Did the Illuminati Kill Aaliyah??? (Secret REVERSED message in her last song)

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Description: Watch the WHOLE video.. It may seem crazy and far fetched but truth is stranger than fiction.. Have an open mind!

Did the Illuminati Kill Aaliyah??? (Secret REVERSED message in her last song) - Download MP3 music or MP4 video:

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Free MP3 Download of Did-the-Illuminati-Kill-Aaliyah???-(Secret-REVERSED-message-in-her-last-song) high quality MP4

rip there are videos of proffesor griff exposing her death too! look them up share and wake people up! want to fact check to see if the illuminati is actually real? check out what wikipedia has to say ! adf.ly

27 Jul 2012
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www.smhnews.net http this video shows the hidden side of the music industry involving blood sacrifices for fame.(Aaliyah & Dame Dash)

02 Mar 2011
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This talks about how certain elements in the music industry have changed for the worse. Ever notice the dark undertoned that is taken on by many artists after a certain level of success.

16 Jun 2009
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IF YOUR GIRL ONLY KNEW="THEY WANT HER P+SSY" AALIYAH FT. TIMBALAND IF YOUR GIRL ONLY KNEW REVERSED MESSAGES...I do not make this stuff up, I hear it and write it. tell me you don't think it sounds like that!

08 Jul 2011
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this is just ideas. express yours ...

Amanda Geeza
13 Feb 2012
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The ones I could think of. I'm sure there are more.

16 Dec 2011
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"The illuminati Killed Michael" "Why the Illuminati killed" "message to Illuminati" "Exposing The Illuminati" "ILLUMINATI MUSIC INDUSTRY" "2012 Illuminati" "Illuminati Kill" "ILLUMINATI MUSIC INDUSTRY AND"

05 Aug 2012
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Aaliyah (Plane Crash) Left Eye (Car Crash), As Above So Below Duality Sabotage Blood Sacrifice

Lisa Lopez Autopsy Photo and Car Crash Death www.apakistannews.com Full Video: Illuminati Blood Sacrifice (2) Whitney Houston Cont. 2hrs 41 min www.youtube.com Laws About Sacrifices www.biblegateway.com

08 Apr 2012
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www.bofads.com In our groundbreaking exposes Secrets of the Illuminati and More Secrets of the Illuminati, we enlisted the help of famous Harvard symbologist Dr. Janus to decrypt secret Illuminati codes and messages hidden in the $10 and $2 bills. Then, with the help of Dr. Ockhertz, we decrypted the messages hidden before our eyes on the fifty cent piece in Even More Secrets of the Illuminati Revealed. We knew we were taking on a certain amount of risk in exposing these secrets. We did not know how much danger we were truly in until we learned the truth behind the unfortunate death of music legend Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, died on June 25, 2009. The Los Angeles County Coroner declared Michael's death a homicide caused by drugs that had been administered to him. Dr. Conrad Murray was charged with his death. And if the Illuminati had their way, that would be the end of the story. But the truth is much more sinister. Conrad Murray is simply a scapegoat of ... the Illuminati. The story they don't want you to hear involves Michael's lifelong affiliation with the Illuminati, an affiliation that ended in his untimely death. Since his days in the Jackson Five, Michael was taught the secrets of the Illuminati. This is part of the Illuminati's longstanding plan to recruit popular performers. The Illuminati use these performers to insert subliminal mind control messages in their songs. After achieving the rank of King of Pop, Michael began to realize the ...

04 Dec 2011
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Before pimp c died he tried telling us about the illuminati just like 2 pac did. in this video I explain about what the 48 laws of power is and what pimp c was talking about in his songs.

13 Jan 2010
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The Illuminati Part One: Will Lady GaGa sell her soul for the money?

This is a movie about the Illuminati and everything that these music artists needs to know before they consider jumping into the music business. Even though doing music may be fun, you still need to know that there are some sharks in the water. The music industry is very shiesty and fuc*ed up and that's why alot of our artists are dying. The Illuminati is killing our people and what are we doing about it/ Either joinging the Illuminati, trying to avoid them or watching them kil our people. Rest in peace Aaliyah, TuPac Shukar, Martin Luther King, Biggie, Left eye, and many more.

19 Feb 2011
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Aaliyah and suspicious/subliminal Illuminati hand signs (Meaning???)

Rock the Boat Revered - www.youtube.com By the end was she anti-illuminati and giving messages in her last videos?

25 Jul 2012
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The Illuminati Assassination List

"Free your mind." "As said before, if you know about the use of numerology and blood sacrifices then this video will be very easy to understand, if not... I recommend series such as: The Arrivals & The Music Industry Exposed etc. Enjoy and remember those who have passed, they shall be sadly missed. But not forgotten." List: Capt. William Morgan: disappeared on September 11, 1826, probably killed by Freemasons. Abraham Lincoln: assassinated on April 15, 1865. Alexander II Nikolaevich: assassinated on March 13, 1881. James Abram Garfield: was shot on July 2 and died on September 19, 1881. William McKinley: was shot on September 5 and died on September 14, 1901. Archduke of Austria Franz Ferdinand: assassinated on June 14, 1914. Augustín Farabundo Martí Rodríguez: assassinated on February 1, 1932. Augusto Nicolás Calderón Sandino: assassinated on February 21, 1934. Huey Pierce Long: assassinated on September 10, 1935. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi: assassinated on January 30, 1948. Inejiro Asanuma: assassinated on October 12, 1960. Patrice Émery Lumumba: assassinated on January 17, 1961. John Fitzgerald Kennedy: assassinated on November 22, 1963. Signing Executive Order. Lee Harvey Oswald: assassinated on November 24, 1963. Malcom X (El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz): assassinated on February 21, 1965. Ernesto ¨Che¨ Guevara: assassinated on October 9, 1967. Martin Luther King Jr.: assassinated on April 4, 1968. Robert Francis Kennedy: assassinated on June 6, 1968. Fred Hampton ...

29 Apr 2012
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Free MP3 Download of Celebrity Casualties of the Illuminati (Part 1) high quality MP4

(WATCH IN HQ) If you have no clue what the hell I'm posting, take a look at this video: www.youtube.com It'll tell you everything you need to know, in basic terms. It's not just coincidence that all these celebrities were killed for exposing the Global Agenda. WAKE UP FOLKS, these events are happening right under your noses, and I'm tired of holding my breath about this. If you think I'm a "conspiracy nut" for posting this, then I feel sorry for your ignorance. But I can guarantee you one thing.....YOU CAN'T DEBUNK ANY OF THIS, EVEN IF YOU DO YEARS OF RESEARCH. The beat that's playing is mine. God Bless yall. Benazir Bhutto's Interview www.youtube.com MJ's Conspiracy Speech www.youtube.com JFK Secret Societies Speech www.youtube.com Princess Diana's Murder www.youtube.com John Lennon VS the Illuminati www.youtube.com

01 Sep 2009
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Did the Illuminati Kill Aaliyah???

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