Best Car Audio Bass Songs Request 3 w/ Loud Hard Hitting Subwoofer SPL Flex & Crazy Shirt Tricks

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Description: Songs Available via iTunes, or Local Music Shops. Never Pirate Music. BassHeads Unite ~ EXO**Watch Entire**....extreme spl shirt tricks, can tricks, *0:51* wicked door flex @ *1:15* window flex, woofer porn, windshield flex, rear view mirror melt, , hard hitting total sound chamber explosion . . . ..* *My Competition Sound SystemPioneer DEH-P6000ub - Head UnitClarion Eqs746 Graphic - Equalizer(1) Alpine MRP-M500 - Monoblock(1) Alpine MRP-M1000 - Monoblock(3) Orion HP 12 @ 2 ohms - Subs(2) Orion Cobalt 5.25's - Highs(2) Polk DB 5x7's - Mid Range(2) Polk DB 6x9's - Mid RangeBig Three in 0 Gauge - Stinger / Tsumani(1) MCR 200 amp H/O Alternator(2) Power Acoustik PCX 5 farad Capacitors"yes" - lil wayne"way down thur" - huey"you're everything" bun b"a milli" / "a millie" - young jeezy"there it go" - juelz santana"within myself" - trae ft. z-ro"lock down" 3 6 mafia / three six mafia_ - ~ Auxillary ~ - _(1) Coleman 800wrms DC/AC Power Inverter(1) Sony THS-K670 @ 600wrms into 4 ohms(1) 10' MTX Blue Thunder SVC Sub into 4 ohmsSome of the best extreme footage of my spl car audio stereo system so far. I Definately have the deepest and loudest bass around, not the best bass on youtube ofcourse, or even the loudest stereo in the world , just at least the loudest spl van in Maine!!! We got water tricks, shirt tricks, shoe tricks, and frankly, some tricks you ain't even seen before!! I'll take on a kicker any day!!! Again, I'm not saying I'm louder than steve meade or anything....Though, a lot of people are louder than steve meade, I am not there yet. But one day, Steve Meade will be my underscore. I'm just Just loud enough for me! but no lie, Orion is one of the best car audio companies, no contest. Extreme Car Audio Bass. Loudest speaker in the world! 1992 Dodge Grand Caravan LE... ahaha nah, it's just 3 12'' subs blaring the best, intensely loud ultimate subwoofer bass songs ever, for your upgraded, high performance, car audio stereo systems. Want crazy door flex? You got it! Ridiculous bass , for people like me, who bang the loudest , lowest hitting, deepest sounding, subwoofer cooking songs, at the request of the youtube family. Buckle up you guyscrazy ass car bass with best bass songs loudest woofers best low bass songs bass for subwoofer Cooker

Best Car Audio Bass Songs Request 3 w/ Loud Hard Hitting Subwoofer SPL Flex & Crazy Shirt Tricks - Download MP3 music or MP4 video:

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Please Rate =) Wanna' see a CRAZY enclosure that my buddy Dave built? Crank Your Bass & Say no more! Feel Free To Post A Video Response To This Video! Here's the FREE Download link so you can bump the same song on your system! Enjoy The Music? Subscribe For More ORIGINAL Tracks! "Space Beats" - By Cultivata Beats Beat Made On FL Studio 8 HUGE Thanks To My Man Cultivata ! ~ Biggest Thanks! Surgious Halo 1st System - Amplifier - 1 Soundstream DTR1.3400d Subs - 1 Soundstream XXX 15 inch woofer Cable - 1/0 Gauge Power Wire 300 amp ANL Fuse Deck - Pioneer DEH-p4900ub Custom Ported Aeroport Tuned 2 45hz SCELL 1000 Cap Cell Batcap 2nd System 2 SS DTR 3400 amps 4 SS SPLX HX woofers Touchscreen Double Din DVD Head Unit DaveTheBoxGuy ~ Out of this world speaker box design with incredible db potential - The best of both worlds : SPL & SQ all in one. A tremendous way to improve your score & increase your overall car audio sound =) Songs In This Video ~ Surgious Halo - EXO Gucci Mane - Kick A Door Ultimate Subwoofer Bass Test - Woofer Cooker Welcome Stranger - 0 - Good For Car Audio db Connect - Greatest Sine Wave Test Tones Back To The Bassiks Team Installation Hook Up & Tuning Soon Need to Learn How To Tune a Port to 35 Hertz ? Subscribe & Suggest Tutorial Ideas =)

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It's not always rap and hip-hop that have the best basslines. Thumbs up if you like playing different types of music, and don't give a crap what people say about it! Watch your speakers and Thanks for Joining! :) Thanks For Rating & Subscribing! EXO Contraltos New Ride 1999 FRANKENSTEIN EXOedition Ford Expedition w/ Tinted Window & Windshield TEMPORARY Competition Bass Setup Pioneer USB Head Unit - Double Din Deck Second Skin Alpha Damp Sound Deadener Techforce Services Car Audio Decals 2 AudioQue HDC4 18" Subwoofers - Dual 4" Voice Coil 2 AQ HDC4 15 inch Subs - Dual 4 inch Voice Coils 1 AQ 3500d Monoblock Amplifier 2 AQ 2200d Mono Block Amps 1 MB Quart ONX4.125 4 Channel Amp Oxygen Audio Mids & Highs 2 DC Power High Output Alternators Big Three in 0 gauge Power Wire Stinger Volt Meter Songs By: Danosongs "Night Birds" "Modernization" "Mixed Up Life" "Matiere Noire Vibrante Un Slowed Double Pedal Basslines - Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0" EXOcontralto Bassheads Unite 2012

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Best Car Audio Bass Songs

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