BRANDON MOORE BEATS - Zombies (Odd Future Type Instrumental) OFWGKTA

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Description: http://www.soundclick.com/brandonmoorebeatsAnother beat I made. Sample is from the Super Nintendo game Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Feel free to use, just link it back please.

BRANDON MOORE BEATS - Zombies (Odd Future Type Instrumental) OFWGKTA - Download MP3 music or MP4 video:

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Paul Barbas - Zombies Ate My Neighbors //Produced by Brandon Moore

Me and flow go back like lebrons hairline. Beat sampled from the popular 90s game "Zombies Ate My Neighbors"

04 Jun 2012
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"The Guru Gang" Zombie ate my niggaz

Produced by Brandon Moore Beats s/o to brand moore beats make sure you subscribe to hiz youtube also subscribe to our channel ....follow on twitter @kaypharaoh92 @madtofu

01 Apr 2012
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Rabid Wanderer - Zombies

Download my Track here: adf.ly Instrumental here: adf.ly (Produced by Brandon Moore) If you're into this whack crap, subscribe for future torture.

26 Mar 2012
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22 Apr 2011
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The Story Board Ep. 3 - "Form & Function"

*The Story Board airs on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 8pm PDT* Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: full.sc Join our community at: geekandsundry.com The Storyboard Episode 3- "Form & Function" Host: Patrick Rothfuss (@Pat_Rothfuss) Featuring: Terry Brooks: Word & Void trilogy, Shannara series, Landover series; 23 NYT best-sellers (@officialbrooks) Cherie Priest: Clockwork Century Universe, Eden Moore Series (@cmpriest) Brandon Sanderson: Mistborn, Elantris, The Wheel of Time, The Stormlight Archive. (@BrandSanderson) Graphic Design by Joe Szczepaniak Executive Producers: Felicia Day, Kim Evey, Sheri Bryant Production Coordinator: Brit Weisman Technical Supervisor: Brenton Murrell Twitter: @GeekandSundry www.geekandsundry.com

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Inspiring, Positive, Motivating, Caring, Simple Truth, Wisdom Sam Botta & Alex Ben Block

The beauty of hope in the world where faith, positive thinking, evolved mindsets and true geniuses like Alex Ben Block still do what really matters. This is what I love, and this is part of the why of what I do. Inspiring, motivating, filled with encouragement and hope, this video is for you and me. I hope this encourages you. The question is a statement from my seminar series, and I knew that best-selling Author Alex Ben Block would give wisdom that affects our lives. Here it is... SAM BOTTA: Hope is Not a Plan. ALEX BEN BLOCK of the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: I agree with that because hope is an attitude. It's a way of life. It's a way to look at life. So if you have hope, as The President Obama would say, there's a chance you might fix it yet! SAM BOTTA: No doubt! How do you get to hope? ALEX BEN BLOCK of the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: Well there's Hope, Arkansas we can go there. You get it through positive thinking, and by throwing the negativity out of your life. JODY TAYLOR: Faith. ALEX BEN BLOCK of the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: And by having faith that you will figure it out and it will get done because there is gonna be good and there is gonna be bad, the issue is How are You going to deal with it?

Sam Botta
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"Do you think your guy friends wanna hook up with you?"

Genius, Demonstrated by Ryan Seacrest. He gets each caller to show what they project onto others. "On Air with Ryan Seacrest" -- Ryan brings rationality and reason to the situation, proves that he's genius because of his unique ability to get each person that calls to reveal secrets from their own internal battles. His mastery of his talent is extraordinary, and there is not enough recognition of the fact that he is that talented. "On Air with Ryan Seacrest" -- Ryan brings rationality and reason to the situation, proves that he's genius because of his unique ability to get each person that calls to reveal secrets from their own internal battles. His mastery of his talent is extraordinary, and there is not enough recognition of the fact that he is that talented.

Sam Botta
31 Oct 2012
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Free MP3 Download of "Bad Teacher" movie, BEST TEACHERS Affect Us--Florence Henderson & Live Fearless Host Sam Botta high quality MP4

Recorded three years ago... Florence Henderson & Live Fearless Host Sam Botta... BEST TEACHERS AFFECT US FOREVER: I wrote the following paragraphs in about three minutes thinking about my Mother, a retired High School Teacher, ... after a friend asked about the premiere of the movie "Bad Teacher" - My Mom is that teacher that may be like the one that stays in your mind... you know, the one that you've been meaning to write a letter and thank because she showed you that missing part of you that sparked you into believing your into your dreams and accomplishing amazing life events though others did not believe. Pro Sports players got what would be considered like wings and jet engines to fly them from small town, through college sports to the Pros. So here is the three-minute thought: There are people in our lives that affect us in ways that make us more effective at showing others the way to true happiness, the excitement that makes life more meaningful not just for you and me, but for those that are a part of our daily world. In a world where the 'web' has moved to our wireless phone that's with us 24 hours a day, emails, text messages all seeming so urgent... the images intended to grab our attention on signs along the road and even magazines our subconscious does not really ignore while waiting in line at the grocery store, sometimes it's easy to miss the point of it all. Most inspiring video ever. Motivational, heartfelt. But it remains, the best lessons come from ...

Sam Botta
25 Jun 2011
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Not into motivational content? Please move to a different video instead of leaving dislikes and negativity. It is difficult for some people to learn new concepts. Learn to love and be loved. Do your purpose in life, the daydream that's affected you in life, the ONE that has affected you knowing the POSITIVE effects your purpose can do to affect bringing real hope to this life. This could be your moment, live it, in love, make every moment matter. This is a piece that shows two sides to life, the decision to think or not to think. When you think you can create great improvements to your life and the lives of others, if not, you are causing the problems to get worse, it's up to you. You must make a choice, as making no choice is choosing to let things do the opposite of improving. Some people, some companies, some entities have lost their way. They have missed the heart of their real intentions which once were good, which can be again. Not sure what state of being you're in now? Are you on the farm or in the city? Do you claim to be doing your whole purpose in this life? ... or do you deny that there is purpose though you've stated it in your own life's policies. When the company violates trust it's time for new training manuals.Utilization helps in improving the policy for the holder. Otherwise, the defection happens because cookie-cutter works only for a while.

Sam Botta
12 Oct 2012
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Free MP3 Download of "I give them the method to change... by thinking" but they continue to repeat behaviors high quality MP4

Motivational speaking is a beautiful thing. Negative comments or dislikes come from those that are bored, and yes, I understand, that boredom would be a horrible state of being. For this reason, such words as this are here to teach you how to see past the negative, to come to the positive, to live in a new hope, to find life. To get past the hypnotic state, to rise up from the farm where you've toiled for, looking back over your life, likely feels like nothing. To say goodbye to the gin, see a new morning and do the work you love. But you need to know how to get past the lame, and ancient knowledge could hold the mystery to the kim-possible in your life. See the landscape of the uncanny poetry in your heart, do the ventures, find mental health. The elusive rational thinking that leads you to waste valuable time leaving negative comments, striking dislikes, this is the work of a bully, bullying to cause others to be the victim while the rest of us work in realms that are not considered what sucks. Bullies are against good things, which causes things to rust and decay. Get a new way of thinking, or begin to think at all... this is your moment. www.youtube.com SF Media Elite hate Michael Savage by Richard Lieberman (415 Media, richliebermanreport.blogspot.com There's a reason why you have a lot of Michael Savage haters: most of them are concentrated in local media circles. What's the beef with Savage? Jealousy and envy. Oh, of course, money too. Savage is difficult to work ...

Sam Botta
14 Oct 2012
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