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Description: REUPLOAD my favorite song from tarzan:3 i really like the russian one besides from phils versions (probably cuz its the one i used to listen to..) to bad i didn't include the icelandic version cuz that guy really rocks, you should totally check it out.mp3 download: http://www.mediafire.com/?x6p128e0wiv26ewif someone wants to use it, ask for permissionlyrics:English:Put your faith in what you most believe inTwo worlds, one familyDutch:Volg je hart, het lot bepaalt(follow your heart, you destiny decides.)De levens die we zien(The lives which we see)French:Un paradis vierge des hommes(A paradise clean of men)Dans un monde fait d'amour(In a world made of love)Leur vie est simple, ils vivent en paix(Their life is simple, they live in peace) Russian:Всех живущих здесь любовь согреет(Everyone who lives here will be warmed by love)Все мы одна семья(We're all one family)Finnish:Kohtaloon sä luota vain(Just trust fate)Se meitä kuljettaa(It leads us)Hungarian:A lombok már nem rejtik el(The leaves don't hide it from view anymore)Ha szeretettel érkezel(If you arrive with love)Ez áldott hely, szebb nem is kell(That's a blessed place, a more beautiful one isn't needed)Danish:Løft nu blikket, løft jeres grej(Lift your eyes up, lift up your gear)I er hinandens styrke(You are each others strengh)Spanish:Construye hoy tu protección(Build today your protetction)Las cosas hoy cambian, peligro vas a encontrar(Things change today, you will find danger)Swedish:Vem kan förstå en moders sorg?(Who can understand a mother's grief?)Vem känner hjärtats inre rum?(Who knows/feels the inner rooms of the heart?)En krossad dröm, men gryningen(A crushed/shattered dream, but the dawn)Italian:È il tuo cuore che ti sta parlando(It's your heart, talking to you)Se vuoi, lo sentirai(If you want, you will hear it)Lascialo decidere(Let it choose)Non ti deluderà(It won't let you down)German:Hör die Wörter, die dein Schicksal prägen(Hear the words that shape your destiny)Zwei Welten, eine Familie(Two worlds, one family)Glaub an dich, vertrau darauf(Believe in yourself, trust in it)Das Leben zeigt(Life shows)Japanese:michibite yuke(it leads us)futatsu no sekai wa ima(Two worlds have now become..)hitotsu no family (..one family)russian, german and japanese lyrics were provided by me; swedish and finnish by Creek719;danish by MsEvilMasterMind; french by kikyo4815.hungarian by HungarianMovies;spanish by Zerenei;italian by gotipoison.special thanks to Creek719 for gathering and sending all the other lyrics to me:)movie: tarzansong mixed by me; versions found on youtube

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Free MP3 Download of APH - Two Worlds (Multilanguage) high quality MP4

My first Axis Powers Hetalia video! =D Edit: I think I may have confused some people by saying this. I meant it was my first time making a video that is about Hetalia, not my first video ever. Sorry if there was any confusion about that. ^^; It was my first time mixing songs together to make a multilanguage track though. Since this is my first time making a multilanguage video (I mixed the songs together myself) I didn't use too many different languages. I just decided to keep it simple and just used the languages of the main characters. But as you can see in some parts I included other characters as well. Languages used (in order used in video): English: "Two Worlds" sung by Phil Collins Italian: "Se Voui " sung by Phil Collins German: "Zwei Welten" sung by Phil Collins French: "Entre Deux Monde" sung by Phil Collins Japanese: Sung by Masayuki Sakamoto Russian: Sung by Aleksandr Malinin Mandarin Chinese: Sung by Emil Chau (Then back to English) I don't own any of the artworks. They belong to their original artists. If you see your work in this video let me know so I can add you in the credits here in the description. Or if you do not want your artwork in my video let me know and I will try to fix that. Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya. The song "Two Worlds" belongs to Phil Collins. Copyright does not prohibit all copying or replication. In the United States, the fair use doctrine, codified by the Copyright Act of 1976 as 17 USC Section 107, permits some copying and ...

25 Sep 2010
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Two Worlds - Multilanguage Version 2

Another multilanguage version of "Two Worlds" from Disney's Tarzan. Languages: * Croatian * Turkish * Bulgarian * Greek * Slovak * Catalan * Russian * Icelandic * Czech * Hebrew * Polish * German

26 Aug 2007
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Tarzan Two Worlds Multilanguage

princesska3na English 99meemo99 Arabic CatDisney Catalan xXDejvidXx Croatian TakaKovu Czech danishdansk Danish L8M33 Dutch typy1 Finnish Katzeklo Flemish ptitpoissondor French dpuchiko French Canadian KyokoKeashir German flor444 Greek badboybabar Hindi markovina01 Hungarian tunfiskurinn Icelandic FolkBallad Japanese Hiikenii Norwegian KariMeru Polish disneyportugal Portuguese H4RRY5 Brazilian Portuguese Katzeklo Russian Sismount Slovak Unik87 Swedish Katzeklo Thai Katzeklo Turkish

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There is also a version with subtitles: www.youtube.com This video participates in Summerlost AMV contest in the category "Action". I am very proud of this AMV of Disney's Tarzan. I used the song "Two Worlds" by Phil Collins in several languages. English - Two Worlds - English French - Entre deux mondes - Francais Spanish - Dos mundos - Espanol (Castellano) Italian - Se Vuoi - Italiano German - Zwei Welten - Deutsch I edited the song and the video, but I don't own the movie or the soundtrack.

04 Sep 2008
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Tarzan - Two Worlds (Phill Collins Multilanguage) HD

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use He has sung in: English Spanish Italian French German I hope you like it! :D

10 Nov 2011
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Tarzan - Two Worlds (Multi-Language)

Merry Christmas everyone, my gift to you is this Multi-Language.

Tommy Pappas
25 Dec 2012
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[APH] Two Worlds -Multilanguage

PLEASE WATCH IN HD I tried 4 times until this worked. Please, rate and coment!! DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything!!

02 Dec 2012
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Tarzan - Two Worlds (One Line Multilanguage)

Arabic: (Katrina9991000) Ibni,te'la, witshil ah'mal Hat aed ala aed hat'sa'ed Alli el'gudran Shid el'emdan Eddunya bten'dahlak Bas ew'aa mnil ghdre hnak. Brazilian Portuguese: (Katrina9991000) Ter coragem, recomeçar, Com toda sua força. Reconstruir um novo lar, Com a vida...

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Two Worlds Multilanguage

Phil Collins - Two Worlds from Disneys Tarzan. Multilanguage by me. Credits to those on Youtube who had the songs I used. Rate, Comment and Subscribe

13 Jan 2011
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[APH]two worlds multilanguage

it took me what felt like forever to make this and a while to get around to uploading it, hope you like it

03 Nov 2012
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Tarzan Two Worlds Reprise Multilanguage

RAWisCHRIS - English - English TlkDisney - Arabic - العربية WeiFangX - Cantonese - 廣東話TlkDisney - Danish - Dansk typy1 - Finnish - Suomi PilgrimsSong - French - Français atreyana112 - German - Deutsch Hiikenii - Norwegian - Norsk

27 Apr 2010
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Cover - Two Worlds [multilanguage]

I only did this because of the multilanguage. So, this time it's Two Worlds, from Tarzan. I found a beautiful multilanguage version of this song on youtube. Made by Irosama0410. Give her ( I assume it's a her xd) all the credits for the video! I really like all the languages in this video. The hardest to sing was Russian. It's just, I don't know how to pronounce the words! I tried the best I could by copying the official singer :') Can you guess which is my own language? (:

15 Dec 2012
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Tarzan - Two worlds Musical multilanguage

Tarzan the musical. Two worlds. multilanguage German - English - Dutch. Enjoy! If you want me to make a multilanguage about a song from a movie/serie tell me and I will do my best for you

19 Aug 2010
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APH Multilanguage - Colors of the Wind (Pocahontas)

Our first video, a slideshow. Thanks to 3123maison for her beautiful multilanguage - video and the lyrics! This was a try for the pictures to fit the lyrics...mostly...but especially for mexico, portugal and brazil it was VERY difficult, because of the lack of drawings. We own nothing. Neither Hetalia, nor Walt Disney, nor the drawings. If someone wants us to credit his picture: Sent us a pm. If you want your picture to be erased from the video, tell us and we'll do. Order: - America (Alfred) and England (Arthur) - Germany (Ludwig) and Prussia (Gilbert) - (OC) Brazil - Greece (Heracles) - Canada (Matthew) - Sweden (Berwald) - Spain (Antonio) - Italy (Feliciano) and Romano (Lovino) - (OC) Israel - Norway - Denmark - (OC) Mexico - Hong Kong (Xiang) and China (Yao) - Iceland - Netherlands/Holland - France (Francis) - Poland (Feliks) - Portugal - Korea (Im Yong Soo) - Turkey (Sadik) Hope you'll enjoy! TheRedWhiteAlly ~ EDIT: Fixed the timing problems... :) + The annoying signatur... *rolls her eyes*

14 Dec 2010
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Multilanguage - Two Worlds

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