadcasting Network, The Inspiration Network, GOD TV, Daystar Television Network and other regional television stations. In the interview, Jackson describes in detail the events that were revealed to him. "I saw the year 2010 was going to be very difficult, especially as you get further into 2010. I saw the year, I kept hearing an angel saying in a deep loud voice, 'The woes of 2012. The woes of 2012. The woes of 2012.' I don't know what those woes are, Sid. The angel did not tell me about those woes. But there was more emphasis on those woes than almost anything else that I was given." In a more recent web video series called "The Perfect Storm Revisited", Jackson elaborated more on his original message. In this video, he clarified his earlier statements regarding the year 2012. While stating he still did not know ...

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John Paul Jackson speaking at the Seeing, Hearing and Knowing Conference, for CDs/DVDs: visit bestofitec.com

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Sid Roth - It`s Supernatural | Interview Of John Paul Jackson

God has given proven prophet John Paul Jackson insight into the future of America. This week John Paul shares what God has shown him of a coming "Perfect Storm" capable of bringing unpredictable calamity to the United States through the elements of war, politics, economics, religion and geophysical issues. Hear John Paul discuss these future events and how you can prepare for the coming Perfect Storm. *Subscribe For More*

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The Perfect Storm - Matt Sorger with John Paul Jackson -Part 1 of 2

On Matt Sorger's show "Power for Life" - Prophet John Paul Jackson outlines what he calls the Perfect Storm of circumstances that will strike the earth and how you can be prepared. Part 1 of 2. Watch Part 2 of this interview on Matt's YouTube channel www.youtube.com (Permission granted by Matt Sorger Ministries for us to share Matt's show "Power for Life" here on our channel) Matt's book Power For Life "Experience everything you were created for!" powerforlifebook.com MSM Store http mattsorger.com A Question Posted in Video Comments What denomination does God want us to turn to? Here is a website with some answers to this: Christian Denominations? Does God approve Division or Unity? www.gospelway.com

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The old saying is true: "It's not what you know, it's Who you know." Many in the church seek power when they should be seeking authority. John Paul Jackson talks about the difference between the two on Joni Table Talk. To learn more about power and authority, check out John Paul's CD on the subject at www.streamsministries.com Joni Table Talk can be seen on the Daystar Television Network. To learn more, visit www.daystar.com For more information on John Paul Jackson, visit the Streams Ministries website at www.streamsministries.com

13 Sep 2011
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GIFT OF PROPHECY defined with john paul jackson

gift of prophecy defined with john paul jackson more info and good videos at my website www.cultureforchrist.com please subscribe and share to support!!

12 May 2012
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ISD Live with John Paul - Prophecy Today, Flying in Dreams, Prophetic Word for Canada, Hebrews 6:4-6

In this excerpt from January 2012's ISD Live with John Paul Jackson: John Paul talks about prophecy after Jesus and whether or not it still is applicable, what flying/levitating in your dreams typically means, what God has told him about Canada, and the meaning of Hebrews 6:4-6. John Paul's ISD Live is a monthly subscription based webinar that features up to date prophetic insights from John Paul, Biblical teaching, live Q&A, and more. Sign up today at www.streamsministries.com

13 Jan 2012
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John Paul Jackson helps in dream interpretation, as people get more clarity and confirmation on what God -Who loves and cares about them- was speaking to them in their 'night parables'. (This video in its entirety is made available free for viewing/streaming from Mahesh Chavda Ministries at www.moreglory.com).

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blog.streamsministries.com http WSCIRO - Seek Christian Internet Radio Outreach Station Blog: wscirochristianradioweb1.blogspot.com Blog Talk Radio blogtalkradio.com Seek Christian Teaching & Worship Center www.mychurch.org Sid Roth of "Its Supernatural" interviews John Paul Jackson on Dream Interpretation. sidroth.org Life In The Spirit Seminar Talk 1: God's Love -- " I Wanna Know What Love Is" www.youtube.com Talk 2: Salvation -- "Back To The Garden" www.youtube.com Talk 3: New Life -- "Securing The Victory" www.youtube.com Talk 4: God's Gifts - TBA Talk 5: Receiving The Gift of the Holy Spirit - TBA Talk 6: Transformation - TBA Talk 7: Growth -TBA Drs' Jeffrey and Shirley Canniff, General Managers of WSTK-ITV have posted a blog page at: www.wstk-itvbroadcastnetwork.blogspot.com on google. Their primary purpose in doing Bulletin Spotlight occassionally is to introduce WSTK-ITV video of the month from the folks in the WSTK-ITV faith community here on WSCIRO You Tube Channel as well as present to subscriber's, friends, and the future WSTK-ITV Faith-based family the latest in news development and updates related to WSTK-ITV and the community at large. We hope that this will bring a greater christian presence to the You Tube audience. Help WSTK-ITV Support The Florida Outpouring by purchasing products from Zazzle at the following address www.zazzle.com Purchasing Join Dr. Shirley Canniff on WSTK-ITV on FACE BOOK! www.facebook.com Please visit Glory Streams ITV @ the link ...

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WSTK-ITV - Sid Roth Interviews John Paul Jackson On "The Perfect Storm"

streamsministries.com God has given proven prophet John Paul Jackson insight into the future of America. This week John Paul shares what God has shown him of a coming "Perfect Storm" capable of bringing unpredictable calamity to the United States through the elements of war, politics, economics, religion and geophysical issues. Hear John Paul discuss these future events and how you can prepare for the coming Perfect Storm.

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John Paul Jackson

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