Every Hello Ends With A Goodbye-A Justin Bieber Love Story~Episode 2

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Description: Katheryn's POV:I got home and did my homework. I kind of though about Justin. And me being his girlfriend. I kind of wanted to, but at the same time... I didn't want to. I ate dinner and took a shower afterwards. I was about to relax and watch some TV, when I heard a knock on my balcony window. Expecting it to be Jade, I opened it. But it was...Justin's POV:Katheryn Elizabeth Manning HAD to be mine. Ryan told me where she lived, because they were close. I knocked on her balcony window. She looked surprised when she saw it was me.Katheryn: "Justin?! How did you find out where I live?! Why are you here?!"She was kind of freaking out.Justin: "That be my name, Ryan told me, and I want to prove to you that I'm a sweet guy."Katheryn: "What?"Justin: "I can be sweet. Not just a player."Katheryn: But... you are a player..."Justin: "Just be ready by 8 tonight. I'll pick you up."And with that, he winked at me and left. I really didn't want to go out with him, yet I still got ready. I dressed in this: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=29617994 and waited for Justin.Jutin's POV:Katheryn's best friend Jade told me she loves Big Time Rush, so I decided to take her to a concert... and make a surprise appearance. So, I pulled up to her house in my Range Rover and she came out looked hot as ever.Katheryn's POV:I had no idea where he was taking me, but I didn't really care. I hopped in his Range Rover.Justin: "You look beautiful Kat"He smiled. D-did he just call me Kat?Katheryn: "T-Thank yo-you."I stared into thoes hazel eyes and thought maybe he wasn't a bad guy.We drove for about 10 minutes and got to a huge building. He told me it was a concert. We went inside and he told me to sit on the couch until his body gaurd, Kenny, told me to get up. About 12 minutes later, Justin's bodygaurd Kenny brought me onstage and sat me on a stool. The room was dark except for a million screaming fans and blinking lights of glowsticks and cell phones. I heard them scream "Big Time Rush!". That's when it hit me. I almost fainted. Justin did this all for me?Justin's POV: It was time to show Katheryn that I was a nice guy. I went over to the four guys that were known as Carlos, Logan James and Kendall.Justin: "You guys ready?"Kendall: "Yea. But, do you really think a concert will win this girl's heart?"Justin: "Only Katheryn's. She loves you guys."James: "It's showtime, Bieber."Carlos: "Let's roll"We all went under the stage and we would pop up. The music for "Boyfriend" by BTR started and then the four guys poped up, a million fans screamed. Katheryn was probably freaking.Katheryn's POV:When I laid eyes on teh four guys I felt like freaking out. James came to me and sang next to me. I smiled the whole time. Then, I got the surprise of my life...Justin's POV:I poped up at the chorus of the song. I went over to Katheryn and sang to her. She was smiling the whole time.Justin (singing): "But I overheard your girls and this is what they said. That your looking for a boyfriend, I see that. Gimme time you know I'm gonna be there. Don't be scared to come put your trust in me, can't you see all I really want to be is your boyfriend. Can't fight that. Let me down you know I'm coming right back. I don't care at all what you done before. All I really want is to be your... Boy boy boy b-b-b-b-b boyfriend your boy boy b-b-b-b-b boyfriend."After the song, we went backstage and she was smiling. Smiling? That's something that I never saw. Katheryn: "Wow Justin..."Was all she said.Justin: "That's not all..."We said bye to the guy's and I took her to Canada's Wonderland. Katheryn's POV:Justin sang "Boyfriend" to me, now he's taking me to Canada's Wonderland?! I was wrong about him. He really is a sweet guy after all...

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Every Hello Ends With A

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