Extremely Powerful Vichitra Veer Hanuman MALA Mantra To Destroy Enemies

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Description: Extremely Powerful Hanuman Mantra to destroy the enemies and to remove all the obstacles & diseases from life.Growing up in a spiritual environment, under the strict guidance of his Guru and surrounded by mahatmas and devotees, Guru Moti Lal ji has been instrumental in providing solutions to many devotees in the world. He is a spiritual scientist and an evolved spiritual guide rejuvenating the knowledge of mantras and stotras to help people live problem free life and getting abundanceFor general queries you can mail him to motilalhanda@gmail.com.For booking a' Hanuman Pooja' or 'Anushthan' or for specific 'Vashikaran' purposes you can mail him to anushthankaphal@gmail.com or call +919464380534Hanuman MALA MantraShriganeshaya Namah |OM Asya ShrivichitravirahanumanmalamantrasyaShriramachandro Bhagavanr^Ishih\, Anushtup Chhandah\,Shrivichitravirahanuman Devata\, MamabhishtasiddhyartheMalamantra Jape Viniyogah |Atha Karanyasah |OM Hram A~Ngushthabhyam Namah |OM Hrim Tarjanibhyam Namah |OM Hrum Madhyamabhyam Namah |OM Hraim Anamikabhyam Namah |OM Hraum Kanishthikabhyam Namah |OM Hrah Karatalakarapr^Ishthabhyam Namah |Atha A~NganyasahOM Hram Hr^Idayaya Namah |OM Hrim Shirase Svaha |OM Hrum Shikhayai Vashat |OM Hraim Kavachaya Hum |OM Hraum Netratrayaya Vaushat |OM Hrah Astraya Phat |Atha Dhyanam |Vame Kare Vairavaham Vahantam Shailam Pare Shrr^I~Nkhalamalayadhyam |Dadhanamadhmatasuvarnavarnam Bhaje Jvalatkundalama~Njaneyam ||OM Namo Bhagavate VichitravirahanumatePralayakalanalaprabhajvalatpratapavajradehayaA~Njanigarbhasambhutaya Prakatavikramaviradaitya\-Danavayaksharakshasagrahabandhanaya Bhutagraha\-Pretagrahapishachagrahashakinigrahadakinigraha\-Kakinigrahakaminigrahabrahmagrahabrahmarakshasagraha\-Choragrahabandhanaya Ehi Ehi Agachchhagachchha\-Aveshayaveshaya Mama Hr^Idayam Praveshaya PraveshayaSphura Sphura Prasphura Prasphura Satyam Kathaya KathayaVyaghramukham Bandhaya Bandhaya Sarpamukham Bandhaya BandhayaRajamukham Bandhaya Bandhaya Sabhamukham Bandhaya BandhayaShatrumukham Bandhaya Bandhaya Sarvamukham Bandhaya BandhayaLa~Nkaprasadabha~Njana Sarvajanam Me Vashamanaya VashamanayaShrim Hrim Klim Shrim Sarvanakarshaya AkarshayaShatrun Mardaya Mardaya Maraya Maraya Churnaya ChurnayaKhe Khe Khe Shriramachandraj~Naya Praj~Naya Mama KaryasiddhiKuru Kuru Mama Shatrun Bhasmi Kuru Kuru Svaha ||OM Hram Hrim Hrum Hraim Hraum Hrah Phat ShrivichitravirahanumateMama Sarvashatrun Bhasmi Kuru Kuru Hana Hana Hum Phat Svaha ||Ekadashashatavaram Japitva Sarvashatrun Vashamanayati Nanyatha Iti |||| Om Shrivichitravirahanumanmalamantrah Sampurnam ||Find Free articles and mantra video on http://mantrascience.blogspot.in/Powerful Baglamukhi Kavach To Destroy Enemies बगलामुखी कवचhttp://youtu.be/JRnb9NX52bsPowerful Shabar Hanuman Mantra for Successhttp://youtu.be/u3LE86r-yjAPowerfull Narasimha kavacham नृसिंहा कवच http://youtu.be/XJ_PS-HP6o4Extremely Powerful Narayan Kavach श्री नारायण कवचhttp://youtu.be/LGDOqkOw5HoPowerful Kali Shabar Mantra for Successhttp://youtu.be/xQydYo7Sij4Extremely Powerful Narasimha Mantra To Destroy Enemieshttp://youtu.be/MGLT30u0gFcExtremely Powerful NAVGRAHA Stotramhttp://youtu.be/shhje6MULq8Most Powerful Amogh Shiv Kavachhttp://youtu.be/ccEiukIvOrEExtremely Powerful Kali Mantra To Destroy Enemyhttp://youtu.be/XKSZl1Q6YA8EXTREMELY POWERFUL VARAH KAVACH Mantra Sciencehttp://youtu.be/FzgabPs6f-8Kali Mantra For Success शक्तिशाली वशीकरण Mantra Sciencehttp://youtu.be/BCCuD4hal_0Apsara Urvashi Shabar Mantrahttp://youtu.be/9Bctj1z59JU

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Extremely Powerful Vichitra Veer Hanuman

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