ENERGY HEALING Guided Meditation - Meet Your Spirit Guide

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Description: JOURNEY TO THE HEART with YaMa'EL, an intuitive Energy Healer now offering Free Guided Meditations at www.DivinityCodes.com. This guided Journey To The Heart Meditation takes you on a Sacred Journey through the forest of time to meet your Spirit Animal and your main Spirit Guide. Those who are guided may visit YaMa'EL at her blog at www.DivinityCodes.com where she can assist you with the RE-Activation of your Own Original Divinity Codes, Restoring your Divine Blueprints instantly back to the way they were when you were created! Request your Energy Healing Re-Activation Session with YaMa'EL today!You can download this video at http://www.DivinityCodes.com Click on the Free Guided Meditations in the left sidebar menu. I AM One Love and So Are YOU!Stay tuned for more "Journey To The Heart Guided Meditation with YaMa'EL, the Golden Dragon Goddess.

ENERGY HEALING Guided Meditation - Meet Your Spirit Guide - Download MP3 music or MP4 video:

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ENERGY HEALING Guided Meditation -

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