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Description: How do you get faster? This soccer tutorial will teach you ways to get faster and how to run fast!Subscribe - http://bit.ly/Yl0FulDo you like FREE Soccer Training Videos?If yes, subscribe to our free weekly OSA eNewsletter at http://www.OnlineSoccerAcademy.com. We feature new soccer training videos, youth player spotlights, motivational quotes and much more!Our mission is to inspire athletes that if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard work anything in life is possible!_________________________________________This Online Soccer Academy (OSA) video is sponsored by our parent company Believe in it®.Believe in it® is apparel that inspires you to reach your goal. It's for Motivated Athletes. All ages, all sports. Shop at http://www.BelieveinitApparel.comSame quality you expect but the inspiration you want. _________________________________________Equipment Needed: Two ConesExercise Player Can Do: Set up a start cone and end cone about 10 -- 15 yards apart. We will now do 5 speed exercises to work on our proper running technique. 1st Exercise -- Heel Over Knee Walking -- 2 SetsHands on your hips, drive your knee up and down, walk down to end cone and light jog back. Point your toe up when driving your knee up, come down on ball of your foot, do not let your heel touch the ground. When jogging back make sure you are jogging on your toes, not flat footed. A coach needs to look at you and think, that player's got good technique. 2nd Exercise -- Heel Over Knee Skipping -- 2 SetsHands on your hips, drive your knee up and down with a little skip in between. The faster our knee goes up and down the faster we will go. Make sure your knee is past your waistline. 3rd Exercise -- Heel Over Knee Fast Knees -- 2 SetsHands on your hips, drive your knee up and down as fast as you can. 4th Exercise -- Heel Over Knee Walking with Arm Technique -- 3 SetsDoes it matter what are arms are doing when we are running? Yes, it does matter! You shouldn't be swimming on the field and you shouldn't be looking like you are carrying luggage! You want your arms cocked at a 90 degree angle. Drive your elbows back and forward, do not straighten your arm on the way back. Do not have your arm motion going sideways, you want it going forward and back. Last point your hand should be going through your hip. So not up high by your chest, but through your hip. The faster your arms go, the faster your legs will go!To practice, sit down with your legs out in front, sit up tall, arms cocked to the side and start practicing your arm technique slowly. Then go fast. Rest and repeat a few times. You are sitting down because if you straighten your arm out, which you are not supposed to do, you will hit the ground. Now lets bring it all together for the exercise. Heel over knee walking using arm technique. Right arm, left leg. Left arm, right leg. This sometimes gets confusing for players so don't get discouraged if you mess up a few times. 5th Exercise -- Running Strides -- 3-5 SetsNow that we have our running technique down lets bring it all together. Do a few running strides, not sprints, at 80 percent across your field working on running technique. (do key points, then do strides for camera)Key Points:Run on your Toes, not heelsDrive your Knees Up, don't just move your feet fastUse Proper Arm TechniqueWhat Player Could Be Doing Wrong: Make sure you are driving your knees up when running. I see a lot of players moving their feet fast but their not going that fast because their knees aren't coming up. Drive your knees up; your thigh/hamstring holds the power, not your feet!Bonus Tip:These speed exercises are good to do as part of your warm up when practicing in your backyard. Practice them often because being fast in soccer isn't everything, but it sure helps! _________________________________________Friend / Follow Online Soccer Academy http://www.Facebook.com/OnlineSoccerAcademyhttp://www.Twitter.com/JaredMontzhttp://www.Instagram.com/JaredMontzhttp://www.YouTube.com/OnlineSoccerAcademy_________________________________________Remember if you Believe in it® and back that up with hard work, anything in life is possible!Free Royalty Free Music from http://www.DanoSongs.com

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How to Increase your Speed

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