HUD Theme Evolution + Rainmeter + Alienware Media Skin & Wallpaper 2012

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Description: This my HUD Evolution Theme with Rainmeter + Alienware Media Skin & Modified Wallpaper...HUD EVOLUTION ThemeHUD EVOLUTION Basic ThemeHUD EVOLUTION Topshell ThemeHUD EVOLUTION Topshell Basic ThemeHUD EVOLUTION Icons3 Wallpapers (Thanks to Submicron)System ClockShell32 Control panel imagesLAUNCH CursorsHUD Sound SchemeSystem Properties LogoGetting Started top PaneGames Menu Preview PaneNew WEI index images with square borderswmploc (Windows Media Player) Skin/ModNew Fonts Eurostile, Unsteady Oversteer and VibrocentricTheme Resource ChangerRainmeter & Alienware Media Player SkinFIRST DOWNLOAD THE FOLLOWING!HUD Evolution Download Link:http://www.mediafire.com/?6n82lntf8w1u13mRainmeter & Alienware Media Player Skins (Updated 11-06-2012)http://www.mediafire.com/?3811hdd6vd81q39HOW TO INSTALL:HUD Evolution Theme Installation Tutorialhttp://youtu.be/fW_WAvsHhEoRainmeter Installation Tutorialhttp://youtu.be/lalUzcizcW4

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Hey what's up ANDREW KRAMER here and welcome to another very exciting tutorial! JUST KIDDING! HAHAHA! Okay this is just a continuation for my Previous video about "HUD EVOLUTION THEME & RAINMETER SKIN" without clear details on how to install it, coz some of you are having trouble with the "ORB & SIDE Panels" that doesn't change after the installation,. so I decided to make a tutorial for that,. I took my old hard drive and install a new copy of Windows 7 on it just to make this tutorial FOR ALL OF YOU GUYS! (Coz I don't want to Ruin my Main Hard Drive) and SERIOUSLY I'm not good in ENGLISH so try to Understand.. Okay, So There's a lot of HUD tutorial around here in Youtube but this tutorial is more specific, that will help you "Maybe" eventhough, there's no "narration or voice" to guide you through,. (am i right about using "narration")? It was just random Music that I picked up inside my Drive "JUST ENJOY the Music" Coz I don't have a good MIC here yet but maybe next time.. and I would love to hear my voice Inside my video someday hehehe.. Just like ANDREW KRAMER,... I love the way he speak on his tutorials,..Really,.. And by the way, you can also search and download HUD LAUNCH, and HUD APOCALYPSE theme for free and they are Exactly desame on Installation Procedure,but they're totally different in looks & Color (Launch is ORANGE and Apocalypse is RED) (But I love Blue Color and I don't have the links of those themes, just search it here in Youtube,. There's a lot of ...

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An epic Windows 7 theme made with Rainmeter. I got it from a russian site and I translated a lot of it. Also edited it a little. Download the full skin here: 7themes.su Yes, its a russian website but that isn't a problem. You can translate the whole site with google. (Use Chrome) You can also just click the obvious download link. Just because its russian doesn't mean its differend then a english skin site. There are 2 folders in the skin that have a russian name. (Those are the files for the sparks). I re-wrote the code for those because they didn't work. So delete those and replace them with these: www.mediafire.com Just put both folders in "C:\Users\...\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\HUD Digital"

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So...Pretty amazing right? The things I used for this desktop is: HUD Evolution Theme:www.torrentreactor.net Rainmeter:rainmeter.net Iron Man Skin (Jarvis, Interface, Notes, Reader):creativx.net Space Skin (Clock, Left Sidebar):browse.deviantart.com Modotate (For 3D Desktop): www.softpedia.com This only works for WINDOWS 7! Please be sure to comment rate and subscribe! If you have ANY questions or need help, just comment

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Hey what's up ANDREW KRAMER here and welcome to another very exciting tutorial! (AGAIN, JUST KIDDING!) lol! I just love how the way Mr. KRAMER speaks on his Video Tutorials for VIDEOCOPILOT.NET I Would love to Speak like that but unfortunately i'm not good in ENGLISH.. ;C So I'll just Forget that as for now,.. Okay let's back to my Tutorial,.. now I'm done with "HUD Evolution Theme Installation Tutorial" so today I'm going to show you how to install RAINMETER and its skins (BlueVision & RED HAL) (Those cool things on my Desktop)^^ It's pretty easy,.. Just Watch the Video Carefully,. ^^ and Maybe this Guide Will help you.. So First Install the rainmeter 2.0 or higher Then RUN it,. Close those Default Skin by right clicking on it and hit "close skin" [as the Video Shown above] Then install the BlueVision Skin and run it (Watch the Video for the Arrangement and its Settings),.Its up to you how you're going to arrange those skins in your desktop and it will take you some TIME to organize those skins.. and the last thing is Installing THE HAL Skin (Watch the Video) You can Recolor the HAL Skin to match with you BlueVision Skins by editing its PNG File located at Documents\Rainmeter's Folder Using Adobe Photoshop or any PhotoEditing Software,.. There are also different rainmeter skins but they're not looking quite good for me,. you can just explore it and apply if you like,.. Rainmeter, BlueVision Skins & Alienware WMP SkinsDOWNLOAD LINK: www.mediafire.com I hope you find this ...

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i didnt put objectdock download links: HUD THEME: www.mediafire.com PATCHER: www.softpedia.com RAINMETER AND SKINS: www.mediafire.com i guarantee this works 100% it worked for me perfectly!!!! Patch ur pc firs then install the theme!!!!! please rate comment and subscribe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Asus 6 core, 16 gig's of ram Rip Jaws 2 terabyte hard drive 7200RPM ! What a pain in the butt I had to code everything to make the ICONS work together ugh.{links at bottom} TheHacker0007 has some tutorials on his channel. My net is very slow. Rain Meter skin HUD Digital, and TECH-A !{Download link: www.mediafire.com Windows 7 X-Dark with HUD evolution theme. link de HUD DIGITAL: www.mediafire.com programa rainmeter.softonic.com Make sure Rain Meter is 2.3 you will have to manually install the package. If you can't figure it out let me know I will do a tutorial on it for you all. You may need also Third Party Plug in activator. Install this program first before watching video so that everything works! :)* install x86 or x64 according to your windows! www.mediafire.com **Your computer needs to be patched for 3rd party themes for this to work! Watch this video for more info: www.youtube.com *Watch this for help with installing custom icons (7TSP) www.youtube.com Hope you guys liked the video! :) Download link: www.mediafire.com Thanks for watching!! Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com Please like, favorite and leave a comment below Don't forget to subscribe!! How to patch 3rd party themes : www.youtube.com Red and black version of this theme - HUD RED: www.youtube.com Yellow version of this theme along with icons : www.youtube.com Thanks for watching!!

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HUD Evolution Premium Windows 7 Theme for FREE with 2 Original Installers for 64 bit and 32 bit. There are 4 styles to chose from, 2 for the bottom details pane position (default) and 2 for the top details pane position, there is an aero and a basic style for both, The basic styles are also fully skinned and worth taking a look at and some people may even prefer it. HUD EVOLUTION Theme HUD EVOLUTION Basic Theme HUD EVOLUTION Topshell Theme HUD EVOLUTION Topshell Basic Theme HUD EVOLUTION Icons 3 Wallpapers (Thanks to Submicron) System Clock Shell32 Control panel images LAUNCH Cursors HUD Sound Scheme System Properties Logo Getting Started top Pane Games Menu Preview Pane New WEI index images with square borders wmploc (Windows Media Player) Skin/Mod New Fonts Eurostile, Unsteady Oversteer and Vibrocentric Theme Resource Changer And much more!! ============================================ Download Link :adf.ly ( update ) ============================================= Like my Page : www.facebook.com Subscribe : www.youtube.com ============================================= @2012 TDE

05 Mar 2012
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This is the new setup for my desktop. A new, awesome and Ironman-like design that intrigues me. Programs used: Rainmeter, Xion player, Rocket Dock, Fraps Music: I'll Face Myself - Persona 4 OST (By Shoji Meguro) Rainmeter: Tech - A by Burnwell88 (burnwell88.deviantart.com Background images link (optimized for 1080p -16/9 displays): tigerclaws12894.deviantart.com #Disclaimer: All the media content in this video belong to their rightful owners.

Tiger Claws
01 May 2012
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This is my dekstop theme, Winstep x-treme please visit : gigapurbalingga.blogspot.com Samurize Free Download Samuraize. Please Visit Here: gigapurbalingga.blogspot.com Alienware wmp skin Free Download Alienware wmp Skin. Please Visit here: Ailenware invader : gigapurbalingga.blogspot.com...

Gilang Senja
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retep nacabacrj
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1 first rainmeter.net 2 ironman theme rainmeter browse.deviantart.com 3 xion.r2.com.au 4 www.wincustomize.com 5 icon..www.wincustomize.com theme www.wincustomize.com skin all www.mediafire.com 7 theme full glass centrododownloads.blogspot.com 8 theme alien n icon free-premiumsoftware.blogspot.com 9 nitro tech www.wincustomize.com 10 widgets www.wincustomize.com 11 plugin audio player xion.r2.com.au 12 my song www.mediafire.com kowg try ok...install plugin dlu lau winamp kow xleh install.... check my blog sport ak...lau xleh uat.. ak tranfers fail je at kowg..hehehehe . . . add my facebook lan_seth_takashi@yahoo.com . . . .my youtube.. youtu.be youtu.be youtu.be youtu.be youtu.be youtu.be youtu.be player skin 15 pics.....download www.mediafire.com my fb abby_sempoy@yahoo.com

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HUD Theme Evolution + Rainmeter

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