Jaya Mangala Gatha

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Description: Jaya Mangala Gatha at the Independence Day

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Free MP3 Download of Maha Jaya Mangala Gatha 吉祥偈 high quality MP4

Buddhist Dhamma Talk, Pali Chanting, Sanskrit Chanting & Song,MP3,Audio,Video free download Malaysia, Petaling Jaya Tibetan Han version

18 Sep 2008
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Free MP3 Download of jayamangala gatha - nanda malini.flv high quality MP4

jayamangala gatha - nanda malini

03 Dec 2011
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Free MP3 Download of Jayamangala Gatha Original Version.wmv high quality MP4

Stanzas of the victorious Auspices (Jayamangala-gatha) Bahum sahassam-abhinimmita sayudham tam Girimekhalam uditaghora sasenamaram Danadidhammavidhina jitava munindo Tam tejasa bhavatu te jayamangalani. With a thousand arms and created weapons that (Elephant) Girimekhala with Mara, risen with fierceness together with his army, Through righteous means, such as generosity, the Lord of Sages won. Through that power may there be victorious auspices to you. Maratirekam-abhiyujjhita sabbarattim Ghorampanalavakamakkha-m-athaddhayakkham Khantisudantavidhina jitava munindo Tam tejasa bhavatu te jayamangalani. More than (even) Mara contending all night through, Indeed, the fierce and obdurate yakkha alavaka, Through forbearance, the well trained method, the Lord of Sages won. Through that power may there be victorious auspices to you. Nalagirim gajavaram atimattabhutam Davaggicakkam-asaniva, sudarunam tam Mettambusekavidhina jitava munindo Tam tejasa bhavatu te jayamangalani. Nalagiri the great elephant fully drunk, Like a circle of jungle-fire, that one, terrible like a thunderbolt, Through means of sprinkling the water of loving kindness, the Lord of Sages won. Through that power may there be victorious auspices to you. Ukkhittakhaggam-atihatthasudarunam tam Dhavam tiyojanapathan'gulimalavantam Iddhibhi sankhatamano jitava munindo Tam tejasa bhavatu te jayamangalani. Holding up (his) sword with lifted hand that very fierce, That Angulimala running the distance of three leagues ...

04 Dec 2011
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Free MP3 Download of Jaya Mangala Gatha-Verses of Auspicious Victory (rare Pali version)-Buddhist Chant of India high quality MP4

Derived from the Book of Protection (Paritta Sutta) from the Pali canon, the Jaya Mangala Gatha is sung here in a rare recording by the Mahabodhi Society of India in original Pali. The Jaya Mangala Gatha is a chant recommended by the Buddha to destroy negativity and to generate auspiciousness. It proclaims the 8 major victories of the Buddha which are: 1) Victory over Mara 2) Victory over the demon Alavaka 3) Victory over the wild elephant Nalagiri 4) Victory over serial killer Angulimala 5) Victory over the evil intentions of Cinca who sought to defame 6) Victory over the haughty brahmin Saccaka 7) Victory over the serpent king Nandopananda 8) Victory over the false views of Brahma Baka It is important to understand that most of these are allegorical stories that relate to the Buddha defeating the negative aspects of his (Mara and Alavaka) and others' minds. It is said that these verses if chanted with a clear and pure intention are helpful in protecting the seeker by attracting the Good around. The Pali pronunciation here is exemplary and difficult to find. In Pali: Bahum sahassam-abhinim mita sayudham tam Girimekhalam udita ghora sasena maram Danadidhamma vidhina jitava munindo Tarn tejasa bhavatu te jayamangalani Maratirekam-abhiyuj jhita sabbarattim Ghorampanalavaka makkha mathaddha yakkham Khanti sudanta vidhina jitava munindo Tam tejasa bhavatu te jayamangalani Nalagirim gajavaram atimatta bhutan Davaggicakkam-asanlva sudarunantam Mettambuseka vidhina jitava ...

21 May 2011
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Free MP3 Download of Jayamangala Gatha (Stanzas of Victory) - English Meaning high quality MP4

Jayamangala Gatha, Stanza of Victory, by Messengers of Dharma The recital of the Jayamangala Gatha, a set of eight benedictory stanzas extolling the virtues of the Buddha, is usually done on important occasions or when inaugurating any venture of significance. The contents of the stanzas, when recited clearly, are intended to bring happiness and success in all good endeavours we embark upon.

Thushanga Bandara
28 Jan 2011
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Free MP3 Download of Jayamangala Gatha Sinhala ITN high quality MP4

Sinhala Version of Jayamangala Gatha Sung by: Nanda Malini Courtesy of: ITN Corporation

21 Apr 2008
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Free MP3 Download of Jayamangala Gatha high quality MP4

The Buddha's Eight Great Victories in art with music from Buddha Gitanjali, Buddhist Relief Mission

26 May 2008
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Free MP3 Download of Pali Chanting - Maha Jaya Mangala Gatha.flv high quality MP4

May the Great Joyous Victory Be Yours Always.

Dhammadhara Y
02 Dec 2009
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Free MP3 Download of BAHUM MAHA JAYAMANGALA GATHA. Eng.Sub, พาหุง ซับอังกฤษ high quality MP4

BAHUM -- MAHA JAYAMANGALA GATHA (Translation) 1.Mara, the Evil One, assuming a fierce form with a thousand arms; each brandishing a deadly weapon, stormed forward roaring, accompanied by his formidable hosts and riding on his elephant, Girimekhala. Him the Sovereign Sage conquered by evoking the might of his exalted perfection of giving among others. By his mighty triumph may joyous victory be yours ! 2.Even more fiendish than Mara was Alavaka, the impetuous and haughty yakkha who fought a nightlong battle with the Lord. Him the Sovereign Sage conquered through enduring patience flowing from his unequaled self-mastery. By his mighty triumph may joyous victory be yours ! 3.Provoked to run amok, Nal?agiri, the king tusker, like a raging forest fire murderously assailed all in his path, and struck such horror in them as would Indra's thunder bolt, the irresistible destroyer. Him the sovereign Sage tamed by sprinkling over him the cooling water of allembracing love. By his mighty triumph may joyous victory be yours 4.With sword upraised in expert hands did the savage robber, Angulimala, pursue the Lord for a full three leagues. Him the Sovereign Sage conquered by his supernatural powers. By his mighty triumph may joyous victory be yours ! 5.Posing as a pregnant woman by tying a piece of wood to her belly, Cinca falsely accused (the Buddha) with lewd words in the midst of a devout congregation. Her the Sovereign Sage subdued through his imperturbable serenity. By his mighty ...

Sun Thaimalay
24 May 2011
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Free MP3 Download of [Audio] Jaya Mangala Gatha (Male Version).wmv high quality MP4

Original artist : Imee Ooi (female)

24 Jul 2011
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Free MP3 Download of Jaya Mangala Gatha high quality MP4

Practical methods and resources to learn and enhance the dynamic Buddhist practice of Mandala Visualization, Sutra Recitation, & Mantra Chanting. gongyosense.blogspot Song of Joyous Victory

23 Jan 2010
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Free MP3 Download of Jaya Mangala Gatha high quality MP4

Rahula Dhamma Day at Chiswick Buddhist Vihara. Shenuri sings with others

04 Apr 2010
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Jaya Mangala Gatha

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