Jayamangala Gatha: Proud to be a Buddhist

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Description: Jayamangala Gatha: Stanzas of VictoryThe recital of the Jayamangala Gatha, a set of eight benedictory stanzas extolling the virtues of the Buddha, is usually done on important occasions or when inaugurating any venture of significance. The contents of the stanzas, when recited clearly, are intended to bring happiness and success in all good endeavours we embark upon. These verses have come to be called "The Stanzas of Victory" or Jayamangala Gatha. A unique feature that concludes each verse is the line "By virtue of this, may joyous victory be yours." These stanzas are regarded as efficacious because they relate to eight occasions, each based on beautiful story, where the Buddha triumphed over his powerful opponents by the sheer power of good. Through these verses, one will realize that true victory is JOY; where none is left dejected or in pain. Each time the Buddha triumph over His adversaries, He left them with realizations and awe over the pure powers of generosity, patience, self control, loving kindness, serenity, peace, truthfulness and other virtues. The vanguished never leaves without lamp of wisdom being lighted; ensuring them greater happiness. While the origin of these stanzas is shrouded in mystery, it can be stated with certainty that they were compose in Sri Lanka by a devout Buddhist poet.___________________________These photos were taken by Sakal M.P. Kim and Jendhamuni Sos at Wat Promrat and Wat Bo, SiemRiep and in Battambang, Phnom Penh, Kampong Speu, Kingdom of Cambodia, in June of 2008. ___________________________Jayamangala Gatha, Stanzas of Victory, by Messengers of Dharma (M.O.D.). This CD is donated to me by my youtube friend from Malasia (I'm so sorry I couldn't remember your screen name).

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Jayamangala Gatha: Proud to be

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