Codex Calixtinus "Jocundetur et letetur"

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Description: Intérpretes: SequentiaImágenes: Portico de la GloriaJocundetur et letetur (fol. 105v)Ymnus sancti Iacobi a domno Guillelmo patriarcha Lherosolimmitano editus, post Venite cantandusIocundetur et letetur, augmentetur fidelium concio;Sollempnizet, modulizet, organizet spiritali gaudio.In hac die, in qua pie melodie reddunt laudes debitas,celebretur, decantetur, sublimetur Iacobi festivitas.Psallat fretus celi cetus, orbis letus, plaudat nostra concio.Set cantantis auscultantis, et letantis pura sit devocio.Promat melos, pandat celos, tangat theos cum sonoris vocibus.Terra sonet, grates donet, celum tonet et resultet laudibus.Nichil mestum, set honestum per hoc festum fiat inter omnia.Exaltetur, consecretur et laudetur Iacobi victoria.Omnis mundus letabundus sit iocundus, hoc monet celebritas, tam insignis, tanti dignis viri signis miretur humanitas.O miranda, o amanda, o cantanda, o felix festivitas.O stupenda, o colenda, o legenda Iacobi sollemnitas.Trinitati, unitati, deitati sit decus et gloria,triumphanti, imperanti ac regnanti in celesti patria. Amen.A hymn to St.James, composed by lord Guillelmus, Patriarch of Jerusalem, to be sung following Venite.Rejoicing happily, the crowd of faithful increases;Singing praises, chanting songs, they raise their voice in inmost joy.On this day, on which sacred songs echo with fitting praise,we celebrate, adorn, and fill with song the feast of St. James.The sea, the stars, the world around, sing out loud, as does our crowd.And for those who sing, those who listen, those who rejoice, their devotion is the purest.The joyful sound spreads round about, it touches the heavens above with ringing voices.The earth resounds with joyful thanks. The heavens echo with praise.No sadness intrudes, nothing but goodness makes itself felt On this day of days.We exalt and devote our prayers and praises to the victory of our St.James.Let the whole world be filled with hoy, let all be happy: This is the lesson of the day.A man such as this, famous and worthy, stands as a model for the whole of humanity.O how wondrous, admirable, inspiring of songs, is this happy day!O how worthy, fit for devotion, a model for all, is the feast of St.James!To the Trinity, to the one and only,to the one true God, may there be glory and honor.The God who triumphs, the god who rules,the God who holds sway in the kingdom of heaven.Amen.Himno de Santiago compuesto por Don Guillermo, Patriarca de Jerusalén, para ser cantado después del "Venid":Numerosa, jubilosa y gozosa de los fieles la reunión,festejando, modulando y cantando manifieste su emoción.Estos dias, en que pías melodías alabanzas justas dan,dedicados, exaltados, sublimados a Santiago le serán.Den al vuelo tierra y cielo, gozo, anhelo y aplaudamos en unión;mas cantando y escuchando y aprobando con muy pura devoción.Suban sones de canciones a regiones donde mora el Creador,y aquí suene y allí truene y lo llene todo, su santo loor.

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Codex Calixtinus Jocundetur et letetur

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