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Description: 1998 - Another Taste Of Transient (VA)Tracklist:1. Slide - The Search 0:002. Astral Projection - Life On Mars 8:423. Cosmosis - Intergalactic Fluoro Funkster 17:554. Psychaos - Chaos To Order 25:405. Lords Of Chaos - Lords Of Chaos Chapter 1 33:286. The Visitors - Tiny Little Engines 40:047. Disco Volante - Contact 48:318. Christof & Dj Maël - KLM 56:389. Spies - Backwash 1:05:2410. Cosmosis - Moonshine 1:12:4511. Radiation - Socaine 1:22:3412. Laughing Buddha - Acid Rain 1:30:2813. Hypnosys - Joker 1:37:4914. Pathfinder - Spirit Cave Mummy 1:47:1915. Element Over Nature - Millennium Surface 1:54:4716. Chi A.D. - Exit Eternity 2:04:18@Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/Various-Another-Taste-Of-Transient/release/54799

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Free MP3 Download of A Taste Of Transient - Full Album (320kbps) high quality MP4

1996 - A Taste Of Transient (VA) Tracklist: 1. Cosmosis - Key To The Innerverse 0:00 2. Slide - First Contact 7:46 3. Power Source - Granada (Agababa Mix) 15:33 4. Astral Projection Feat Dj Jörg - Mahadeva (1996 Remix) 24:14 5. Disco Volante - Forbidden (Eurasian Mix) 32:33 6. Syb Unity Nettwerk - Lost World 40:14 7. Fahrenheit - Panacea (Cosmosis Remix) 49:27 8. Disco Volante - Moonraker (Man With No Name Remix) 58:02 9. Nada - Abyss 1:05:24 @Discogs: www.discogs.com

02 Oct 2012
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Fahrenheit - Panacea (Cosmosis Remix) (A TASTE OF TRANSIENT)

Fahrenheit - Panacea (Cosmosis Remix) (A TASTE OF TRANSIENT) Check our online Goa radio at www.live365.com

04 Aug 2011
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[released 1998 by transient] ### japanese firework in duesseldorf, west-gemany 06/13/2009 ### track taken from the transient cd ANOTHER TASTE OF TRANSIENT (tranr615cd)) ###

14 Jun 2009
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Disco Volante - Contact (Transient 98)

Taken from VA Another taste of Transient Year-1998 Label-Transient Rec. Country-UK Genre-Goa Trance

10 Mar 2011
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Free MP3 Download of Chi-AD - Exit Eternity . HQ high quality MP4

Compilation: Another Taste Of Transient (1998) www.discogs.com

02 Sep 2010
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Transient Disease Short

Paintball- My newest Video here is a little taste from Transient Disease Transient Disease-Temporary Sickness

15 Jun 2006
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TDF "*This Day Forward*" -writing in cursive

One of The best Metalcore track and band i heard.. so just enjoy, and think why them ended. Here is the track, "Writing in cursive" from the first and the best album they did, and i mean the best. Lyrics. Eyes glazed over, another daylight dream cutting kisses from invisible lips. A ghost coexistent to the touch of fingertips. I have lost the my faith in first impressions. I've lost my faith in you. I can't remember when I stopped writing in cursive but i knew it had something to do with consequence, a crush of esteem. I taste your name in a stale complexion. A burden lost in my world. I taste your name in the sky, in the sun, in the stars no more resurrections. //

11 Feb 2009
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Becky Baeling - If You Love Me (KO Transient Journey Mix)

Remix of Becky Baeling "If You Love Me". Go to www.kostaspetro.com for more info. Originally remixed February 2003.

Kostas Petropoulos
16 Sep 2011
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Transient - Imprisoned

Artist: Transient Song: Imprisoned Album: Alone (2011) Genre: Melodic Hardcore Country: SC (USA) Website: www.facebook.com Check out TRANSIENT and download their EP 'Alone' here! transientsc.bandcamp.com LYRICS: I'm told I'm a hard man to know. If I had a reason, I'd give you one. My wife and her lover found with two bullets in their heads, she was driven away by my unhinged mind. I was found in the path of a tornado, found guilty to a crime not my own. A caged bird I've become. I never expected this storm to last this long. Its a simple choice, you've got it all wrong So it's get busy living, or get busy dying. I'm so tired of pretending, so tired of lying. So I'm keeping to myself, I'm tired of the staleness in the air. I guess this is the way it is. Every man has his breaking point and I, I've found mine. Pressure and time. The walls are coming down a handful at a time. Through the stone and sewers I will climb. Freedom I will taste. Freedom I will see. Hope will get me to the other side. And here's to believing no good thing ever dies. Freedom I now taste. Freedom I now see. You cant cage whats meant to be free. You cant cage me, I'm meant to be free.

Alessandro Cavina
06 Mar 2012
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Free MP3 Download of Words Like Daggers - "The Taste Is All I'm Left With" high quality MP4

"The Taste Is All I'm Left With" By Words Like Daggers From The Debut EP "These Transient Times" Get Your Copy On iTunes Now!: itunes.apple.com www.facebook.com www.wordslikedaggers.com Lyrics Stillness rises in me as night gives way to dawn and comes to life Life lasts only for a moment Until its taken away without a warning Rest has left me to the shadows And I'm haunted by you now there's one thing left to do Chorus: Your voice sweet and haunting echoes in my mind Just let it go These faded memories hold me captive, lost in time Just let it go Back and forth I wander on the plains of sorrow Mark my words: I'm never home What a price to pay for frail blood but there's No sympathy for the wicked Hollow is a man with nothing left but there's No careless sleep for the guilty Go open the floodgates, I've got the truth Buried deep inside me, locked in a room with the Ghost of you tearing me apart the Ghost of you is blinding (Chorus) It feels just like falling but further below Sleep takes my mind and the rest is silence Life lasts only for a moment Until its taken away without a warning Rest has left me to the shadows And I'm haunted by you now there's one thing left to do (Chorus) Your eyes still haunt me, regret fills every waking moment Time has erased me to sleep and the rest is silence.

08 May 2011
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東方10 [Orchestraアレンジ] // 風祝の行進┆ Melodic Taste┆

Thanks for 300+ subscribers ಥ‿ಥ ■ Title..........: 風祝の行進 (Holiday Parade of wind) ■ Circle.......: Melodic Taste ■ Artist........: taste ■ Album......: 千年幻想交響祭 (Millennium Festival of Fantastic Symphony) ■ Genre......: Orchestra ■ Arrange Number ■...: #111 ■ Release ■...............: Comiket 78 ■ Date ■....................: 2010/08/13 ► Original Game..: Touhou 10 ~ Mountain of Faith (東方 MoF) ► Original Track...: 信仰は儚き人間の為に ~ Faith is for the Transient People│Kochiya Sanae's Boss Theme Yup, I changed the video title a bit...the genre and the arrange number you'll find now in the description here. □ ...〖Picture〗 www.zerochan.net □ ...〖Website〗 taste-f.sakura.ne.jp ...Enjoy!

18 Apr 2011
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The Flashbulb - Taste my Solitude (Longhair Remix)

A nice soothing remix on one of Benn Jordan's (The Flashbulb's) Album: These Open Fields.

21 Nov 2008
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Transient 3 - Full Album (320kbps)

1996 - Transient Vol 3 (VA) Tracklist: 1. Disco Volante - Forbidden (Space Invader Mix) 0:00 2. Cosmosis - Gift Of The Gods 9:00 3. Lunar Asylum - Bubble 16:51 4. Astral Projection - Mahadeva ('96 Remix) 23:28 5. Power Source - Goaway 31:46 6. Syb Unity Nettwerk - Tripperspaced 40:51 7. Elysium - Keep It Cool 48:49 8. Razor's Edge - Exquisite Sin (Disco Volante Remix) 59:26 9. Butler & Wilson - Submission 1:05:40 10. Fahrenheit - The Awakening 1:10:59 @Discogs: www.discogs.com

09 Aug 2012
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Transient Voices - Rosa's Story

a little story from a friend of the community...just to give you a taste of the upcoming "Transient Voices" radio-play. Come on out and see it on Nov. 11 & 12, 2011....more info @ www.thebenchtheatre.com

03 Oct 2011
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Another Taste Of Transient -

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