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Description: Someone asked why there is no "House Of Pain - Top O' The Mornin' To Ya" song.Well, there is now.Atsiprašau Rasa. :DLyrics :Ya see, I'm Irish, but I'm not a leprechaunYou wanna fight, then step up and we'll get it onYou gotta right to the grill, I'm white and I illA descendant of Dublin with titanic skillI ducked and I swing, next thing your jaw's brokenPunk I ain't jokin', you can bet you'll be chokin'On a fist full a nothin', meanwhile I'll be puffin'On a fat blunt, run punk, you don't know the halfTryin' to talk shit, man, please don't make me laughThese Irish eyes are smilin', I'm buckwildin'The House Of Pain is pumpin', start jumpin'Freak it, funk it, back seat junk itIf you can't get with it, you'll wind up sweatin' itThen you'll get a beatin' just like an eggIt's so hard to run when you've got a broken legBut we can have a run off, the House Of Pain'll come offWe got the cake that you're tryin' to get a crumb offThe Irish style, the Celtic jazzNo one has it, just us that's itIf you try to take it, I got a big shileighlyI don't have dreads cause I shave my head dailyYou call me a skin head, I call you a pin headYo, where you been man, just like the tin manYou got no heart, here comes the good partI pick 'em, buck 'em, cut 'em up, and buck them downNo fuckin' aroundHome boy ya get clown like Krusty, trust meYou shouldn't play, and by the wayTop o' the mornin' to ya[Chorus](What's the hassle man?) Top o' the mornin' to ya [2x](Hey, are you givin' us a hassle man?)Greetings, salutationsPeace to the nations of Zulu and IslamCrack the bottle, rev the throttlePut the gear in, now you're stearin'Like Mario AntrettiSo let me kick it, cause I can make a wickedNoise like a cricketRubbin' his legs, my rhymes are like eggsI'll keep layin' 'em, I'll keep sayin' 'emThis is the House Of Pain, we're far from plainBut we're not fancy, Ron and NancySo just say no, but I say goStraight to hell, I kiss and tellSo if you're a ho, all my friends knowWhat you gotta say, let's hit the hayAnd have no delay, and yo, by the wayTop o' the mornin' to ya[Chorus]Extra extra, read all about itHow could ya doubt it?Now scream and shout it!The House Of Pain soon will reignOver the hip hop scene in white, gold, and greenI rip shit and back flip like a JediI roll with the groove and I'm smooth and you can bet ICome correct and get respect when I'm flowin'Collecting my dough, I got you're girlfriend ho-in'And how do I know that she's funk?I know she's broke cause yo, the T's hung like aShetland pony, gettin' paid like SonySo never ever try to play me out like a phonyCause I can get real thick like a bowl of Malt-o-MealAnd by the way, top o' the mornin' to ya[Chorus]

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House Of Pain - Top

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