NO Tabs 美麗的神話 Endless Love - Myth OST Jackie Chan Kim Hee Seon - Ver 2.0 by tkviper

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Description: NO tabs at the moment.My iOS apps sales will aid Japan. Read More Below. for my tabs will go to Japan. for more info on my apps. This is my 3rd and final arrangement of 美麗的神話 Endless Love from the Myth OST. This time, the verses goes up one octave. I hope you like it.Please rate, comment, and subscribe. Thanks.

NO Tabs 美麗的神話 Endless Love - Myth OST Jackie Chan Kim Hee Seon - Ver 2.0 by tkviper - Download MP3 music or MP4 video:

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Free MP3 Download of Endless Love The Myth 美丽的神话- Guitar 吉他 high quality MP4

Theme song from the movie "The Myth" ( 美丽的神话) music by : Choi Joon Young 崔浚荣Thanks to tkviper who arranged the tabs and published tutorial videos . You can find tabs : You can find tutorial videos: or search for "endless love guitar tutorial " in youtube This is my first youtube video .It's not perfect . There's one mistake , but I really like this song. This version is the simple version of the tabs . It contains page 1 to page 3 of the total music sheet (tabs) I like very much kchan9999's version , but unfortunately I don't get the tabs.

Lingjing France
02 May 2011
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Endless Love - 美丽的神话- Jackie Chan Kim Hee Seon - Guitar Solo

No.222 GuitarTAB at

17 Jul 2009
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美丽的神话/Endless Love (The Myth OST) Cover by Zuan

I do not own of copyright the video and the music. I only cover the song. Thanks for listening.

23 Aug 2012
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Free MP3 Download of The Myth - Endless Love on Flute high quality MP4

This song is really really beautiful, originally sang by Jacky Chen with Kim Hee Sun. I played this on piano, at least tried to, and I thought it sounded really sweet. I grabbed my flute and decided to sight-read and maybe at same time improvise a little. Sorry this is my first time playing it, I thought it was fairly easy so why not. I could have done better, but I'm pretty happy with this one. PS, the ending was different on piano, I saw it and freaked so I had to do some random last second improvising ^.^ Hope You All Enjoy!!

19 Oct 2008
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Endless Love - The Myth OST

My 2nd video: Far than perfect I know but at least I try =) kinda rushed for this because this guitar sounds better than the other in my uni. i have been playing this song before i go to sleep for almost half a year till date. I want to dedicate this song to those who are and were in love. Believe it, dream it and one day you will meet him/her =) Love this song and it really suits my current mood right now so yeah why not hehe.. Original The Myth by Jackie Chan and Kim Hee Sun: Played by Ken Pratama (twitter: khenko). Score and tabs by tkviper with some of my own changes ( Thank you for watching! Enjoy.

14 Jan 2011
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Theme of The Myth - Endless Love - Violin Cover

While practicing my concertos (SUZUKI Violin School Book 4), I took a break and played this song. It came out of my memory for no reason. I took out my phone and recorded it, as I often do when I'm playing...As it turned out not bad, and I liked it a lot, I decided to post it. It is the theme of a Hong Kong produced movie in 2005, with Jackie Chan and Kim Hee-Sun in the cast.

25 Jan 2012
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EndLess Love

No.36 GuitarTab at

21 Feb 2008
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Mua Bao Trong Long - Guitar Solo ( Vietnam Song)

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Easy - Ricardo Marcello (piano) & Elaine Cristina (sax)

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07 Aug 2010
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09 Sep 2012
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NO Tabs 美麗的神話 Endless Love

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