Jeff Dunham - Achmed the Dead Terrorist

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Achmed sings a christmas song, enjoy! Text: Dashing through the sand with a bomb strapped to my back. I have a nasty plan for Christmas in Iraq. I got through checkpoint A, but not through checkpoint B. That's when I got shot in the ass by the US Military... [it's not funny!] Oooh, jingle bombs, jingle bombs Mine blew up you see. Where are all the virgins that Bin Laden promised me? Oooh, jingle bombs, jingle bombs US soldiers shot me dead. The only thing that I have left is this towel up on my head. I used to be a man, but every time I cough, thanks to Uncle Sam, my nuts keep falling off. My bombing days are done. I need to find some work. Perhaps it would be much safer as a convenient store night clerk. Oooh, jingle bombs, jingle bombs I think I got screwed. Don't laugh at me because I'm dead or I'll kill you... I KILL YOUOUOU! PLEASE SUPPORT JEFF DUNHAM BY BUYING HIS DVDS! Goto www.jeffdunham.com for more information!

20 Dec 2007
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Jeff Dunham in a clip from his show 'Sparks of Insanity' Subscribe to our channel, www.youtube.com We bring more laughter into your day.

29 Feb 2012
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An extended clip from Jeff Dunham's Very Special Christmas Special. This one features Achmed the Dead Terrorist...disguised as Santa Claus. Get Jeff's latest stand-up special DVD Controlled Chaos: amzn.to See Jeff and the Gang on Tour: www.jeffdunham.com Jeff's Very Special Christmas Special DVD: amzn.to Twitter: www.twitter.com/jeffdunham Facebook: www.facebook.com/jeffdunham Website: www.jeffdunham.com Official Merchandise: www.jeffdunham.com/shop Thanks for watching!

07 Dec 2011
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Now for a change of pace... Jeff Dunham and Achmed (The Dead Terrorist) on Fox 9-21-11

21 Sep 2011
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Achmed is an American Woman! This is the final clip in our series of 4 extended videos from Minding the Monsters. Order Minding the Monsters from Amazon.com now! amzn.to Both the DVD and Blu-Ray discs contain over an hour of comedy not seen on TV, including tons of bonus features, horror movie trailers starring all the guys, plus a behind-the-scenes peek into the making of the monsters! There's also audio commentary where you can hear Jeff, along with the director of the movie trailers, plus Kelly Asbury (director of Shrek 2 and Gnomeo and Juliet) talk about the show. For all international broadcast and DVD information, go here: www.jeffdunham.com

19 Oct 2012
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Achmed the Dead Terrorist New Version =))))

Alex Alexandru
04 Dec 2009
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A clip of Jeff Dunham and Achmed the Dead Terrorist from Jeff's classic stand-up special and DVD, "Spark of Insanity". Pt. 1

12 Nov 2008
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Free MP3 Download of Jeff Dunham - Achmed the Dead Terrorist, german subtitled high quality MP4

Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham presents Achmed, the Dead Terrorist (for all the german visitors subtitled in german)

27 Apr 2008
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Free MP3 Download of Jeff Dunham - Ahmed The Dead Terrorist (Part 1/2) HD high quality MP4

This is the extremely funny performance from Jeff Dunham and Ahmed the Dead Terrorist. I have downloaded this clip and turned it into HD for better viewing. I don't own this video or any rights to it. Part 2 - www.youtube.com

11 Aug 2009
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Free MP3 Download of Jeff Dunham - Achmed The Dead Terrorist high quality MP4

Jeff Dunham - Achmed The Dead Terrorist

07 Nov 2007
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A sketch called "Achmed the dead terrorist" by Jeff Dunham. Honestly you guys, don't come barking at me if you find it racist, hey, I'm just the uploader!

27 Sep 2007
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Achmed, the dead terrorist... (Jeff Dunham, ventriloquist & stand-up comedian, "Spark of Insanity", 2007) Good evening, Achmed!~Good evening... Infidel!~So you 're a terrorist?~Yes, I am a terrorist...~What kind of terrorist?~A terrifying... terrorist!~Are you scared?~Not really, no.~Aaargh! And now?~Not really, no.~HuHaaah! How 'bout now?~No.~God damn it! Oh.. I mean "Allah" damn it! Silence! I kill you!~So Akhmed...~No, no, it's Achmed~That's what I said!~No you said Akmed, it's Achmed! "gh", "gh", "gh"... Silence! I kill you!~How do you spell it?~What?~How do you spell your name?~Oh, let's see... A... C... Phlemgh... Silence! I kill you!~So Achmed, if you're a terrorist, I would suppose you have some sort of specialty?~Yes, I am a suicide bomber.~So you' re finished?~What?~You 've done your job.~No, I haven't!~But you 're dead!~No, I'm not! I feel fine!~But you 're all bone!~It's a flesh wound!~Silence! I kill you! What the hell happened to my feet? Son of a bitch! What the hell? What are you doing? Stop touching me! I kill you!~Allright, just hold on, we'll fix this!~Ok, wait! What are you doing? Holy crap I'm in the air! Wait, something is backwards... holy crap! I need some ligaments!~Just sit still!~Ok, I will not move my ass!~You idiot, you don't have an ass!~Is that Walter?~Yeah...~He scares the crap out of me! Please, do not put me back in the same suitcase!~Why?~He has gas!~Saddam's mustard gas was nothing compared to a Walter fart!~It's not funny! He will kill ...

12 Nov 2007
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Jeff Dunham - Achmed the

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