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Description: There is a lot of MISUNDERSTANDING when it comes to Lord Shiva, Yes, he is a destroyer.. but not of mankind but of the EGO,FALSE PRIDE & Negativity.But when EGO Reaches its PEAK and when people forget their GODLINESS, he does the Tandav or the Dance of Destruction or death.This is a story put in short in this clip, this is what happens,After lot of humiliation by her father DAKSH, Goddess Sati Leaves her Physical Body and cremates her physical body with her own energy, warning daksh that he and whole universe will now have to bear the consequence for the false pride and his stubbornness, Lord Shiva gets angry with this whole scene and does the tandav dance, he then invokes "Veerbhadra" a part of his own who is destructive and strongest among all the gods, he sends him to kill Daksh and orders him to kill whoever comes in between, Veerbhadra kills all who comes in between,he then finally kills daksh, before he does that, daksh tries to Lure Veer bhadra by saying that he will praise lord shiva,etc etc.... and then chants OM NAMAHA SHIVAYA.. but veerbhadra in rage cuts his head off, prasuti, daksh's wife and sati's mother requests lord shiva to bring his husband (Daksh) back to life, Lord Shiva as merciful as he always is... he brings him back to life but with a Goat head, Daksh then realizes his mistakes and apologizes to lord shiva and thus in the end he chants "OM NAMAH SHIVAYA"This Video is just a dedication by a fan to this great show called DEVO KE DEV MAHADEV on Life OK Channel, NO COPYRIGHTS VIOLATION INTENDED ALL VIDEO/AUDIO Belongs to LIFE OK CHANNEL.

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Watch Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev, a new show on Life OK .In this episode, Daksh punishes sati for keeping the shivling in an incomplete Vishnu idol.

17 Dec 2011
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A strong headed Prajapati Daksh addresses his assembly and tells them about his literature name Daksh Sahitya. The Sahitya will have components of life's betterment and would be talking about only the creators of the universe like Brahma and Vishnu unlike the destroyers Shiva. Soon the wanderer Narad Muni comes to the assembly of King Daksh. Being to his original self Narad tries instigating Sati about the punishment. But, Sati dodges Narad Muni's query. As Narad leaves for Kailash Parvat to meet Lord Shiva, Kana and Pret stops him.

26 Dec 2011
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Heavy rainstorm traps Sati in the dense forest. Khyati and Aditi get worried about Sati and decide to inform King Daksh about the same. But, seeing Daksh occupied offering prayers Khyati with Aditi set out alone in search of their sister Sati. Lord Shiva's thoughts again knock at Sati's mind as she spots the Belpatra- the leaves lying in the forest. Tired of the hide and seek game with Shiva's thoughts, an agitated Sati demands Shiva to stop bothering her in her thoughts. Khyati and Aditi find Sati lying unconscious. Eager to accomplish the task, Sati asks her sisters to leave.

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Devo Ke Dev... Mahadev is the story of Lord Shiva

15 Oct 2012
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Devo Ke Dev... Mahadev is the story of Lord Shiva, as a Samsarik or householder.

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Khyati and Aaditi try to help Sati fulfill the arduous punishment given by Daksh. But, Sati is adamant that she would face the difficulties coming in her way all alone. Sati, with her two maids, Jaya and Niyati set out in search lotuses. In the courtroom, the sculptor community assembles to seek for an apology from Daksh. But, an arrogant Daksh dispels the entire community from his kingdom. Rishi Dadhichi enters the courtroom with his disciples.

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devo ke dev mahadev rudra avatar veerbhadra mahakali (veerbhadra) (veerabhadra)

15 May 2012
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Devo Ke Dev... Mahadev is the story of Lord Shiva

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Saraswati is appointed the judge for the debate between Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma's sons. Prasuti is scared to think if Daksh constrains Lord Shiva to lose temper. Lord Brahma comes in between the debate and orders his sons to accept Rishi Atharva's collection as the fourth Veda. Daksh's brothers apologize to Sati and accept atharvaveda as the fourth veda. While Daksh's brothers praise Mahadev, Daksh curses them and turns them into small kids.

25 Apr 2012
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Devon Ke Dev...Mahadev, a new show on Life OK starting 18 Dec onwards, everyday at 8 pm

15 Dec 2011
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Devo ke Dev...Mahadev

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