How to wire a GY6 scooter regulator / rectifier and how it all works (Part 3 the regulator)

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Description: Okay, here we test all the voltages with the bike running, and with the bike switched off, this should help you make sure your regulator is properly hooked up, and also properly wired (if this doesn't answer your questions, let me know and I'll do an even more indepth set of videos). But this should cover everything.

How to wire a GY6 scooter regulator / rectifier and how it all works (Part 3 the regulator) - Download MP3 music or MP4 video:

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Free MP3 Download of How to wire a GY6 scooter regulator / rectifier and how it all works (Part 1) high quality MP4

Scott61871 sent me a message saying that his scooter isn't charging, now I know exactly how frustrating this can be because I had exactly the same problem, and no matter how much I searched, there just simply isn't an easy explanation on how to wire it all up and check that everythings working properly online. Eventually I figured it all out, so now here's my laymans terms (because I'm a layman) step by step guide.

28 Oct 2009
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Free MP3 Download of How to wire a GY6 scooter regulator / rectifier and how it all works (Part 2 battery connections) high quality MP4

okay first we take a look at our battery, the fuse and how it's connected up, also we check the voltages and what you should be getting.

28 Oct 2009
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Free MP3 Download of How to wire your GY6 CDI high quality MP4

On the ORANGE Casoli CDI you have: 2 Greens: They are both "Ground" Yellow: that goes to to Positive on your Ignition coil. Red: That goes to the Red/Black wire from the Stator Blue: Goes to your Pick Up Coil that tells your CDI when to release its charge Creating spark. Pick up coil wire color should be (Blue with a white stripe) Black: That is the Kill Switch Wire. That stops the CDI from making Spark. Hope that helps guys!

11 Sep 2012
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And so the "fun" begins. This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

01 Apr 2012
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Gy6 zuma ruckus vino metro performace coil wire

Click here to buy it now: rollingwrenchdenver.com This scooter performance coil wire made by NGK is a must if your trying to get a bit more power out of your scooter. This wire will work on any gy6, qmb139, qmb140, or any model with a removable wire. These can be purchased on our web site at www.rollingwrenchdenver.com

03 Oct 2012
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How To Fix (Replace) A GY6 Flywheel, Cdi, Stator, and Magneto

Follow me on Twitter at: twitter.com Follow me on Facebook at: www.facebook.com This is a video of me showing how to get spark on a Jonway scooter when you can't get spark on the spark plug or if you can't get the scooter started. I go step by step on how to replace the magneto, coil, and the cdi on a scooter. First, I show how to take off the fan cover then the fan and the fan to get to the fly wheel. I show how how to take off the fly wheel so that you can replace the magneto and pick up coil. Next, I show how to put in the new magneto and how the wires go and also how to mount the magneto and the pick up coil. Then, I show how to put back the fly wheel, the fan, and the black outside fan cover on. Thanks for watching. Mechanic: Braaaplive2strokes Scooter: 150cc Jonway scooter **********DISCLAIMER******************* Braaaplive2strokes is not responsible for any damage a viewer may do to their motorcycle(s) or themselves when misunderstanding or not full knowing what the instructions from this video fully meant.

13 Feb 2012
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Fried GY6 Stator

Installed this stator about a month ago. My scooter ran outstanding for about 30 minutes before shutting down on me. When I tried to start the scoot again last night, I started seeing smoke coming from the wire harness. I traced it to the stator wires and here we are.

Justin Shaw
20 Feb 2011
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Riley Sinclaire - GY6 Mount and wiring test

This is a little test video of the plug-n-play wiring harness from Standard Functions and the Mojo weld-on motor mount. Everything seems to be working perfecto.

03 Aug 2010
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Honda Gy6 Ruckus walk around

Update 1/12/11 2008 Honda Ruckus with a Gy6 swap and ATR harness modded for wire tuck. All work, paint, polish was done by me. My name is "empty" on the totalruckus.com forums. Feel free to ask any questions and or leave comments. negative or positive comments welcome (To each his own) added: tt92 dunlop tires, side steps, rdr rear shock, r6 tail light, grapestreetgarage tail light bracket, exhaust header wrap, gojin dress up bolt kit, NAD guard. websites: Standard Functions, Rucksters, Scootermission, Battlescooter, Paranoid Fabrications, Composimo, Bowls. Thanks.

13 Jan 2011
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GY6 150cc Pickup Coil Rebuild / Rewind

I was having trouble with my scooter not wanting to start up after the engine heats up. All I would get is crank/crank/crank until my battery went dead. If I waited for the scooter to cool off, it would usually start up. I replaced the ignition coil, and tried swapping the CDI, and it made no difference. Only thing left was the pick up coil. I live outside the USA and your chances of getting parts for a Chinese scooter is next to zero. I had plenty of enameled copper wire laying around, so I decided to carefully rebuild/rewind the old pickup coil(roughly 1900 turns of 34-36ga copper enamel wire). Once this procedure is done, it makes it extremely easy if you ever had to rewind the coil again. The hard part is stripping the old coil w/o destroying it.

05 Aug 2011
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RUCKSTERS Customs Honda Ruckus GY6 150cc Swap Scooters

RUCKSTERS Customs is a scooter shop that specializes in the Honda Ruckus/Zoomer. We offer a one-stop solution to all your Ruckus needs and provide personalized service. We maintain a wide range of unique inventory, offering consumers the latest & highest quality parts and competitive prices. In addition to selling Ruckus parts, we do custom fabrication, swap kits, installation, paint & body, frame mod, powder coating, anodizing, and mechanic service. The latest addition to our services is offering custom seats & handcrafted upholstery. We also manufacture rPRO, our very own line of parts & accessories. These are some of the things that make up our company, but our forte is building one-off scooters.

01 Jan 2011
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Crappy Chinese GY6 Scooter- Electrical Issue

Sold the bike before i got to the bottom of this problem. Didn't seem worth it to pull apart the spaghetti of wires to fix this piece of China trash.

01 May 2012
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Modified 150cc gy6 scooter with Led Glow kit

scooter has been modified with P&P exhaust & header, performance CDI, NGK Iridium spark plug, performance spark wire, UNI air filter custom intake, K&N small air Filter, 133 re-jet, high flow fuel filter, carbon fiber look back tire fender, carbon fiber look ram fan engine scoop, carbon fiber look mirrors, LedGlow 6 piece light kit, motor oil change too 10w 40 castrol GTX and gear oil change too Lucas 80w 90

26 Sep 2012
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GY6 Scooter Fuel and Vacuum system hands on

DJTAKTICA Has a problem with his scooter fuel system, so I explain how it works, then strip down KARR to show you how it all works. I say petcock too many times, look at vacuum leaks and fuel lines, worth a watch if you like engines of any kind.

13 Jan 2011
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How to wire a GY6

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