Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

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Description: A soldier long thought dead in battle returns to wreak havoc on mankind as a punishment for the fact that he was genetically engineered by a corrupt company.Watch FINAL FANTASY VII: ADVENT CHILDREN and hundreds of other free full-length streaming movies and TV shows on http://www.crackle.comCrackle Twitter: http://twitter.com/crackledotcomBe a Facebook Fan! http://www.facebook.com/crackle

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Free MP3 Download of Final Fantasy Advent Children Trailer high quality MP4

Trailer for Final Fantasy Advent Children. I've seen the movie, and it is truly amazing.

18 Feb 2006
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10 Apr 2009
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Free MP3 Download of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children - One Winged Angel (Music) high quality MP4

What better way to start out this account than to upload one of the most well known game songs ever. Sorry, it's not the Super Mario Bros theme. It's One Winged Angel! This is the Final Fantasy VII AC version, but it's just as good as the original. If you want me to upload a game song, view the list from the URL below and send me a request for it. If you aren't 100% sure of the song name, feel free to describe what happens during the game when the song plays, I'm usually good at that too. www.freewebtown.com Note: Do not ask for me to send you music, I will not. Do not request for music that is not listed, or from other music genres, such as rock.

25 May 2007
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Free MP3 Download of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Trailer high quality MP4

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Trailer. &fmt=18

29 Jan 2009
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Free MP3 Download of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (English Trailer) high quality MP4

FF7: Advent Children Trailer in.....well yes, in English.

24 Sep 2006
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Free MP3 Download of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Startin' high quality MP4

Song: Ayumi Hamasaki - Startin' [PV version] Movie: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children I'm particularly proud of the way this one worked out. I decided to do it to the version from the PV, with the sound effects for the added effect...came out pretty well in my opinion. Translated Lyrics (courtesy of Divine Ayu): "For what purpose are you ashamed of yourself? What is waiting for you after that? Though I really like your way of walking In which you head straight and hit against a wall so often You can start your plan whenever you like And you can end it When it's ready It's up to you * There is no answer No one tells it to you If it exists somewhere You already have it If you have decided to stick to your way Throw out your chest And raise your head There is no point in comparing yourself with someone else Because everyone has one's own measure You are the only one in this world No one can replace you If you still hesitate It's really up to you ** There is no answer No matter where you search for it But you will never have This moment again in your life If you have decided to believe in yourself Accept the answer Even if it's different from your ideal * (repeat) ** (repeat)" The music and footage belong to their respective owners, not me.

20 Sep 2008
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Free MP3 Download of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children COMPLETE; Cloud vs Sephiroth in HD! high quality MP4

NOTE: Mac users may invert the colours of their screen to display this video in its true form. Press control + alt/option + apple then 8 at the same time to invert your screen. To reverse the effects I assume your press them again. Here's a tip for Linux, Ubuntu specific, users: enable compiz and press Super (Windows Key)+M NOTE: Windows users may invert their screen by clicking the Start icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. Click on the search bar and type Magnifier.. The program Magnifier should appear on the list if spelt correctly. Click on Magnifier to open it and then click Invert colors. Now you must press play on the video with it running in HD and return to the magnifier prgram and click undock. Once you have undocked the viewing port you must scale the inverted viewing port over the video so you can see it uninverted. To make the viewing port bigger you must click and hold either corner and drag it to the right size. To reverse the effects just close down Magnifier. Hope this helps! Bear in mind the quality of the actual movie running on a 1080p TV from the disc is much better then what you are seeing here. This is downscaled from 1080p to 720p and compressed by Youtube so the video loses much of its original quality. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hahaha it actually worked. Lets call this watching Advent Children Complete through inverted vision :) Plot: Two years after the events of Final Fantasy VII ...

16 May 2009
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Free MP3 Download of I Believe - Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (blu-ray) high quality MP4

I just really like this song. Yeh, I've done a vid to it already, but this one has all new footage from the blu-ray version of Advent Children. It's been in my file folder for a while now but I finally decided to upload it and see what the response might be. As I said, I like the song...and with the new footage it's a lot better 'version' than the first one (imho). I hope you enjoy it. music - I Believe by Joe Satrianivideo clips - Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (blu-ray edition) thanx to - Square Enix No infringements of copyright are implied or intended. I do not hold any rights to either the music or the video clips. Those belong solely to their respective owners. This is fan-based and intended ONLY for entertainment purposes.

13 Jun 2009
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Free MP3 Download of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Movie Trailer high quality MP4

This is the Advent Children movie trailer that I made. My cousin has the movie downloaded on his computer and I just took all this straight out the movie except the thing at the end that says "Final Fantasy VII", that came out of the original movie trailer. . . But this whole thing is my creation. The song is the theme from requim for a dream. . . I seen it more fitting for this though.

26 May 2006
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Free MP3 Download of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete [English Sub] high quality MP4

Here is the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete Trailer from TOKYO GAME SHOW 2006. You can find the super hi-res version at my site www.silenttweak.net Also there are English subs to this version unlike most version out there. Enjoy! Information: This version of Advent Children is a competely new rendition! New effects, more rugged looking details, scratches, scraps, blood are much clearer. There's also another 30 minutes of footaged added to this version. It'll only be coming out on Blu-Ray and only for Japan. (There has been no information on an International Release). Editor's Note: Because I fansubbed this trailer does not mean I am fansubbing the movie as some of asked. This also means it's not entirely out of the possibility. I might eventually do it, or another fansub group will. So I wouldn't worry too much about not being able to see it.

21 Jan 2008
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Free MP3 Download of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Soundtrack - Safe and Sound high quality MP4

Lyrics: And all my hopes and dreams Aren't for anyone I keep them safe and sound And all these victories Not yours anymore Well can you hear me now? The dead stop dreaming I'll set ablaze this life Your shadow keeps me bright So try and stop me Or suffocate this light Because I can burn all night Until My heart stops beating You'll never hear me say I won´t kiss you If I say It's lost it's meaning If I can't find my way It's over now But I won't walk away Until the day Woah, woah I'm never backing down Woah, woah And hear me say Woah, woah I'll keep it safe and sound Woah, woah I'll keep it safe and - This hopeless feeling This fear of falling down But I'm not crashing now For all this bleeding It wasn't worth the sound Of millions screaming out And still The end comes reeling The curtain calls my name I'm not afraid And I know You may not miss me But I am not ashamed The choice I've made But I can't let this go Until the day Woah, woah I'm never backing down Woah, woah Just hear me say Woah, woah I'll keep it safe and sound Woah, woah I'll keep it safe and - Like a crashing car or dying star Thats racing to the ground Like the final words of the passengers With the engines giving out Will the world Watch us burn Until the day Woah, woah I'm never backing down Woah, woah And hear me say Woah, woah I'll keep it safe and sound Woah, woah I'll keep it safe and sound Woah, woah I'll keep it safe and sound Woah, woah I'll keep it safe and sound Woah, woah I'll keep it safe and ...

28 Jul 2009
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Free MP3 Download of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Battle Theme Songs high quality MP4

Final fantasy VII Advent Children Battle Theme Songs. Song (In order): 1)Those Who Fight(Piano Version) 2)Those Who Fight(AC Version) 3)Those Who Fight Further(AC Version) Artist: Nobuo Uematsu Posted By Krown013 Comment, Rate, Subscribe. If you have a request for a videogame music/song by all means send me a message and I will try to make and post a video on it. ***I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO FINAL FANTASY FRANCHISE OR ANYTHING RELATED TO THE FINAL FANTASY FRANCHISE. THIS IS SIMPLY A FANMADE VIDEO. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO SQUARE/SQUARE ENIX***

07 Jul 2008
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Free MP3 Download of Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children - Those who fight high quality MP4

Check out the retake of this video please since it provides far better video and audio quality, thanks! www.youtube.com This piece starts about ~6:10 in the video, enjoy! ------------------------------ Hi! As I promised a while ago to play the request of the "FF7 Advent Children - Those who fight" I started to practise it about 2-3 weeks ago and here is the first attempt to record it. Don't mind the crappy audio quality from the camera which decreases/increases the recording volume when playing loud/quiet, and kinda filters out the bass/high notes depending on the pedal :/ I hope you enjoy my interpretation of it with some rubatos and little accelerandos.

08 Jun 2006
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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

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